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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, COMPUTING & ENGINEERING Submission instructions All pages to be numbered sequentially   Module codeCN7026  Module titleCloud Computing  Module leaderGaurav Malik    Assignment tutorGaurav Malik  Assignment titleIndividual Task    Assignment number1    Weighting100%    Handout date22nd March 2021  Submission dateFirst Sit: Time: 1300 Date: 14th May 2021  Learning outcomes assessed by this assignmentExplain the core concepts of the cloud computing paradigm: how and why this paradigm shift came about, the characteristics, advantages and challenges brought about by the various models and services in cloud computing.  Apply the fundamental concepts in data centers to understand the trade-offs in power, efficiency and cost.  Discuss system virtualisation and outline its role in enabling the cloud computing system model (COI).  Critically assess the principles and characteristics of data centre standards (IC, COI).  Apply virtualization techniques and cloud computing models (DP). Critically develop and evaluate solutions for real-life computational challenges (EID)  Assimilate new knowledge through research and be able to describe this in a written report.  Group work using software packages, documentation/report writing skills and working to meet deadlines; Turnitin submission requirementYESTurnitin GradeMark feedback used?NoMoodle Grade Book submission used?YESMoodle Grade Book feedback used?YesOther electronic system used?NoAre submissions / feedback totally electronic?YESAdditional information      Form of assessment: Individual Number of assignment copies required:       1 Assignment to be presented in the following format: On-line submission Your CW has three individual elements, please click on the links below to access them.  There are two videos below which you will find useful: Introduction to the CW: Coursework Guidance (All Parts) Guidance on Part 3, Individual Research Project: FIRST SIT All elements have to be completed by 14th May 2021 1300 (1 PM) CLICK THE LINKS: Completion of AWS Academy Course Including the Vocareum Labs (60%) (No upload needed, The Teaching Team will be able to check your task completion via the platform)Online Data Centre Quiz (10%) (No upload needed, DO NOT START UNLESS YOU ARE READY  you have 90 minutes to complete the quiz, you have 1 attempt) Individual Research Project, 1000 – 1500 words (30%) (You need to upload the report to Moodle.Submission Link: Individual Research Project – Guide The course work must be carried out individuallyand uploaded to Moodle by FIRST SIT:  14th May 1300 (1 pm) Table of Contents 1.0 Background 2.0 Course Work Requirement 3.0 Deliverables 4.0 Documentation guidelines and other requirements 5.0 Marking Scheme 6.0 Marks Breakdown 7.0 Further notes on the coursework Appendix A: Useful Resources Appendix B : Cover Sheet Appendix C: ALLOCATED SCENARIOS   1.0 Background As a cloud professional, you have been allocated a scenario (see below for list) to develop a cloud-based solution for a company or an organisation. You Can See Your Allocated Scenario in APPENDIX C 2.0 Course Work Requirement For this course work, you are required to Start with an introduction that gives an overview of the current system in your scenario and identify a problem or issue that cloud computing can be used to address.You must gather functional and non-functional information about the existing system.Document and submit a cloud architecture for the scenario allocated to youYour report must include an implementation of your architecture that has been implemented on any one of the Cloud platforms (AWS, MS Azure or Google).Use the information gathered to carry out the tasks and produce the deliverables in section 3.0 belowAppendix A has some useful resources 3.0 Deliverables Perform the tasks below and submit the Deliverables You will have to produce and submit the Project report through Moodle in PDF format: The Project report (.pdf document 1000 words +/10%, excluding references and pictures), which will consist of the following main areas:a.    