Assessment BriefAcademic Year 2020-2021Page | 1MBA302/MIK301 INTERNATIONAL MARKETINGFINAL ASSIGNMENTASSESSMENTBRIEFThis Assessment (exam) is to be done within a week. Once the exam is uploaded, you will beallowed a week to answer the questions. After a week the exam will be closed. The responses tothe questions must be uploaded to a Turnitin folder created on the course Moodle platform.The answers will address the questions related to the understanding of ALL the course sessionsregarding the global marketing environment through key concepts, tools and theory, whichstudents have critically learned, about global competition and expansion, as they analyticallydiscussed problems and perspectives of marketing across national boundaries and within foreigncountries.For this Final Assignment, worth 60% of the final mark, the student must respond to the following:EXAM QUESTIONS:1. Analyze and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the International Marketerarising from the existence of the various international conventions on trademarks, patentsand copyrights. You must select at least two conventions that you can contrast and whereyou evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the needs of a(hypothetical/imaginary) International Marketer. (25 points)2. Analyze and discuss how the globalization of markets and new (technological) realitiesaffects retail distribution. You must support your analysis with examples taken from externalsources or data, and you must explain why you chose your specific examples (what isparticularly interesting and why). (25 points)3. Identify and analyze the challenges of formulating a coherent product and brand strategyon a worldwide basis. Be sure to explain your point of view and why you adopt this point ofview (25 points)4. Identify and discuss how can the product introduction in a new specific international marketcan be influenced by the resistance to the cultural change. Are there any similarities indomestic marketing? Explain giving examples.(25 points)FORMAT OF THE ASSESSMENTThe Final Assignment has four questions (above) which students must answer based on theirindividual analysis (identical or highly similar paraphrased answers from two or more students willnot be accepted).Final ExamMBA302/MIK301 International MarketingSpring 2021 – Term III 2020-2021Lecturer: Dan OanceaAssessment BriefAcademic Year 2020-2021Page | 2Structure of the Assignment – The format of the responses should be as follows:1. Cover page: The first page must contain the full name of the student, the name of the school,the Date, as well as the name of the course and the name of the professor.Provide a clear essay structure: Introduction, body of analysis and conclusion. All answers mustbe supported with relevant examples, data and/or academic underpinning to support yourdiscussion or argument.2. Main answers must be clearly numbered and,– Use sub-headings as you see fit.– Use figures, tables, etc. as you see fit.Use and explain theories and concepts to support your responses.The questions should be answered using complete sentences in essay format, including charts ortables, if appropriate. Bullet point answers without descriptions are not acceptable and will result ina lower grade.3. If you cite or add references, then you must also add a bibliography (placed at the bottombelow all your answers), and use the Harvard Referencing System.SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONSThis assignment should answered entirely on one single Word.docx document.The work must be uploaded on the appropriate Turnitin folder created by the course FacultyMember on Moodle.Please note that final grades will only be available following the internal grade review process(moderation).GRADING CRITERIAGRADING – the exam counts 60% of the final total course grade.o Question1 (25Points)o Question2 (25Points)o Question3 (25Points)o Question4 (25Points)(Grading matrix/rubric next page)Assessment BriefAcademic Year 2020-2021Page | 3 Exceptional 90-100Good 80-89Fair 70-79Marginal fail 60-69Knowledge &Understanding(20%)Studentdemonstratesexcellentunderstanding. Allcalculations arecorrect and theapplication into thecase study providedshows the studentof the task, the keyconcepts, appliestheory where usefulor necessary, anduses vocabulary inan entirelyappropriate manner.Studentdemonstrates goodunderstanding ofthe task andmentions somerelevant conceptsand demonstratesuse of the relevantvocabulary.Studentunderstands thetask and providesminimumconceptual andtheoretical support,and uses only someof the relevantvocabulary.Student understandsthe task and attemptsto answer thequestion but does notmention keyconcepts or usesminimum amount ofrelevant vocabulary.Application(30%)Student applies fullyrelevant knowledgefrom the topicsdelivered in class.Student appliesmostly relevantknowledge from thetopics delivered inclass.Student applies somerelevant knowledgefrom the topicsdelivered in class.Misunderstandingmay be evident.Student applies littlerelevant knowledgefrom the topicsdelivered in class.Misunderstanding isevident.CriticalThinking (30%)Student criticallyassesses in excellentways, drawinginsightful conclusionsbased on readingsfrom relevant authors.Student also makesclear and correctcitations and uses theHarvard referencingmethod correctly.Student criticallyassesses in goodways, drawingconclusions fromrelevant authors andreferences. Studentknows how to usethe Harvardreferencing methodcorrectly.Student providessome insights butstays on the surfaceof the topic.References may notbe relevant.Student shows little orno critical thinkinginsights, does not quoteappropriate authors,and does not providevalid sources.Communication(20%)Studentcommunicates theirideas very wellorganized andextremely clearly andconcisely, respectingword count, grammarand spellcheck.Studentcommunicates theirideas in an organizedmanner andconcisely, respectingword count, grammarand spellcheckStudentcommunicates theirideas with someclarity and concision.It may be slightlyover or under thewordcount limit.Some misspellingerrors may beevident.Student communicatestheir ideas in asomewhat unclear andunconcise way. Doesnot reach or doesexceed wordcountexcessively andmisspelling errors areevident.


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