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1London School of Science and TechnologyModule: (BM414) Financial decision makingCW1Research reportTask 1: Report to the management of SKANSA PLCTask 2: SKANSA PLC -ratio analysis Student’s Full Name:LSST ID. Number:BNU ID Number:Lecturer’s Name:Richard NgcoboSubmission Date:25th May 2021 2CONTENTS PAGE:TASK 1: REPORT TO SKANSA PLC’S MANAGEMENTIntroductionAnalysis of the FUNCTIIONS of Accounting and Finance within SKANSKA PLCAnalysis of the ROLES of Accounting and Finance within SKANSKA PLCAnalysis of the DUTIES of Accounting and Finance within SKANSKA PLCExplanation of the structure and terms used within the financial statementsThe key STRUCTURES of financial records and statements include:Some of the TERMS (5) used within financial statements include the following:(1) –(2) –(3) –(4) –(5) –3Application of management accounting TECHNIQUES for planning, control and decision-makingwithin a business organisationThe ROLE of Management AccountantsManagement accountants are qualified to work across the business, not just in finance. They fulfil thefollowing role:TASK 2: CALCULATION OF RATIOS (5), ANALYSIS AND COMMENTSFive RATIOS for each of the two years: RATIOS FOR 2018RATIOS FOR 2019Return on capital employed:Net profit margin:Current ratio:Average Receivable Days / Debtorscollection period:Average Payable Days / Creditors collectionperiod: 45COMMENTS AND ANALYSIS on the performance of SKANSKA PLCConclusionReferences1) [Accessed 20/04/21]


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