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Assignment 2 (SHORT REPORT TO SPONSOR)– Cover Page (Official front cover sheet)– Table of ContentsPART A– Risk Register table (Minimum of 10 items), as per example showed in class– Discussion on importance of Risk Register (entails Risk Management) – 500 words– An example each of where a project succeeded and failed, in relation to presence or absenceof risk managementNotes:* Please remember to add a risk legend/scale below the table to be more explicit, for example(Keeping a scale of 1-3 for the Probability and Impact ),1 – Low; 2- Medium; 3- High* (The same would apply to the colour description)* Don’t forget that your Risk Score (Rating) is calculated as follows = Probability x ImpactPART B (Approx. 650 words)– Importance of correctly managed Project ClosurePART C [ii] (Approx. 700 words)– Brief introduction on methodologies– Waterfall (Pros and Cons – these can be in a table)– Agile (Pros and Cons- these can be in a table)– Prince 2 (Pros and Cons- these can be in a table)– Conclusive evidence (Approx. 150 words); this basically brings the rationale in few lineswhat methodology you chose for your project and why?References (Harvard Referencing) are also applicable where students are giving definitions,etc. though there’s no prescribed limit for it.APPENDIX (Don’t forget to include Assignments 1 and 2 as mentioned in the assignmentbrief)


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