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20COA202 Embedded Systems Programming 26/04/2021 12:01file:///Users/bowensun/Desktop/%20Embedded%20Systems%20Programming.webarchive ⻚码: 1/320COA202 Embedded SystemsProgrammingCoursework Questions and AnswersIain PhillipsSemester 2 2020-20211 IntroductionHere I will keep a set of questions and answers about the coursework. Pleaserefer to these before emailing me.1.1 Questions on the spec1. does the Arduino need to store a variable for the lights level or the timerson/off or does it just need to output it in terms of a string to the serialmonitor. e.g. when I navigate to bedroom 1 light can it just have a defaultvalue of 0 which I can then change and send off to the serial monitor or doesit need to remember what I have previously entered and start at that?Yes, it has to remember. The operation to send to the Serial Monitor could belong after the operation to set the level/value.2. the operation to send to the serial bus outputs everything for every object inthe house, all lights and heaters and lamps and water controllers from everyroom or is it just of the last thing entered?Yes everything all in one batch.20COA202 Embedded Systems Programming 26/04/2021 12:01file:///Users/bowensun/Desktop/%20Embedded%20Systems%20Programming.webarchive ⻚码: 2/33. On the 20COA202 coursework do we need to program the Arduino so wecan use the buttons to navigate through the menu or navigate through itusing the serial monitor? I saw that you mentioned it should becommunicated over the serial port but I’m not sure if this refers to thebuttons of the serial monitor input.Navigation through the menus, entering levels and on/off etc must be donewith the buttons. The Serial Monitor is for dumping the data structure andwriting BASIC/ENHANCED and the other descriptors to be read externally.4. Also I have thought about using classes and objects as a way of storing thehouse,rooms,etc but I’m not sure if this is appropriate, can you give someinput on this?You can use whatever language features you like providing that:1. The code compiles on a standard Arduino IDE2. You only use the libraries listed in the spec – specified by .h files5. When we are doing the extension task of having a soft menu. So we need theability to add more types of object or is only being able to add light heaterlamp and water controller okay?The only types expected are Light, Heat and Water.6. Do i need to support lamps in every room?Yes. So you could have Lamp/Desk/1 and Lamp/Bed/2 and Lamp/Bed/Leftetc.7. Does the water controller have a level setting?You can assume no, just on or off.8. Is the output from the extension QUERY (Q sent) the same as the menuoption?Yes – this should be an easy piece of code.9. The SOFT menu extension seems very complicated. Did you mean it to belike that?20COA202 Embedded Systems Programming 26/04/2021 12:01file:///Users/bowensun/Desktop/%20Embedded%20Systems%20Programming.webarchive ⻚码: 3/3Yes, this is the hard bit that only the best of you might be able to complete. Itmay be very difficult or impossible in the availbale resources. If you decidethis to be the case, then I will be interested in your approach and techniquesused more than total success.10. Is there any particular way in which the menus should be navigated?No there is not. Please implement something sensible and efficient. Reducingthe number of unnecessary button presses while maintaining usability issomething to aim for.11. Exactly what do I need to send over the Serial Monitor? What can I displayon the LCD screen?1. The idea of the program is you maintain a set of data about the house.2. The menus allow you to update this data – these are displayed in the LCDscreen.3. There is a “send data to serial monitor” menu option which outputs thewhole data structure properly formatted at once to the Serial monitor.4. The only time data should be sent to the Serial Monitor, in the basicspecification, is via the “send data to serial monitor” menu item.


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