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LA019509; Assignment 6, CPPBDN5008A, Edition number 3 1© New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, 2020 (TAFE NSW), Archive version 3, March 2020CPPBDN5008A: Assessment 6Project C: Commercial BuildingWhat you have to doDesign conceptsAfter analysing the site, your client’s Brief and the planning requirements for commercialpremises for Marrickville Council, you are now ready to start the design process. Refer toyour Case Studies for ideas.Requirements1. Refer to all your background research and analysis: 20 marksStudents must follow their own summaries of research and recommendations fromprevious assignments. These must be attached and followed in the design concepts:• BCA and Planning Compliance Summary• ESD Recommendations summary and ESD Site Plan• commercial ESD building design ideas summary2. Bubble diagrams 30 marksExplore different building design ideas through the use of bubble diagrams andfreehand sketches. You are to continue developing these bubble diagrams to showthe relationship of the building to your specific site, and begin to think carefully aboutthe internal spatial relationship between the showroom, storeroom, café, offices andancillary areas (toilets, tearoom, services and parking etc.).Think carefully about the following issues:• You must comply with the Client Design Brief (Project C Overview)• Follow the step by step process in the Learning Resources for this unit. Project CREAD.• Building function – How will your building be used by the occupants? What areasshould be located where? Remember that this building requires maximumflexibility for tenants with a range of needs. You must balance all the compliance2 LA019509; Assignment 6, CPPBDN5008A, Edition number 3© New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, 2020 (TAFE NSW), Archive version 3, March 2020requirements with optimum function and design quality. Attach your BCA andPlanning Compliance summary.• ESD – refer to Case Studies and Green Star Building design criteria. Attach yoursummary of ESD Recommendations.• Site context – how will your design fit with surrounding buildings and the streetcontext?• Material selection – Which materials will be appropriate for your Design Brief ?• Building form – What are your design ideas that could translate into an excitingbuilding form? Refer to design ideas gained from ESD and commercial buildingdesign research. You must attach your ESD and commercial building designideas summaryYou should find that you have copious amounts of sketches that keep improvingeach time you develop them further. You won’t reach a good design solution straightaway as there are many, often conflicting, criteria to accommodate. This is a normalpart of the Concept Design stage.It is important to realise that getting a design solution that just works, may notnecessarily be the best design solution. A good design must work well but will alsolook good. You should keep improving the design each time you think about all theissues relating to a project and check against the Client Design Brief.You are required to submit at least four freehand or CAD bubble diagrams toshow the exploration and evolution of a range of ideas for all levels of thecommercial building. These drawings should be 2D and drawn to scale. Add somenotes to explain your thinking process, building functions and materials suggestedetc.3. Concept Design drawings 40 marksSelect one bubble diagram which you feel is your best design for the project. This willbe developed further into concept sketches to show the design to your client.Remember your client expects an innovative and forward-looking development.You are now required to create CAD Concept Design drawings of your conceptdesign. Use simple rendering, appropriate notation, basic dimensions and drawingstitles on your drawings.• Concept Design Site Plan, scale 1:200• Concept Design Floor Plans, scale 1:100• Concept Design four Elevations, scale 1:100• 3D views (a massing model with little detail is sufficient at this stage)Concept Design drawings are to be CAD on A2 sheets.4. Explain Design Concepts 10 marksYou are to clearly demonstrate the design process for the project to your client. Thereasons for your design decisions and the advantages of your design will generallynot be immediately understood by clients. You must be able to find words in supportof your drawings to explain this to your client. Include concise notation on yourpresentation of Concept Design drawings to explain your design approach to theclient.LA019509; Assignment 6, CPPBDN5008A, Edition number 3 3© New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, 2020 (TAFE NSW), Archive version 3, March 2020Submission1. At least 4 bubble diagrams with explanatory notes.2. Concept Design drawings of your chosen design (to scale including plans,elevations, 3D views etc, rendered, notation, CAD, A2)3. Notes on Concept Design drawings explaining your design concepts.AssessmentThis assignment is worth 20% of marks for unit CPPBDN5008A.


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