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School of Engineering, Design and Built EnvironmentUnit 200471, Construction Technology 5, Autumn 2021ASSIGNMENT 1-3 – Sound(Marked out of 10 marks in total for the unit)Before attempting this assignment, it is recommended:• Read the learning materials modules (8-9) on the vUWS• Watch the Paul Geier videos on UWS YouTube.• Consult the Book: Szokolay, S.V. (2008), Introduction to ArchitecturalScience: The Basis of Sustainable Design, Elsevier, Oxford –This is available as an E-Book through the WSU Library.Where diagrams are required, they can be hand drawn or fromreliable resources. All diagrams should be annotated by the student.Sound1. Explain, using annotated diagrams, how structure-borne sound canbe reduced in multi-story apartment buildings. (3 marks)(Each way for reducing structure-borne transmission) 3×0.5 mark(Explanation OR Diagram for each way) 3×0.5 mark2. You are asked to specify the sound attenuation requirements for aseparating wall (AKA party wall) in a building that contains arestaurant kitchen adjacent to a private apartment. What factors aremost important and what defects would you be looking for when youinspect the completed wall? (3 marks)(Factors and defects causing structure-borne or air-borne transmissions throughthe kitchen’s separating wall) 3×0.5 mark(Explanation OR diagram showing the factor or defect) 3×0.5 mark3. How may acoustic designers alter the design of a room, which waspreviously used for music performances, into a room now to be usedfor spoken word performances? Use annotated diagrams for yourresponse. (4 marks)(Two annotated diagrams showing a room before and after design change withannotation) 2×1 mark(Mentioned and explained four design strategy of the changed room) 4×0.5 mark


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