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– Mention all current energy sources & renewable energy sources– For meeting the short time demand & long time demand you have to fix around 2021demand up to 2025 deamnd. Also fix 2050 / 2040 for short time demand.– Refer about kingdom of Bahrain or all world / total energy demand.– Refer EWA website that government websites EWA/SEU given in sources ofinformation for– policies also IEA/IRENA websites for latest global statistics.– Open source from-–––––– Use picture & diagram & PIE chart.Global impact:If you are using solar technology or other renewable energy sources what are benefit? What areeffectiveness? Draw back?As example: impact on environment because of greenhouse gas…. Examine the benefit andeffectiveness of renewable energy sources with effectiveness of renewable energy sources.Explorer Solar / wind hydro – mention others alsoM1: Determine the use of energy sources to assess their global impact on energy demandAs example: By 2050 and because of populations growth & this much current as percurrent situation fossil fuel energy getting reduce fuel, so solution is renewable energy.So this demand can’t be meet by only fossil fuel and its depleting nature and this muchenergy demand utilizing …….. determine energy source. PIE chart showing where usesenergy demand as example 30 % transport, 40 % industry field, 25 % building..Evaluate effectiveness and drawback:Drawback renewable energy system is like more technology require, more cost is there,installation cost more, nature fluctuations, integration in the grid….. all this draw backmentions, write what are the effectiveness.Critically evaluate the performance:Solar energy system in terms of showing the calculations, showing why energy in solarnot good? How can we improve the energy technologies? critically evaluate theperformance of renewable energy system?Evaluate solar system & technology using in efficiency improvementCompare solar system its performance with in terms of power input, in terms of cost, interms of size, in terms of technology used,…. Mentions all these thingsYou must know what device are used in basic solar … diagram and all figures.What the energy loses? What are things we have to do to energy improvement? in panel ?in inverter? In the battery? In the normal converter? ( DC to DC converter?Lo2Factors are impact on the energy in buildings…..Heating & cooling & lighting… refer energy effeincy & lighting documents.All point about what are impact & factors depend in human style.Where are using energy?Like reducing cooling & hearing , LED light, double window, envelope building,electrical heater.M4 evaluate as example between P5 and P6As example evaluate battery technology in electrical vehicles, lithium battery and acidbattery…….. I found that lithium beter than acid battery because of ……. Justevaluations.D2Where we are using power converter DC to DC? In the solar panel …Dynamic performance : refer change in sun light as example:At morning we get 400 watt per square meterAt evening wee ger 50 watt per square meterWe have to make simulation …How much we are saving when solar power….Analyze model of solar power


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