Introduction: Write your introduction that sets the scene for the problem domain.Project plan: the plan must explain the milestones and other project planning aspects.Body: Requirements Gathering:Identify and specify functional and non-functional requirements to solve the presented problem.Identify the key characteristics (e.g., risk) of the system from your point of view and describe how cloud computing can help in this case.Choice of cloud platform as solution for the problem domain and rationale for choiceChoice of data centre and standardsSystem Architecture Architect the cloud solution for the scenario with a justification of the services you are usingImplement 50% of the architecture and provide screenshots using the appropriate cloud platformAnalysis and ReflectionCosting (AWS Calculator)Present your analytical reflection on how to maintain the system, manage its evolution, respond to the evolving business needs as well as regulations and government rules 4.0 Documentation guidelines and other requirements The Project Report must include the following TitleIntroductionProject planCloud ArchitectureCloud solution and ImplementationRequirements GatheringChoice of type of cloud platformChoice of data centre and standardsCloud System Architecture developed to solve the problemImplementation using any cloud platform (i.e. AWS, MS Azure or Google)CostingAnalysis and ReflectionReferences 5.0 Marking Scheme Marking componentMarksWhat is needed?The architecture60%Cloud architecture best practices followed.Screenshots demonstrating architecture providedDesign30%Problem analysis & Requirement specificationRationale for choice of services and scope of application.Notes about the progress of the application. What has been finished; what is left to do; what needs further work. Evaluation/critical appraisal A reflective piece about what the prototype has shown and whether it meets its needs.Documentation Presentation10%Coherent structure, including separate sections and a table of contents. Good use of English (check for spelling mistakes)All images in the report appropriately scaledGood use of appropriate references (including labelling). 6.0 Marks Breakdown Cloud Application (60 Marks)  Poor choice of services (0 Marks)Some good choices (5 Marks)Sound application (30 Marks)Application developed with best practices followed     None (0 Marks)Some features (0-15 Marks)20% (30 Marks)50% of application implemented and showcased in report    Design (30 Marks)  Not present (0 Marks)Briefly explained (3 Marks)In depth with evidence of understanding on how to apply technique  (6 Marks)Problem analysis & Requirement specification   Rationale for choice of services and scope of application.   Screenshots for core parts of the application   Choice of design and scope of application.   Notes about the progress of the application.  What has been finished; what is left to do; what needs further work. Evaluation/critical appraisal A reflective piece about what the prototype has shown and whether it meets its needs.    DOCUMENTATION (10 Marks)  Poor (0 Marks)Average (1 Marks)Good (2.5 Marks)Coherent structure, including separate sections and a table of contents   Good use of English (check for spelling mistakes)   All images in the report appropriately scaled   Good use of appropriate references (including labelling).    7.0 Further notes on the coursework The following guidelines will help you to achieve a good mark for your assignment: Your report must include glossaries, an abstract or an executive summary.You should focus on strictly covering the marking components for this assignment.Appendices and references will not be included in your word count. What to submit Your submission should be organized in these files and folders: DocumentationMake sure that you submit the correct files, that they are complete and not corrupt. Test your submission by downloading your files to a new directory on your computer and make sure that everything will work as expected. Check that you can open all your files, and that the files are not corrupted.  Under no circumstances will markers attempt to restore files from defective/corrupted files. If any part of your assignment cannot be assessed because of file corruption you will score zero marks for that component.Please do not submit files that are not part of your assignment (e.g. extra files in your prototype folder or different copies of your assignment). English Language Support You can get English Language support from our English Academic Support Tutor, they can only help you with grammar and writing and not the technical content. Referencing Plagiarism A simple definition: Plagiarism: a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work (WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University). Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way and will be dealt according to UEL policies. Appendix A: Useful Resources 1- AWS Whitepapers and Guides Here you can find a lot of various examples such as Airline Information Management System Implementation on AWS. Such diagrams are beneficial in different ways as they tell how to implement scalable systems using AWS. 2- The 5 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework which provides you will good design principles and best practices. It is also supported with a well-designed FAQs. The page can be accessed through the following link: 3 – Innovative cloud architectures from AWS partners and customers : 4 – How to use the AWS Simply Month Calculator TCO Calculator: https://awstcocalculator.comSimple Monthly Calculator: 5 – To implement the architecture in a diagrammatic way for this you can use these links Appendix B : Cover Sheet CLICK HERE FOR COVER SHEET   Appendix C: ALLOCATED SCENARIOS Student CodeStudent NameSeminar GroupScenario For CW1536523/2Zach Sivell1Vertical Sector -Smart Campus1630463/2David Thomas Fitzgerald1Vertical Sector – Smart Home1701356/2Talia Mikayla Vellai1Vertical Sector – Smart Metering1710110/2Cem Ozgur1Vertical Sector – Food Ordering1735975/2Dhara Harshadbhai Parekh1Vertical Sector – Pet Security1736927/2Ahammed Anshad Kattakkal Ashraf1Vertical Sector – Smart City1927859/1Jagadeesh Surineni1Vertical Sector – Logistics1928664/1Chetana Navya Bharathi Narne1Education – School1938188/1Nikhil Kumar Yarra1Education – University1938874/1Kusumita Barat1Education – Research Centre1943025/1Mohammed Abdul Majid –1Educaton – Analytics1945671/1Sravan Reddy Kommula1Education – Alexa1946798/1Hyderullah Baig Mirza1Education – Game1948032/1– Syed Nayeem Ahmed1Education – AI1949925/1Vijay Kumar Yalagala1Education – Machine Learning1954776/1Aswini Vajja1Travel – Taxi1955291/1Anusha Ashok1Travel – Airline1956065/1Praneeth Reddy Balapuram1Travel – Bus1956379/1Manimala Baddam1Travel – Cruise Liner2013084/1Aditya Pasuloti1Travel – Hotel2013318/1Ibrahim Mohammad1Travel – Guest House2014893/1Yeshwin Sai Chand Ganji1Travel – Museum2014994/1Rakesh Gujja1Entertainment – Music Streaming2016438/1Rajavamshi Ankam1Entertainment – Cinema2042474/1Venkata Ganesh Nalajala1Entertainment – Movie Streaming2052309/1Sai Gopal Rao Takkallapalli1Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2061274/1Saikanth Kolluri1Entertainment – File Sharing1956475/1Sai Charan Chandu2Health – Pharmacy1956478/1Mohanish Miriyalkar2Health – GP1957309/1Akhilesh Aleti2Health – Remote Surgery1957373/1Rajkumar Mikkili2Health – Hospital1957612/1Vamsi Krishna Yendluri2Vertical Sector -Smart Campus1957852/1Mary Sharanya Basani2Vertical Sector – Smart Home1958454/1Sharan Kumar Shetty2Vertical Sector – Smart Metering1958548/1Akhil Guniganti2Vertical Sector – Food Ordering1958601/1Divya Manukonda2Vertical Sector – Pet Security1959197/1Ronak Vinodkumar Patel2Vertical Sector – Smart City1959299/1Mithun Sai  Kumar Mulavarthy2Vertical Sector – Logistics1959814/1Kavya Veerapaneni2Education – School1959876/1Sivasankar Putta2Education – University1960711/1Ayushi Ashok2Education – Research Centre1960756/1Rohit Goud Panjala2Educaton – Analytics1960947/1Sambi Reddy Kurri2Education – Alexa1960952/1Mercy Sapuri2Education – Game1961282/1Narendra Nelavalli2Education – AI1961393/1Yash Manubhai Patel2Education – Machine Learning1961591/1Naga Vamsi Divyakolu2Travel – Taxi1961903/1Kranthi Kumar Pavushetty2Travel – Airline1962019/1Suhasini Alati2Travel – Bus1962022/1Sarath Kalluri2Travel – Cruise Liner2004143/1– Amarjeet Singh2Travel – Hotel2013026/1Shivaram Goud Ganapuram2Travel – Guest House2015007/1Naga Lakshmi Sowjanya Malapati2Travel – Museum2017390/1Ashish Sadak2Entertainment – Music Streaming2063012/1Ashu Sidhu2Entertainment – Cinema1962131/1Raghuvardhan Musku3Entertainment – Movie Streaming1962241/1Gopinath Macha3Entertainment – Mobile Gaming1962256/1Aravind Sriramoju3Entertainment – File Sharing1962329/1Muqeet Syed3Health – Pharmacy1962655/1Ravi Kumar Kollu3Health – GP1962789/1Rasool Ghulam3Health – Remote Surgery1962879/1Enayath Pasha Mohammad3Health – Hospital1962906/1Sai Srikanth Chalamalasetty3Vertical Sector -Smart Campus1963008/1Younus Mohiuddin Mohammed3Vertical Sector – Smart Home1963630/1Navya Susmitha Taduvayai3Vertical Sector – Smart Metering1963745/1Sarika Tula3Vertical Sector – Food Ordering1964009/1Parveen Kumar3Vertical Sector – Pet Security1964029/1Vishnu Murthy Podapati3Vertical Sector – Smart City1964368/1Srikanth Ramasani3Vertical Sector – Logistics1964503/1Akhil Siripuram3Education – School1964579/1Pramod Gone3Education – University1964589/1Sathish Reddy Thammaneni3Education – Research Centre1964734/1Raja Reddy Sama3Educaton – Analytics1964860/1Baji Shaik3Education – Alexa1964926/1Nandeep Manam3Education – Game1964940/1Kalpana Doddi3Education – AI1964983/1Santosh Nikhil Ananthula3Education – Machine Learning2000145/1Devaharsha Reddy Dondeti3Travel – Taxi2000433/1Venkat Ram Gopal Reddy Narala3Travel – Airline2005100/1Sridhar Cheekati3Travel – Bus2013424/1Abdul Nayeem Baseer Mohammed3Travel – Cruise Liner2015482/1Venugopal Lam3Travel – Hotel2016632/1Vamsi Krishna Gorantla3Travel – Guest House2017433/1Karthik Kumar Sampathirao3Travel – Museum2067601/1Thirumal Reddy Singireddy3Entertainment – Music Streaming2077465/1– Mandeep Kaur3Entertainment – Cinema2077697/1Manikanta Sai Gorantala3Entertainment – Movie Streaming2000448/1Meher Krishna Chada4Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2000529/1Naresh Vempati4Entertainment – File Sharing2000590/1Vaishnavi Madugula4Health – Pharmacy2000687/1Lakshmi Raghu Teja Mathi4Health – GP2000872/1Jagadeesh Dasari4Health – Remote Surgery2000881/1Varun Tella4Health – Hospital2000939/1Siva Rama Krishna Boddapati4Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2001003/1– Sukhvinder Singh4Vertical Sector – Smart Home2001101/1Chintala Ravi Teja4Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2001183/1 Rahul Kamagoni4Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2001195/1Priyanka Mandati4Vertical Sector – Pet Security2001243/1Anusha Kalpagoni4Vertical Sector – Smart City2001264/1Naser Uddin Qazi Mohammed4Vertical Sector – Logistics2001403/1Dileep Chiravuri4Education – School2001444/1Shyamala Jangaru Praveen4Education – University2001634/1Krishna Raj Karli4Education – Research Centre2001638/1Mahadarshini Gopinath4Educaton – Analytics2001677/1Meetkumar Rasikbhai Patel4Education – Alexa2001701/1Venkateswarlu Chopparapu4Education – Game2001714/1Divya Mereddy4Education – AI2001753/1Maheshreddy Gali4Education – Machine Learning2001782/1Nishitha Angali4Travel – Taxi2002208/1Virender Yadav4Travel – Airline2002324/1Maulik Bhikhabhai Padhiyar4Travel – Bus2002425/1Pramod Kumar Gouda4Travel – Cruise Liner2013556/1Manikanta Konakanchi4Travel – Hotel2015495/1Kishore Katipalli4Travel – Guest House2017477/1– Khaja Fouzan4Travel – Museum2002439/1Dhruvitkumar Jayantibhai Patel5Entertainment – Music Streaming2002906/1Simran –5Entertainment – Cinema2003076/1Rabin Khadka5Entertainment – Movie Streaming2003193/1Naresh Reddy Shyaga5Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2003202/1Nikhil Kumar Reddy Jinna5Entertainment – File Sharing2003227/1Lohith Kumar Sangapu5Health – Pharmacy2003238/1Manish Sai Velineni5Health – GP2003284/1Vineeth Boini5Health – Remote Surgery2003376/1Shruthi Vangari5Health – Hospital2003483/1Gopikrishna Bellamkonda5Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2003595/1Sravan Kumar Vangaru5Vertical Sector – Smart Home2003737/1Gopi Babu Ravella5Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2003752/1Akhila Puchakayala5Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2003904/1Madhu Abothu5Vertical Sector – Pet Security2004019/1Vamsi Krishna Devabattina5Vertical Sector – Smart City2004186/1Sukesh Reddy Gade5Vertical Sector – Logistics2004245/1Mastanrao Pentyala5Education – School2004542/1Vikas Mancha5Education – University2004639/1Anil Kumar Pothula5Education – Research Centre2004780/1Narayana Rao Pedada5Educaton – Analytics2004785/1Venkata Narayana Endla5Education – Alexa2004804/1Siva Prasad Muthineni5Education – Game2004810/1Vikram Sagar Devunoori5Education – AI2004818/1Tauseef Mohammed5Education – Machine Learning2004848/1Satya Sireesha Maganti5Travel – Taxi2013674/1Marina John5Travel – Airline2014123/1Dhanush Bamandla5Travel – Bus2015680/1Dhanush Aera5Travel – Cruise Liner2016680/1Lal Bahadur Shastri Pasunuti5Travel – Hotel2017494/1Shaharayan Ali Khan Mir5Travel – Guest House2004897/1Abdul Mukthader Syed6Travel – Museum2004949/1Jagadeesh Bondela6Entertainment – Music Streaming2004955/1Abdul Wahid Kasala6Entertainment – Cinema2004956/1Gopi Injam6Entertainment – Movie Streaming2004989/1Parwez Mohammed Khan6Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2005006/1Arshad Hussain6Entertainment – File Sharing2005020/1Sai Keerthan Keerthi6Health – Pharmacy2005024/1Yugendar Sai Revelly6Health – GP2005031/1Shilpa Bheemireddy6Health – Remote Surgery2005054/1Sadeeqa Sultana6Health – Hospital2005200/1Tarun Bathula6Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2005269/1– Arshiya6Vertical Sector – Smart Home2005397/1Pedda  Babu Kandimalla6Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2005530/1Sindhu Morthala6Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2005537/1– Shagufta Fatima6Vertical Sector – Pet Security2006022/1– Abdul Azeem6Vertical Sector – Smart City2006082/1Albin  Mathai Elavummoottil Siby6Vertical Sector – Logistics2006121/1Akshobhya Theertha Salgarkar6Education – School2006165/1Rohith Kumar Reddy