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Assessment Task 2 – Group 4Assessment Task 2: Assessment TaskReport: Change AuditScheduleLearning Outcome Alignment2 & 3Competency Element Alignment2,3Length2000 words maximumValue (% of 100 overall unit marks)20 Description and requirements1. Use one of the tools provided in the Change Leaders Toolbox to audit or survey anorganisation. The audit should report on one of the following:a. Tool 2 PEST(LE) analysisb. Tool 3 SWOT analysisc. Tool 4 Cultural capital & maturity assessment toold. Tool 5 Change readiness audit toole. Tool 6 Organisational maturity scorecardf. Tool 7 Mapping leadership methods to change audit resultsg. A tool you source and have approved by yourlecturer. [10 marks]2. Analyse and report your findings with regards the organisations preparedness forchange or the major changes that will impact the organisation and should be systematicallymanaged under a change project. Be sure to make insights and observations based on theliterature provided with this unit and well-grounded academic research you have conductedin support of your findings. [10 marks]This may be based on a case study or organisational profile you have accessed, your ownorganisation or one with which you can gain sufficient permission to access, or a study yourlecturer may provide if you cannot satisfy the other options.Note: Assessment 2 will inform and build into Assessment 3. The same organisationwill be used and the data collected will be used to establish the Change Project Planyou will develop in Assessment 3.This is to be written as a report. Nevertheless, you should still include references style andformatting deemed academically appropriate.Assessment CriteriaSee the Assessment Rubric and Assessment Feedback Form for each task.


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