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School of Engineering, Design and Built EnvironmentUnit 200471, Construction Technology 5, Autumn 2021ASSIGNMENT 1-1 – Light(Marked out of 15 marks in total for the unit)Before attempting this assignment, it is recommended:• Read the learning materials modules (1-4) on the vUWS• Watch the Paul Geier videos on UWS YouTube.• Consult the Book: Szokolay, S.V. (2008), Introduction to ArchitecturalScience: The Basis of Sustainable Design, Elsevier, Oxford –This is available as an E-Book through the WSU Library.Where diagrams are required, they can be hand drawn or fromreliable resources. All diagrams should be annotated by the student.Light1. Explain how you would decide what light levels are required on a worksurface for a particular workplace. Give four examples of different visualtasks and state the range of illuminance that is acceptable for that task.(4marks).(Explanation on how to decide what light levels are required on a work surfacefor a particular workplace) 1 mark(Each examples of visual tasks and its required illuminance) 0.5 mark each2. Describe and explain four methods that can be adopted to reducedaylighting glare in interior spaces of a residential building. Use diagrams tohelp explain. (4 marks)(Each method for reducing daylighting glare) 4×0.5 mark(Explanation OR Diagram for each method) 4×0.5 mark3. Describe and explain, with annotated diagrams, four building components(either as part of the original constructed design or as “add on” features)that can be adopted / used to increase the amount of usable daylight in alarge floor plate of a building. (4 marks)Building components to increase the amount of usable daylight in a large floorplate of a building:(Each method title) 4×0.25 mark(Each method explanation) 4×0.25 mark(Each method diagram/illustration) 4×0.5 mark4. In regards to the use of the Lumen method, explain how a designer maydecide and measure how much artificial light is required in a room (wherethere is also a window providing natural light and the room is only usedduring the daytime). (3 marks)(Describing Lumen method) 1 mark(Explaining how much artificial light is required in a room having window for aspecial task with certain luminance level, preferably showing a Lumen graph)2mark


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