Allam6Education – University2006241/1Mohan Reddy Manukonda6Education – Research Centre2006778/1Praveen Kumar Kotha6Educaton – Analytics2007322/1Shashank Kalakanti6Education – Alexa2007463/1Arun Kumar Kethamala6Education – Game2007473/1Srujanai Gavadra6Education – AI2014248/1Lakshman Kumar Chaganti6Education – Machine Learning2015793/1Manikanta Bandla6Travel – Taxi2016834/1Sunil Namburi6Travel – Airline2017549/1Venu Gopal Kilaru6Travel – Bus1709308/2Luciano Gomes7Travel – Cruise Liner2007483/1Sahith Ata7Travel – Hotel2007511/1Mani Krishna Alluri7Travel – Guest House2007543/1Bharath Kumar Goud Keshagoni7Travel – Museum2007635/1Raghavendra Rao Veldi7Entertainment – Music Streaming2007681/1Venkata Krishna Chaitanya Mukirala7Entertainment – Cinema2007739/1Surya Teja Kothuri7Entertainment – Movie Streaming2007770/1Ravi Kiran Bandari7Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2007779/1Shwetha Bandi7Entertainment – File Sharing2007871/1Avinash Babu Koppolu7Health – Pharmacy2007902/1Naveen Kumar Reddy Mittapalli7Health – GP2008191/1Hilal Mohioddin Mohammed7Health – Remote Surgery2008249/1Avinash Kolla7Health – Hospital2008600/1Abhishek Akunoori7Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2008917/1Jagadish Busarla7Vertical Sector – Smart Home2008986/1Preetham Reddy Kommula7Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2009026/1Prem Kumar Reddy Sandi7Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2009161/1Varunkumar Bajjuri7Vertical Sector – Pet Security2009209/1Vijay Reddy Chinthalapudi7Vertical Sector – Smart City2009243/1Krishna Vamshi Beemanathini7Vertical Sector – Logistics2009245/1Rithish Reddy MacHarla7Education – School2009268/1Venkata Jaya Krishna Vunnam7Education – University2009396/1Mukesh Chintakindi7Education – Research Centre2009826/1Shiva Sai Kumar Reddy Nannuri7Educaton – Analytics2009894/1Raviteja Mekala7Education – Alexa2014255/1Kiran Kumar Banala7Education – Game2016039/1Prashant Chiranjivi Kunu7Education – AI2016899/1Nithin Poyyaparambil Sadanandan7Education – Machine Learning2017640/1Madhu Babu Yaganti7Travel – Taxi2045307/1Saiteja Yalla7Travel – Airline2051442/1Sai Shashank Kavuri7Travel – Bus2068583/1Pradhoon Rahee Gaini7Travel – Cruise Liner2078799/1Sukhvirpal Kaur Dhaliwal7Travel – Hotel1325931/2Poupouchie Ifokama Badila8Travel – Guest House1734680/2Halil Esen8Travel – Museum2005695/1– Macha Vengal Rao8Entertainment – Music Streaming2011612/1– Tasleem Afroz8Entertainment – Cinema2012256/1– Ahmed Safiullah8Entertainment – Movie Streaming2012280/1Sai Babu Kesavarapu8Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2012399/1Uday Kumar Chinnam8Entertainment – File Sharing2012556/1Mounika Golla8Health – Pharmacy2012731/1Sai Krishna Reddy Biradar8Health – GP2012765/1Swetha Gelli8Health – Remote Surgery2012781/1Laxmi Kanth Reddy Yasa8Health – Hospital2012877/1Sai Charan Reddy Samreddy8Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2013025/1Supriya Subedari8Vertical Sector – Smart Home2013078/1Sai Kiran Gudla8Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2013091/1Sreevaishnavi Reddy Lekkala8Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2013209/1Sreenivas Palepu8Vertical Sector – Pet Security2013250/1Usha Shetty Sheelam8Vertical Sector – Smart City2014607/1Venkatareddy Yaramala8Vertical Sector – Logistics2016088/1Raghava Santhosh Gogineni8Education – School2017178/1Premdeep Goud Baddam8Education – University2017646/1Sathish Reddy Arugumeedi8Education – Research Centre2042990/1Vishnuram Nagarajan Mugunthamaheswari8Educaton – Analytics2050953/1Emmanuel Kaljob Bilikha8Education – Alexa2051913/1Mohana Anusha Enduri8Education – Game2058004/1– Harpreet Kaur8Education – AI2060033/1– Rajni Bala8Education – Machine Learning2061768/1Tejpal Donthula8Travel – Taxi2066339/1Shivaleela Mirji8Travel – Airline2072547/1– Priya8Travel – Bus2074222/1– Harleen Kaur8Travel – Cruise Liner2009928/1Naveen Nomula9Travel – Hotel2009976/1Sunitha Sama9Travel – Guest House2010351/1Pushpa Trinath Movva9Travel – Museum2010671/1Kavya Kolli9Entertainment – Music Streaming2010697/1Joe Freeda Maria Ignasi Durairaj9Entertainment – Cinema2010724/1Renukha Bari9Entertainment – Movie Streaming2010789/1Sai Rohith Boddula9Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2010878/1Harika Peddammala9Entertainment – File Sharing2010898/1– Vikram Singh9Health – Pharmacy2010914/1Pranay Goud Pantangi9Health – GP2010983/1Santhosh Kumar Thota9Health – Remote Surgery2011026/1Veera Lakshmi Gollapalli9Health – Hospital2011042/1Renuka Muppineedi9Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2011069/1– Minni Kaur9Vertical Sector – Smart Home2011071/1Varsha