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ECO8060 Business in the International EconomyAssignment 2  Assignment 1 QuestionsContent Coverage: Module 1, 2, 3 and part of Module 4   This assignment requires you to conduct a thorough analysis of one of the following industries/sectors. The main focus of this analysis should be the international aspects of the industry/sector that you have selected. You are required to present your findings to potential overseas investors with recommendations to invest in the selected industry/sector.   Please select ONLY one of the following industries/sectors:   Tourism industryRenewable and sustainable energyFinancial marketCommunication and infrastructureAgribusiness and food07 May 2021 at 12 midnight ( AEST)   Task Details                                                                                                                                         Assignment format and guidelinesThe assignment should be structured according to the following format. It would be in the format of a report to a client   Executive summary – this section should state the major purpose, the method of analysis, your findings and the recommendations and should not be more than 1 page in length.Table of contentsBackground – this section should provide background information relating to your selected industry/sector and should address the following:A Brief description of the industry/sector (e.g., current business environment, major subcategories, industry’s role in the world economy, major global players, emerging trends)   Research and analysis – this section is to analyses the possibilities for international investment in the selected industry. The emphasis should be on threats and barriers, opportunities and conditions under which different types of ventures (e.g., joint venture, strategic alliances, public-private partnership, and foreign direct investment) might succeed.           The following issues should be addressed. What foreign market is the most attractive and why?What are the major opportunities and barriers for this investment in the most attractive foreign market?By conducting an industry analysis, determine the attractiveness of the selected industry/sector.  Identify the possible entry modes, select and justify the most attractive option.You should demonstrate adequate research in your work. Always try to support any claim with evidence (e.g., data and referencing). Use relevant diagram where possible. Present your data either in a table or graph.   Conclusions and recommendations – this section should provide conclusions and recommendations. The goal is not to arrive at THE CORRECT answer, but rather to provide a logical recommendation based on the materials you have presented in the Background and Research and Analysis sections. The following should be addressed:identify and justify the strategic steps to be undertaken by potential overseas investors in the investment.   List of references – this section should include all the reference materials used in the assignment.  Please observe the followingWord limits: Maximum 3000 (including the tables, figures and reference list)   Formatting: Font size 12 with single spacing (including references list).   Referencing: It is required to support your findings and argument with the work of other authors. Referencing is critical to the earning of a good mark in this assignment and the Harvard AGPS referencing system should be adopted.Weight30 %      30 MarksIndividual or groupIndividualHow will I be assessedRubricLearning outcomes measuredCourse Objectives: 1—4.Submission detailsWhat you need to submitA cover page will go at the front of your assignment submission. It must contain the following information at a minimum: Name (in full), Student numberTitle of the assessmentResources available to complete tasksUse Harvard AGPS guide for ReferencingSubmission requirementsSubmission is through the Assignment 2 Submission Portal which will be in the Assessment Page of the study desk. Files extensions that can be submitted are: doc, docx, rtf.


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