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CVE 80006 – Infrastructure Deterioration ModellingAssignment – Bridge Asset ManagementW1 G1 (16 Apr): 10:30am – 11:30am; W1 G2 (16Apr): 11:30am -12:30pmW2 G1 (23 Apr): 10:30am – 11:30am; W2 G2 (23 Apr): 11:30am -12:30pm(Submit Answers to Questions 4 & 6)1. Bridge Management System assists road authorities to manage the bridge assets.Explain modules of a typical bridge asset management system?2. Victoria’s Arterial Bridges strategy focuses on four key areas. Discuss aims andperformance criteria of these four key areas?3. Discuss types, frequencies, and purposes of bridge inspections?4. What are the objectives of (a) Routine maintenance, (b) Periodic maintenance,(c) Rehabilitation/Strengthening works? Explain the typical works in theseactivities?5. Give four examples of defects (one example for each material) in concrete, steel,timber and other bridge components. Explain the possible reasons for these defects?6. Road authorities manage bridge assets with limited resources. This requiresprioritisation of bridge projects to manage the risks. Explain a methodology toprioritise bridge projects. Discuss (a) Factors related to probability of failure andconsequences of failure (b) Risk assessment method.7. Some Bridge Management Systems employ Markov Chain process for deteriorationmodelling and to predict future condition states of bridge elements. Explain (a)transition period and transition matrix in a discrete Markov Chain process, and (b)how future condition states are calculated using a transition matrix?8. Explain five types of high productivity freight vehicles? Discuss possible upgrade orremedial works / actions to allow these vehicles on the Victorian road network?


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