Kandala9Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2011102/1Ashwini Nalla9Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2011218/1Keerthinagasaimounika Peddisetti9Vertical Sector – Pet Security2011444/1Gopi Chand Muktha9Vertical Sector – Smart City2011448/1Venkatesh Janga9Vertical Sector – Logistics2011452/1Sahithya Myneedi9Education – School2011514/1Leela Sai Narasimha Rao Gogineni9Education – University2011858/1Manoj Kumar Unnam9Education – Research Centre2012022/1Adiluddin Mohammed9Educaton – Analytics2014664/1Saicharan Goud Enasarm9Education – Alexa2014691/1Satya Swaroop Kada9Education – Game2016310/1Manikanta Reddy Nandivelugu9Education – AI2017126/1Sai Charan Chakati9Education – Machine Learning2017671/1Tarun Babu Gudduru9Travel – Taxi2017687/1Rama Naidu Bethapudi10Travel – Airline2017752/1Jimmy John10Travel – Bus2017831/1Naveen Kumar Kukatla10Travel – Cruise Liner2017846/1Akhilraja Adupa10Travel – Hotel2018621/1Venkata Sailokesh Gandham10Travel – Guest House2018636/1Ashok Gude10Travel – Museum2018749/1Aravind Kumar Reddy Reddygari10Entertainment – Music Streaming2018839/1Tharun Navakoti10Entertainment – Cinema2018865/1Dinesh Kunta10Entertainment – Movie Streaming2018998/1– Sunil Kumar10Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2019190/1Rohith Palle10Entertainment – File Sharing2019213/1Likitha Polam10Health – Pharmacy2019329/1Siva Sankar Babji Kotaru10Health – GP2019787/1Aditya Golusula10Health – Remote Surgery2020893/1Sparan Chary Kandukuri10Health – Hospital2021418/1Teja Veera Venkata Vinay Kumar Rangu10Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2022257/1Ravichand Nusulapalli10Vertical Sector – Smart Home2022650/1Rakesh Chepuri10Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2022726/1Charitha Baru10Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2022867/1Prathima Palle10Vertical Sector – Pet Security2023375/1– Ramanjot Kaur10Vertical Sector – Smart City2024921/1– Karandeep Kaur10Vertical Sector – Logistics2030101/1Tania Dogra10Education – School2040072/1Sabitha Bikkineni10Education – University2040636/1Nurudeen Abiodun Adesina10Education – Research Centre2040760/1Vishwanath Veerabomma10Educaton – Analytics2049421/1– Ramandeep Kaur10Education – Alexa2058572/1Zarafshan Moiz10Education – Game2074779/1Priya Akshaykumar Shah10Education – AI2079092/1Jagadeesh Kandula10Education – Machine Learning2079368/1Priyankkumar Anilbhai Patel10Travel – Taxi1956376/2Paul Allen11Travel – Airline2017104/1Siva Krishna Mandalapu11Travel – Bus2041369/1– Mohammed Zuber11Travel – Cruise Liner2041926/1Ibifari Igbani11Travel – Hotel2042364/1Naveena Pidikiti11Travel – Guest House2042421/1Vishal Gajjada11Travel – Museum2042883/1Lakshmi Rahul Muvva11Entertainment – Music Streaming2043942/1Gagan Sai Bodduluru11Entertainment – Cinema2045168/1Raghuram Buchireddy11Entertainment – Movie Streaming2045298/1Sridhar Goud Kavelli11Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2045752/1Lokesh Katta11Entertainment – File Sharing2045894/1Abhishek Peketi11Health – Pharmacy2047903/1Hemamalini Subramani11Health – GP2048234/1Hetul Satishbhai Parmar11Health – Remote Surgery2048467/1Mani Velnati11Health – Hospital2048666/1Nikhil Vajrapu11Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2049219/1Vamshikrishna Reddy Ganapuram11Vertical Sector – Smart Home2049499/1Tapan Rameshbhai Patel11Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2049524/1Mohmed Tanveer Mohmed Asif Bulsari11Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2049798/1Bhargava Ramudu Gonuguntla11Vertical Sector – Pet Security2050608/1Sree Veena Muddasani11Vertical Sector – Smart City2050821/1Loukik Kumar Burra11Vertical Sector – Logistics2051038/1Mahesh Sai Raja Mohan Pokala11Education – School2051283/1Naga Sai Gopal Tarigopula11Education – University2051445/1Pavan Kalyan Koppu11Education – Research Centre1629165/2Antonio Lee Sinclair12Educaton – Analytics2006306/1– Simranjeet12Education – Alexa2007768/1Aparna Mannem12Education – Game2052115/1– Sahil Kumar12Education – AI2052317/1– Khushpuneet Kaur12Education – Machine Learning2052646/1Harika Reddy Samala12Travel – Taxi2052651/1– Gurdeep Singh12Travel – Airline2053418/1Rabab Mohiddin Shaikh12Travel – Bus2053754/1Yugan Kumar Sundarrajan12Travel – Cruise Liner2054072/1Yeshwanth Kumar Samanapelly12Travel – Hotel2054548/1Baldeep Kaur12Travel – Guest House2054727/1Ankitaben Raghubhai Dholariya12Travel – Museum2055556/1Jaydip Balubhai Anghan12Entertainment – Music Streaming2056015/1Rahul Kotha12Entertainment – Cinema2057374/1Rakesh Kamepalli12Entertainment – Movie Streaming2057882/1– Syeda Kounain