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ICT740Applied CybersecurityAssessment 3Individual ReportMarch 2021 ICT740 Assessment 3Copyright © 2021 KOI, All Rights Reserved. 2Individual Assessment:Weightage: 15%Submission deadline: Week 12This assessment relates to the following Learning Outcomes:A. Identify and analyses security vulnerabilities and propose justifiable technical solutionsand potential remedy actions based on findingsB. Compare different types of security systems based on functionalities, architectures,configurations, and ethical challengesOverviewIn this assignment, based on the vulnerability identified and analyzed in Assessment 1, youare required to replicate one attack in the lab environment and apply countermeasuretechniques to neutralize the vulnerability from further attacks.According to the Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) the most common types ofcybersecurity threat are as follows:1. Malware2. Phishing3. Ransomware4. DDoS Attacks5. SQL Injection6. Cloud Service Securities Failures and many more. this assignment, you need to explore one type of attack on small and medium-sizedbusinesses (SMEs) and create an attack scenario using Virtual Machines. Explain the reasonswhy the attack is successful and provide screenshots of the attack. Also, attach the scriptused to perform the attack.Furthermore, discuss the countermeasure for such attacks and provide thescript/screenshots of your countermeasures. Your report needs to have the followingsections:ICT740 Assessment 3Copyright © 2021 KOI, All Rights Reserved. 3 Individual assignment coversheet1. Attacka. Description of Attackb. Steps to create an attack.c. Technical finding and justificationd. Screenshot of the attacke. Attack Scripts2. Countermeasurea. Description of Countermeasureb. Steps to mitigate attack.c. Analysis and Justificationd. Screenshot of the actionse. Countermeasure Scripts3. Conclusion4. References (Harvard referencing) Note that this assignment will be submitted using a turn-it-in drop box and a similarity scorewill be taken into account while grading the assignment. You must provide the properreferences and in-text citations throughout the report.Submission Guidelines:1. You need to put all explanations, diagrams, tables and comparisons in onereport (.doc/pdf) file.2. Submit the report under “Individual Assessment (15%)” Turn-it-in link beforethe deadline3. There is a late penalty of 5% of the total available marks per calendar day unlessan extension is approved.ICT740 Assessment 3Copyright © 2021 KOI, All Rights Reserved. 4Marking Rubric CriteriaFail(0 – 49%)Pass(50 – 64%)Credit(65 – 74%)Distinction(75 – 84%)High Distinction(85 – 100%)Attack(6 marks)Not submitted orincomplete withirrelevantscreenshots, noanalysis andjustification providedSome screenshots ofthe script and attackare given withirrelevant analysisand justificationMost screenshots ofthe scripts and attackare given withincomplete analysisand justificationNearly all screenshotsof the scripts andattack are given withcomplete analysis andjustificationsAll screenshots of ownscripts and attack aregiven with exceptionalanalysis andjustifications thatprovides additionalsupportCountermeasure(6 marks)Not submitted orincomplete withirrelevantscreenshots, noanalysis andjustification providedfor choosing theremedySome screenshots ofthe script and actionsare given withirrelevant analysisand no justificationfor choosing theremedyMost screenshots ofthe scripts andactions are given withincomplete analysisand no justificationfor choosing theremedyNearly all screenshotsof the scripts andactions are given withcomplete analysis andjustification forchoosing the remedyAll screenshots of ownscripts and actions aregiven with exceptionalanalysis and excellentjustification for choosingthe remedy thatprovides additionalsupportDemonstration(3 marks)Not given or shownirrelevant, incompleteor ambiguousfunctionality andfeaturesSome of the featuresand functionality areshown but some areincompleteMost of the featuresand functionality areshown and are mostlycompleteAll of the featuresand functionality areshown systematicallyAll of the features andfunctionality are shownsystematically withadditional steps/detailsTotal Marks out of 15Comments:


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