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Affected byAffected bye.g.e.g.e.g. e.g.AffectsAffected byAt risk of developingAffected bye.g.Related toRelated toAffected byImpacts access toInfluencesInfluencesRelated toAffecte.g.Affected byBarrier toAffected byImpacts access to Affected byAffectsAffectsImpactImpactImpactImpactsInfluencesReorientsPromotesImprovesAffected byStrengthensImprovesImprovesImpactsImpactsImpactsImproves access toPromotesPromotesPromotesIncorporatesReducese.g.ImprovesParticipates inParticipates inBuilds relationships withAdvocates forAffectsResponsible forResponsible for Responsible forOversees Oversees OverseesAffected byBarrier toTargets one.g.e.g.OffersOffersImprovese.g.e.g.e.g.e.g.e.g.ImprovesPromotesPromotesSupportsFacilitatesStrengthensImprovesAdvocates forUtilizesSupports decision-making inCommits toAim to rebuildAffectsImpact access toe.g.e.g.e.g.e.g.Adult First Nations Individuals(age 18 and older) withDiabetes Mellitus Type II inQuesnel Local Health Area,British ColumbiaHarm Reduction Health PromotionCommunity ResilienceHealth LiteracyPrimary Health CareCommunity Health NursePopulation HealthHealthModifiable Risk FactorsNon-modifiable Risk FactorsAgeBiology and Genetic EndowmentWeightInactivityComplicationsPhysical Environment POPs in Fish and WaterPersonal Health Practices and Coping SkillsIncomeHealthy Food ChoicesExerciseHealth ServicesAffordable HousingBias and DescriminationIdentityHistory of residential schoolsand colonialismTransportationDiabetes Supplies and DevicesDeterminants of HealthHealth EquityHealthy Public PolicySocial Support NetworkResource DistributionPublic ParticipationUse of TechnologyIntersectioral CollaborationDisease and Injury PreventionProvincial Health Authority Northern Health Authority First Nations Health AuthorityGovernment of B.C.COVID-19 PandenmicQuesnel Urgent andPrimary Care CentrePart of new primaryhealth care strategy,Team-based approeach(Government of BritishColumbia, n.d.)FNHA Clients CoveragePrograme for Diabetesdrugs, Insulines, andsupplies (First NationsHealth Authority, 2021)EnvironmentalPublic HealthServicesForest FireBridgesSupportiveHousingSeasons HouseEmergency Shelterin downtownQuesnelQuesnel Chronic DiseaseManagement CenterDiabetes EducationQuesnel and DistrictRecreation CentreQuesnel andDistrict ArenasGovernment of CanadaQuesnel Friendship CentreDiebetes Workshops in FirstNations CommunitiesEpidemiologyTruth and ReconciliationCommunication DevicesAboriginalLiaisonOfficers helpcreatingcultural safety(Bnads et al.,2021).COVID-19Vaccinations“Widespread Indigenours-specificstereotyping, racism and discriminationexist in the B.C. health care system”(Turpel-Lafond, 2020, p. 20)POPs in fish associatewith diagnosis of T2D(Marushka et al., 2017)ReferencesBnads, H., Orr, E., & Clements, C. J.(2021). Improving the service to aboriginaland Torres Strait Islanders throughinnovative practices between aboriginalhospital liaison officers and social workersin hospitals in Victoria, Australia. BritishJournal of Social Work, 51(1), 77–95. Nations Health Authority. (2021).Summary of Diabetes drugs, Insulins, andsupplies coverage for FNA clients. of British Columbia. (n.d.).What is an urgent and primary care centre?, L., Batal, M., David, W.,Schwartz, H., Ing, A., Fediuk, K., Sharp,D., Black, A., Tikhonov, C., & Chan, H. M.(2017). Association between fishconsumption, dietary omega-3 fatty acidsand persistent organic pollutants intake,and type 2 diabetes in 18 First Nations inOntario, Canada. Environmental Research,156, 725–737., M. E. (2020). In plain sight:Addressing Indigenous-specific racism anddiscrimination in B.C. health care.Government of British Columbia.


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