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London School of Science and Technology Module: (BM414) Financial decision making CW1 Research report Task 1: Report to the management of SKANSA PLC Task 2: SKANSA PLC -ratio analysis Student’s Full Name: LSST ID. Number: BNU ID Number: Lecturer’s Name: Submission Date:  Executive Summary Table of Contents           TASK 1: REPORT TO SKANSA PLC’S MANAGEMENT Introduction Analysis & Interpretation of Accounts The functions of accounting and finance within SKANSA PLC 3.1 Functions 3.2 Roles 3.3 Duties Evaluation Conclusion   TASK 2: RATIOS CALCULATIONS, ANALYSIS AND COMMENTS Importance of ratios in business and for SKANSA PLC Analysis of five ratios for each of the relevant two years 2.1 Return on capital employed 2.2 Net profit margin 2.3 Current ratio 2.4 Average Receivable days/ Debtors collection period 2.5. Average Payable days/ Creditors collection period (3)  Comments on the performance of SKANSA PLC results [for the period of two (2) years; and mention some possible causes, reasons and effects for the changes in the ratios. Evaluation Conclusion References Appendances


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