Fatima12Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2058046/1Shah Rukh Khan12Entertainment – File Sharing2058701/1– Rajneet Kaur12Health – Pharmacy2059653/1Shubham Saini12Health – GP2060021/1Deepak Singh Nijjar12Health – Remote Surgery2061088/1Bilal Biyabani Mohammed12Health – Hospital2061912/1Krishna Chaitanya Somaraju12Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2062472/1Dharani Madesan12Vertical Sector – Smart Home2062863/1Arun Sandhu12Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2063077/1Gourav Giri12Vertical Sector – Food Ordering1726436/2Sree Satya Puneeth Puppala13Vertical Sector – Pet Security1963506/1Siva Kumar Palem13Vertical Sector – Smart City2006686/1Sri Sai Pavan Bandaru13Vertical Sector – Logistics2052232/1– Pooja Rani13Education – School2063748/1Bhaumik Parmar13Education – University2064376/1Pragathi Dasari13Education – Research Centre2064584/1Abdulhamid Abdulmajid Saiyad13Educaton – Analytics2064952/1Lavanya Annadi13Education – Alexa2066677/1Someswara Rao Vallabhaneni13Education – Game2067296/1Shivani Pajjuri13Education – AI2068098/1Subramanya Sai Pitta13Education – Machine Learning2068909/1Siu Ming Teh13Travel – Taxi2069991/1Pavan Kumar Karumanchi13Travel – Airline2071099/1Precious Chukwuemeke Odiase13Travel – Bus2071672/1Sai Uday Bhaskar Guddati13Travel – Cruise Liner2072454/1Isha Gupta13Travel – Hotel2072571/1Vamsi Krishna Vunnam13Travel – Guest House2072622/1– Manpreet Kaur13Travel – Museum2074381/1Noman Zamir13Entertainment – Music Streaming2074546/1Harpreet Kaur13Entertainment – Cinema2076216/1Ravi Teja Jonnalagadda13Entertainment – Movie Streaming2076917/1Gopi Krishna Jampani13Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2077325/1Lavika Devi13Entertainment – File Sharing2078164/1Ranjit Chowdary Vadlapatla13Health – Pharmacy2079764/1Muhammad Hassib Asif13Health – GP2082846/1– Ramandeep Kaur13Health – Remote Surgery1526674/2Olakunle Ezekiel Ajayi14Health – Hospital1708461/4Abdoulaziz Ibrahim14Vertical Sector -Smart Campus1722945/4Vangah Brice Wilfried Kouamelan14Vertical Sector – Smart Home1930852/2Babajide Donald Faleye14Vertical Sector – Smart Metering1963602/1Vamsi Varma Katikala Golla14Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2008429/1Bala Mahesh Babu Chitipothu14Vertical Sector – Pet Security2032581/1Sidharth Padmakumar Lathakumari14Vertical Sector – Smart City2035293/1Sujitha Satheesh Kumar14Vertical Sector – Logistics2039843/1Vinay Juluri14Education – School2039874/1Casey Jumu14Education – University2044019/2Sharifullah Durrani14Education – Research Centre2045577/1Nitigya Gurung14Educaton – Analytics2046826/2Anand Krishna Kommisetty14Education – Alexa2046988/1Jaspreet Singh14Education – Game2048324/1Hasmitha Reddy Chamkura14Education – AI2050559/1Jagadheeshwar Surakarapu14Education – Machine Learning2062562/1Bharath Kumar Narva14Travel – Taxi2072057/1Gopi Sai Nath Reddy Yerreddu14Travel – Airline2072518/1Jibran Khan14Travel – Bus2073134/1Ashritha Uppalapati14Travel – Cruise Liner2075033/1David Chowdary Bungatavula14Travel – Hotel2119281/1Kingsley Nnamdi Kingsley Ogbuaholu14Travel – Guest House2120606/1Bhargav Challagulla14Travel – Museum2089102/1Ajay Reddy Kadiveti15Entertainment – Music Streaming2090695/1Karthik Reddy Sappidi15Entertainment – Cinema2090742/1Ravi Radadiya15Entertainment – Movie Streaming2091199/1Chanukya Chowdary Bungatavula15Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2091269/1Ayobami Azeez Ibitoye15Entertainment – File Sharing2091340/1Snehalatha Mudduluru15Health – Pharmacy2091458/1Srinivas Veeragoni15Health – GP2091582/1Harikrishna Madala15Health – Remote Surgery2091924/1Dharaben Jay Rami15Health – Hospital2091940/1Abin Salem Daniel Zorto15Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2093062/1Bhumika Chaudhary15Vertical Sector – Smart Home2093249/1– Sanpreet Kaur15Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2093332/1Sai Satish Reddy Kondamadugula15Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2093701/1Akash Bhimjibhai Kalathiya15Vertical Sector – Pet Security2093786/1– Samreen15Vertical Sector – Smart City2094354/1Vinutha Sundaram Shanmuga Sundaram15Vertical Sector – Logistics2095089/1Amit Aravindbhai Davara15Education – School2095528/1Aysha Faqir Muhammad15Education – University2095591/1Neha Madhan15Education – Research Centre2097057/1Charitha Sri Kodali15Educaton – Analytics2097384/1Harsh Parmar15Education – Alexa2097674/1Durga Siva Krishna Veera Pavan Mummaneni16Education – Game2097684/1– Sandeep Kaur16Education – AI2097962/1Annamalai Subramaniyan16Education – Machine Learning2098466/1Montek Singh16Travel – Taxi2098680/1Chaithanya Kaniganti16Travel – Airline2099134/1Saroja