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Page 1 of 4ACC 202 Individual Assignment s1 2021.docxACC 202 Individual AssignmentS1 2021Assessment summary Assessment Type:RequirementsLength guide:Assessment Weighting:Due DateWritten SubmissionResearch, reflection, writingApproximately 1200 words (+/–10% tolerance)30% of overall mark for subjectSunday, 11:55 pm (end of Week 11) Any student may receive an extension of up to one-week. To obtain an extension, email theSubject Coordinator, Lee Ridge, prior to the due date requesting an extension and providingyour reasons. Extensions greater than one week require a formal application through the PIAsystemTo complete the assignment, please refer to the following readings, which are available onthe subject Moodle site (see “Assignment resources” folder):1. Cooper, Cameron, (2020) “Business risks of ignoring climate change” In the Black(April 2020), 35-39.2. Muldowney, Susan and Colquhoun, Lachlan (2019), “The Missing Risk”, Acuity (JuneJuly 2019), 34-39.3. Gu, Rex, “Case Study: Maersk – Future of the CFO and Finance Function”,International Federation of Accountants Nov 2020, Accessed Hurley, Ben, “Desperately seeking supply chain security” (2020) Acuity, FebruaryMarch 2021, 34-37.Overall requirementsPrepare an essay that discusses and provides a critical reflection on current issues andpractices relating to accounting, and possible future developments in accounting.Address the requirements outlined below in a flowing and integrated discussion and analysisof current issues and future developments in accounting. Include a brief introduction andconclusion.Present your work neatly – you may use sections and subheadings if you choose to do so.Page 2 of 4ACC 202 Individual Assignment s1 2021.docxRequirements Requirement 1(10 marks)(Length guide: ≈300 words)• Select any two articles from the above list of 4 articles(available on the ACC202 Moodle site).• Summarise each of your selected articles in your ownwords, as clearly and briefly as possible.Requirement 2(10 marks) (Length guide:≈300 words)• Outline how the content of the selected articles relatesto current practices and issues within accounting,including the subject content of ACC202.• You may draw on any of the ACC202 subject content –e.g. topics, issues, themes, and accounting practices.Requirement 3(10 marks)(Length guide:≈300 words)• Identify and explain key issues for futuredevelopments within accounting that relate to thepractices and issues identified in addressingrequirements 1 and 2.• You may find it helpful to identify key stakeholdersand consider their interest(s) in relation to the issues.Requirement 4(10 marks)(Length guide:≈300 words)• Include a reflective discussion that outlines how theissues you have identified relates to your own life,work, interests, or opinions.• This is to be a reflective statement that outlines yourown individual perspective, connecting it to thediscussion.General requirement A(10 marks)• Quality and clarity of writing• Express your discussion and ideas clearly and logically.• Provide an integrated and flowing discussion.• Adhere to length guide.• Presentation guide• Use a 12pt font size in a clear font such as Calibri.• Use ≥1.15 line spacing.• Provide a title for the essay.• Use subheadings if you wish to do so.• Include page numbers.• Include your name, student number, and class time atthe top of page 1.• Use correct spelling and grammar (check beforesubmitting).General requirement B (10marks)• Use of additional resources• Draw on other resources (not included in the abovereadings) to support your discussion – undertakeyour own research to find helpful additional material.• At least two additional sources should be used.• Use relevant and credible resources (avoid opinions).• Reference sources using a standard method such asHarvard. SubmissionPage 3 of 4ACC 202 Individual Assignment s1 2021.docxEach submission must also include a signed and scanned student declaration form. See thesubject Moodle page for a copy.The essay file should be uploaded as a Word or PDF file.You must upload both the signed and scanned academic integrity student declaration form(scanned, PDF or image) and the fully completed essay (Word document or PDF) to Turnitin.Make sure you complete the “Submit for grading” process.Marking ElementWordsMarksRequirements 1–41: Summary of selected articles300102: Discussion of current practices and issues300103: Discussion of future developments300104: Reflective discussion30010Note: Total word count (+/–10% tolerance)(excluding headings, citations and reference listGeneral RequirementsA: Quality and clarity of writing and presentation(including integration of discussion)10B: Use of additional resources(including citation and referencing)10TOTAL MARKS (to be scaled to a final mark out of 20)60 Page 4 of 4ACC 202 Individual Assignment s1 2021.docxThe marking of each of the assignment requirements will use the following standardmarking scale: Not done toVery poorPoor toUnsatisfactoryMarginal toSatisfactoryGood to VeryGoodExcellent toOutstanding0–2 marks2–4 marks4–6 marks6–8 marks8–10 marksPoor level ofknowledge andcomprehension asindicated by themark achieved inaccordance withthe attachedmarking guide forthe relevantquestion in theAssignment.Basic level ofknowledge andcomprehension asindicated by themark achieved inaccordance withthe attachedmarking guide forthe relevantquestion in theAssignment.Good level ofknowledge andcomprehension asindicated by the markachieved inaccordance with theattached markingguide for the relevantquestion in theAssignment.Very Good level ofknowledge andcomprehension asindicated by themark achieved inaccordance withthe attachedmarking guide forthe relevantquestion in theAssignment.Excellent level ofknowledge andcomprehension asindicated by themark achieved inaccordance withthe attachedmarking guide forthe relevantquestion in theAssignmentUnderstanding and critical reflectionLimited understanding of the issuesraisedSound understandingof the issuesVery good to a sophisticatedunderstanding of issuesLimited acknowledgement and criticalreflectionAcknowledgementand critical reflectionon the issues.Provides examples.Very good to a sophisticated ability tocritically reflect on the issues andprovide examples.Problems with style, structure, Englishexpression, development of argument.Not presented in accordance withprescribed form.Essay well written.Appropriate style,structure, Englishexpression,development ofargument. Presentedin accordance withprescribed form.Essay well written, with attention tostyle, structure, English expression anddevelopment of argument. Essayengaging with clear opinions. Presentedin accordance with prescribed form The two terms in the descriptor (top line) indicate the scale within each category. E.g.“Marginal to satisfactory”, with 4–6 marks indicates that ‘marginal’ answers are closer to 4marks, while ‘satisfactory’ answers are closer to 6 marks out of 10.


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