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Appendices Appendix A: Customer Service Action Plant Template Customer Service Action PlanStrategyActionsResourcesCompletion DatePerson responsible                Appendix B: Customer Service Charter Template Tip Top Cleaning Customer Service CharterIntroduction Our vision and mission for customer service Product quality specifications (any two) Service standards you can expect of our employees (any five) Customer service guarantees, e.g. related to time, cost, security (any three) How you can help us to help you (any four) Measuring and improving the quality of our service Relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice  Appendix C: Coaching Session Plan Template Coaching Session PlanTopic Name of coach Name of trainee Venue / place Date Time of session Duration of session Purpose of the coaching session Summary of identified training needs Specific skills to be trained and processes this will entail Knowledge to be covered during coaching Resources required  Appendix D: Customer Service Improvement Project – Resource Plan Template Customer Service Improvement Project – Resource PlanImprovement measureResourcesExpected outcomeCompletion DatePerson responsible               


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