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EDEC112 S1 2021Assessment 1Due Date:End of teaching week 6 11:59PM Sunday 2nd April 2021WeightThis assessment is weighted as 40% of the final grade.Development of an arts experience for children and associatedreportStudents present a short performance piece for children using different Artsforms based on a Children’s story book. The report should outline: therationale for their choices (it is important you draw on the EYLF); descriptionand discussion of the pedagogical theories underpinning the performancepiece, target age group, arts elements used; educational aims; and potentialpre- and post-activities.Task • Select a children’s story book suitable for 4–5-year-oldchildren.• Design a classroom performance-based lesson related to thecontent of this story book for your target group of children.• The performance may be any art form addressed in thissubject.• In your answer you must.SuggestedWordCountMarks1. Clearly identify the children’s book you have chosen andoutline its content.160-200102. Describe your target group of children. Include reference toculture, language, special needs etc.160-200103. Explain why the book you have chosen is suitable for yourtarget group of children.160-200104. Describe the form or mode of art you have chosen andexplain why you have chosen it.160-200105. Describe the educational aims or outcomes of your lesson by clearly explaining:a. how your lesson addresses thei. themes of the EYLF (EYLF, 2018, pp. 7,11),ii. principles of the EYLF (EYLF, 2018, p. 13), andiii. practices of the EYLF (EYLF, 2018, p. 16).b. EYLF outcomes and sub-outcomes relevant to yourlesson,c. EYLF listed evidences, relevant to your lesson, that youwill look for in the children, andd. EYLF listed educator actions, relevant to your lesson,that you to will use to promote those outcomes.160-20010160-20010160-20010160-20010160-20010160-200106. List and describe the arts elements, resources, andmaterials you will need for your lesson160-200107. Describe how you would prepare for and follow-up thelesson.160-20010 Reading and ResearchYou are expected to accurately refer, wherever relevant, to the EYLF, the text-book for thiscourse, and links provided in the lecture slides.ReferencingIn-text referencing and reference list (at the end of your essay) should be formattedaccording to APA guidelines. Click here to access a the Excelsia College APA guide.Marking RubricEach question will be marked out of 10 as follows. Fail(0-4.9)• Does not accurately or adequately address the topic.• Unclear expression and/or irrelevant off topic information.• Inadequate application of APA referencing stylePass(5-6.4)• Basic engagement with the topic.• Some inaccuracies may be present.• Some unclear expression or irrelevant information may also bepresent.• Basic application of APA referencing styleCredit(6.5-7.4)• Sound engagement with the topic.• Minor inaccuracies may be present.• Minor unclear expression or irrelevant information may be present.• Sound application of APA referencing style.Distinction(7.5-8.4)• Thorough engagement with the topic.• No inaccuracies are present.• No unclear expression or irrelevant information may be present.• Thorough application of APA referencing style.High Distinction(8.5-10)• Comprehensive engagement with the topic.• No inaccuracies are present.• Highly articulate and insightful expression with no or irrelevantinformation.• Evidence of accurate and relevant personal research.• Comprehensive application of APA referencing style. PresentationEach question must be1. clearly numbered, and2. formatted in accord with the Excelsia College Style Manual for Academic Writing.Please note: this assessment task is not an essay. Simply answer each question with therequired number of words. Do not provide an introduction or conclusion.Word CountEach answer must be between 160 and 200 words.References are not included in the word count.ExtensionsAll extensions must be applied for in accord with paragraph G of the Excelsia College CourseUnit Regulations. This paragraph states:Lecturers will not (without penalty) accept late work for which a prior extension hasnot been obtained. IPlease read paragraph G in the Excelsia College Course Unit Regulations carefully and in full.Click here to access the application extension formLate SubmissionsLate submissions will receive late penalties in accord with paragraph F of the ExcelsiaCollege Course Unit Regulations. This paragraph states:Unless an extension has been applied for and granted in accordance with theExtensions Policy and Procedure, where a student submits an assessment past itsdue date, the assessment marks will be reduced at the rate of 5% of the totalpossible marks for the assessment item per calendar day, up to 14 days late.Please read paragraph F in the Excelsia College Course Unit Regulations carefully and in full.Special ConsiderationIf you need an extension beyond the normal limits, you may apply for special consideration.Click here to access the Special Consideration Form.Due DateEnd of teaching week 6 11:59PM Sunday 2nd April 2021


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