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School of Engineering, Design and Built EnvironmentUnit 200471, Construction Technology 5, Autumn 2021ASSIGNMENT 1-2 – Heat(Marked out of 15 marks in total for the unit)Before attempting this assignment, it is recommended:• Read the learning materials modules (5-7) on the vUWS• Watch the Paul Geier videos on UWS YouTube.• Consult the Book: Szokolay, S.V. (2008), Introduction to ArchitecturalScience: The Basis of Sustainable Design, Elsevier, Oxford –This is available as an E-Book through the WSU Library.Where diagrams are required, they can be hand drawn or fromreliable resources. All diagrams should be annotated by the student.Heat1. Explain, with annotated diagrams, the different effects of insulation andthermal mass on the heat flow through the external wall of a building. Inwhich kind of climate do you recommend using thermal mass and why? (4marks)(Explaining effects of insulation on the heat flow through the external wall of abuilding.) 0.5 mark (suitable annotated diagram) 0.75 mark(Explaining effects of thermal mass on the heat flow through the external wall ofa building.) 0.5 mark (suitable annotated diagram) 0.75 mark(In which kind of climate do you recommend using thermal mass?) 0.5 mark(why?) 1 mark2. Explain the term Thermal Comfort. Describe four of the environmentaland / or human related characteristics that can have an impact onthermal comfort of building occupants. (5 marks)(Explaining the term Thermal Comfort) 1 mark(Title of Each characteristic that has an impact on thermal comfort) 4×0.5 mark(Explaining each of those characteristic) 4×0.5 mark3. Do a quick calculation of the thermal conductance (U value) across a cavitywall consisting of:1. Outer skin 220mm brickwork (North facing, exposed aspect)2. 20mm cavity3. Inner skin of 10mm plasterboardThe necessary data can be found in module 5. Compare this with the workedexample of an insulated brick veneer wall in the worked example. Show yourworking. (3 marks)(Identifying and/or calculating R-value of the five wall layers) 1.5 mark(Calculating R-value and U-value of the whole wall) 1.25 mark(Correct use of units) 0.25 mark4. Explain the use of a psychrometric chart? Who, in terms of theconstruction sector workforce, may use this chart? (hint: use the axis onthe chart as guidance in your answer). (3 marks)(Explaining use of psychrometric chart and its elements) 2 mark(Mentioning the persons that use psychrometric chart) 1 mark


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