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BUS1BUE Individual AssignmentBUS1BUE Individual Assignment Tips1. Use the same market you used for Online Exercise 2. However, you can change it if you are nothappy with your market. You don’t need permission, but you can email Nicola to check the marketwith her if you’d like to.2. The word limit is 1,000 words; you can write less but you can’t write more. This excludes thereference list.3. You need to pick a market to analyse, it must have had a market shock (unexpected change) in2020 – 2021. It cannot be a market with price fluctuations like petrol prices, which always occur soare expected, or one that has seasonal variations which are expected – like snow ski ticket sales insummer compared to winter.Assignment Topic suggestions and ideas to get you started:• With significant rainfall in many drought-stricken farming areas recently there has beenunprecedented demand for glyphosate, a type of weed killer as farmers are buying lots of itto kill off the weeds and plant cropshttps://www.farmonline.com.au/story/6649452/chemical-stocks-tight-but-sufficient-fornow/• The impact of COVID-19 on international travel services, cafes, clothing shops in shoppingcentres, Bars, Clubs, Leisure Centres (all negatively impacted) or positively impactedBunnings / hardware stores, streaming services, food delivery, online house party apps,online dating apps, cyclist stores (how many bike riders are there on the bike tracks, meincluded!!)• COVID impact on the travel industry, this year with domestic travel interstate still poor.• Hotels and accommodation are still affected by COVID-19• Travel restrictions means a massive worker supply shortage for fruit and vegetable growers,this is impacting the market price and quantityThese are just some ideas to get you thinking if you have an idea of a different market shock you’dlike to analyse, go for it!BUS1BUE Individual Assignment4. Pick something that interests you, but one you can also apply the economic concepts fromweeks 1 – 8. This is important, there are lots of cool market changes out there but if you arestruggling to work out how the demand shift for mobile phone components in France impacts GDPor unemployment, then maybe rethink your essay topic.Consider the market, it is easier to examine the impacts of a market shift in a town or country ratherthan an international shift. For instance, the shift in demand for avocado’s in Australia due to caféclosures with COVID-19, this impacts farmers and consumers in Australia, it will affect GDP, it mayincrease unemployment etc. Work out the time frame you want to discuss, make sure you state it inyour market overview or introduction, this clear definition of the time frame will make the economicanalysis easier.Seek help and advice if you are unsure contact your workshop facilitator or Nicola Thomas with atopic and check if they think it is suitable for the essay.5. Research your essay topic, gather information from a range of sources. A good essay has atleast 5 references from difference sources. The sources do not need to be peer reviewed journals,but they do need to be reliable. DO NOT USE YouTube, blogs, vlogs or Wikipedia. A good idea whenyou are researching your topic is to have a word document open and copy and paste links into thedocument when you find something interesting or useful. When you are writing your essay you canopen up your word document and you will have all your sources readily available.6. Structure your essay. It needs:• An introduction – short and sweet introducing the topic and market in 2 – 3 sentences• A paragraph describing the market – the market overview• One – two paragraphs analysing the impact of the market shock / change – apply as manyeconomic concepts as you can from weeks 1- 8• A conclusion summarising your findingsDo not include bullet points in an essay, if you want to present summarised information you wouldnormally present in dot points, use a text box or chart.7. Include a chart or graph you have created yourself; this will demonstrate you can apply theconcepts discussed in workshops and lectures to your market. Please don’t copy and paste chartsyou’ve googled. If you aren’t a computer whiz, it is fine to hand draw the graph, take a photo of itand insert it into your essay.BUS1BUE Individual AssignmentI have included an example below of 2 methods of drawing a graph that you could use, one usescolour to illustrate different economic concepts, the other has no colour but uses a table instead.Remember to include a heading with the graph.Figure 1: Changes in Market Welfare with a tax on fast food8. REFERENCE CORRECTLY!!! Harvard referencing must be used, if you are unsure how to referencethe library guide can show you how to do it.https://www.lib.latrobe.edu.au/referencing-tool/harvard9. If you have too many words proof-read it or get a friend to with the Marking Guide next to them(see end page of this document), evaluating does this address the marking criteria? If it isinteresting information but it doesn’t address a key point, cut it out and copy it into a sparedocument. See if the essay still reads well without it. This is best done at least a couple of hoursafter writing the essay.BUS1BUE Individual AssignmentOr go online and visit LaTrobe’s Studiosity, you can submit your work and within a couple of daysyou will get a response. Bear in mind it will be busy week 8 & week 9. Studiosity has a range of essaysupport and live help, please check it out.Studiosity: https://studiosity.com/connect/clients/la-trobe-university/student_home10. Pay attention to the marking rubric (a copy is on the last page of this document).• 40% of your grade is structure, presentation and research (including referencing and in textcitations)• 30 % is problem solving including concepts and diagrams using the material from week 1 – 8• 30 % is critically analysing the market and evaluating the impact of the change.Structural components are easy things to get right and get valuable points.11. Don’t leave it to the last minute, leave a bit of time, so you can submit it, the Turnitin softwarecan take a while to process documents (hour or two).Turnitin will return a rating of how much information in your essay is found in other sourcesincluding other essays submitted to institutions around the world. It is fine to use quotes andmaterial from sources, just remember to cite the source in your essay (use the library guide for helpon doing this) and put the full reference in your reference list. This will all be recognised by Turnitin,but if markers can see it is properly cited, that is totally fine.Remember your essay is meant to be your own work.BUS1BUE Individual Assignment


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