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T6 | April 17/24, 2017 Today I SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONENR- Technology Today 1 – Annual Award of Excellence – Bonus Ad Readership StudyDue: 04/03/2017 In this era of big data, more dataisn’t necessarily better data. In fact,in many cases, more data simply createsmore coordination challenges from bothan application integration and a storageperspective.With regard to solution integration, weall know there are some terrific softwarepackages that greatly improve estimating,cost management, scheduling and somuch more. Unfortunately, many ofthese solutions work independently. Forexample, a cost application can certainlydetermine where a project is in termsof budget, but can that same applicationdetermine if a budget is aligned with theproject timeline?Data storage is also a growingin multiple clouds, on premise or onprivate servers. For instance, onecompany might store scheduling data inthe LoadSpring™ Cloud Platform, BIMmodels in another cloud and financialdata on premise.That’s why LoadSpring hasintroduced LoadSpringInsight, anautomated executive dashboard that‘speaks’ to critical software packages,condensing data from multiple appswherever it may reside (e.g., anycloud or on-premise server) to supportactionable data in real time.Here’s how it works: A CEO orother member of an executive teamwants to check on the progress of thecompany’s project portfolio. Withinimmediate access to the ProjectMap,which includes icons where projectsare located. With no knowledge aboutscheduling or cost software, thatindividual can click on the project iconand check a project status, downloaddetailed data, see the most recentpictures, get S-curve reporting andmuch more.If you’re looking to clear up yourdata pollution challenges, look for asolution like LoadSpringInsight thatcentralizes actionable data for moreThe LoadSpringInsight ProjectMap concern. Today’s data can be storedLoadSpringInsight, he/she getseffective decision making. ◆By Stacey Witt, Executive Vice President, Marketing, LoadSpring SolutionsIs Your Data Actionable? ResolvingThe ‘Data Pollution’ ChallengeIMAGE: COURTESY OF LOADSPRING Copyright of ENR: Engineering News-Record is the property of BNP Media and its contentmay not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyrightholder’s express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles forindividual use.


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