Sadhineni16Travel – Bus2099541/1Lasya Chowdary Sirimamilla16Travel – Cruise Liner2099580/1Arun Babu Ponakala16Travel – Hotel2099631/1– Asiya Sultana16Travel – Guest House2099964/1– Uzma Alam16Travel – Museum2100308/1Mousumi Chaudhury16Entertainment – Music Streaming2102422/1Mohamed Hossam Mohamed Sabry Ibrahim16Entertainment – Cinema2102958/1Saivarun Kumar Vujagiri16Entertainment – Movie Streaming2110703/1Mallika Vallabhaneni16Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2110768/1Albin Manuel16Entertainment – File Sharing2110808/1Tabassum Idrishbhai Patel16Health – Pharmacy2111773/1Yaswanthi Yenumula16Health – GP2112611/1Nagalakshmi Vadla16Health – Remote Surgery2113374/1Amardeep Singh16Health – Hospital2114741/1Keerthi Inturi16Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2115106/1Aravindh Chowdary Elchuri16Vertical Sector – Smart Home2116980/1Abhishek Musuluri16Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2118732/1Srivatsa Juvvadi16Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2119189/1Muhammad Shiraz Khan16Vertical Sector – Pet Security2039961/1Tharun Muddam17Vertical Sector – Smart City2044969/1Rachita Jain17Vertical Sector – Logistics2050154/1Shirisha Sammireddy17Education – School2079236/1Kumar Sree Yarra17Education – University2083513/1Sriraj Panjala17Education – Research Centre2092750/1Rohith Gadde17Educaton – Analytics2092763/1Heera Harikumar17Education – Alexa2093334/1Sai Teja Reddy Laxmanagari17Education – Game2093871/1Abisha Thayyath Kareem17Education – AI2124258/1Fathima Zeba Pulukool17Education – Machine Learning2124283/1Rahul Damala17Travel – Taxi2125453/1Yash Sharma17Travel – Airline2125617/1Thimothi Talari17Travel – Bus2127643/1Sirisha Rani Boddu17Travel – Cruise Liner2127666/1Ameen Abbas17Travel – Hotel2128222/1Naga Sai Srinivas Potturi17Travel – Guest House2128260/1Koteswara Rao Setty17Travel – Museum2129392/1Lavan Kumar Gariganti17Entertainment – Music Streaming2129489/1Abijith Shaji17Entertainment – Cinema2130399/1Mohammed Sameer17Entertainment – Movie Streaming2130447/1Bharat Atulkumar Patel17Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2133320/1Sharmila Nallathambi17Entertainment – File Sharing2138412/1Seco Djalo17Health – Pharmacy2012230/1Gopikrishna Kommindala18Health – GP2023227/1– Baljeet18Health – Remote Surgery2096292/1Deepthi Reddy Dyapa18Health – Hospital2100441/1Mohammed Saad Ali –18Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2101689/1Meetkumar Jigneshbhai Patel18Vertical Sector – Smart Home2110723/1Abinaya Arul18Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2111770/1Vaishaliben Dineshbhai MacWan18Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2112516/1Sai Harish Raju Addepalli18Vertical Sector – Pet Security2113422/1Athira Raj Jayakumari18Vertical Sector – Smart City2113701/1Rahul Gannoju18Vertical Sector – Logistics2113837/1Srikanth Chinnagalla18Education – School2116418/1Lakshmi Thrivarna Godavarthi18Education – University2118111/1Lalitha Julakanti18Education – Research Centre2121939/1Aravind Kumar Devaraneni18Educaton – Analytics2124756/1Ashwaq Ali Mohammed18Education – Alexa2126026/1Brena Kunjankumar Patel18Education – Game2127013/1Tanveer Mohammed18Education – AI2130731/1Gigina Rajesh18Education – Machine Learning2133311/1Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Devarapalli18Travel – Taxi2133867/1Jayanth Budde18Travel – Airline2134124/1Usha Tamang18Travel – Bus1339494/3Ayotunde Adedeji Oluderu19Travel – Cruise Liner1964117/1Roja Rani Adluri19Travel – Hotel2023789/1Ankur Rajeshbhai Aka Baldevbhai Surti19Travel – Guest House2029476/1Oluwatosin Olawunmi Jacobs19Travel – Museum2042107/1Karthik Maramreddy19Entertainment – Music Streaming2049826/1Vinay Kumar Paspunoori19Entertainment – Cinema2075040/1Yousuf Ali Mohammed19Entertainment – Movie Streaming2091236/1Malla Reddy Gade19Entertainment – Mobile Gaming2091606/1Sai Prakash Sure19Entertainment – File Sharing2093790/1Swathi Atluri19Health – Pharmacy2096505/1Tasneem Fathima19Health – GP2099162/1Pavan Kumar Reddy Singasani19Health – Remote Surgery2102590/1Vijay Ayyappan19Health – Hospital2111467/1Soujanya Busharaju19Vertical Sector -Smart Campus2113461/1Bala Thomas Sagar Reddy Vatti19Vertical Sector – Smart Home2116890/1Tejaswini Kadiyala19Vertical Sector – Smart Metering2116925/1Sai Vimala Yadhav Bammidi19Vertical Sector – Food Ordering2117169/1Jobin Joy Varghese19Vertical Sector – Pet Security2121479/1Venkata Koteswara Rao Bolla19Vertical Sector – Smart City2126934/1– Arshia Nazneen19Vertical Sector – Logistics2130345/1Srikanth Yadav Bathuka19Education – School


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