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Excel Assignment 2021 S1 InstructionsScenarioThe Bass Brothers Guitar Company make three types of guitar. Till now the company have used a traditional productcosting system but they have decided to switch to ABC costing and have asked you to develop a full activity-based costingmethod solution for product costing and profitability measurement.Start by downloading the assessment workbook from iLearn and copying/moving it to an appropriate folder. When youopen the workbook, it is very important that you Enable Macros/Content. You will then be asked to enter your StudentNumber (you will not be able to edit it afterwards, so type it in carefully) and then enter your Student Name.General Guidelines• All the light grey cells require you to insert some form of calculation, i.e. start with an “=”, just typing in the answerwill result in 0 marks.• Do not change the structure of the workbook in anyway or put any workings anywhere other than directed.• Only use rounding functions where specifically requested.• The use of named ranges and tables is encouraged, and in certain cases required.• Because you are developing a model that we will wish to use for future months and different values it is veryimportant that all calculations will return a correct answer regardless of the values in the spreadsheet and must stillwork correctly when the lists of data (Labour Costs, BOM & Inventory) are sorted in a different order.• Double check your answers as you go as one wrong result may affect other results.• Remember to save often.• When you are ready to submit, save, close and upload the completed Excel File to iLearn (Excel Submission). You donot need to rename it as your student number will be automatically attached by iLearn, but please ensure that it isan Excel file you submit, (Numbers files will not be accepted) and that there are no “non-English” characters in thefile name as these files cannot be opened in an English version of Excel.Detailed instructions are provided on the next pages. Please follow each of the instructions precisely.Good luck


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