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ISYS6008 – IT Entrepreneurship and InnovationAssignment 2Assignment 2: Digital Business Innovation Plan and MVPDue Date: 25 April 2021 at 11.00 pm (presentation during week 8 tutorial time)Submission Method: BlackboardWeight: 30% of Overall GradeType: GroupISYS6008 – IT Entrepreneurship and InnovationAssignment 2Overview: Prepare a business model canvas and a prototype (minimum viable product). Present yourproduct in class. Students need to form a group for this assignment. Each group can have 3 studentsat maximum.Each group needs to work on a single business proposal. The business proposal should be based on a‘new’ business and innovation idea and demonstrate them using a business model canvas (Part 1) anda minimal viable product (Part 2). Students can choose any scope suitable for them for Assignment2. The idea of this business proposal can be derived from Assignment 1, but it is not mandatory.However, if students continue using the scope they have used for Assignment 1, it could be morefeasible for them.Scopes used in Assignment 1:• Online media streaming• Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics• 3D and mixed reality interactions, augmented and virtual reality• Internet-of-things• Robotics and drones• Other scope (check with your tutor)Part 1: A report on your business proposal and a business model canvas (10 marks).There is no needto add a table-of-content and introduction in the report.Tasks:1. Key innovation idea (2 marks): Propose a new business idea that involve innovation in one ofthe scope mentioned above. The idea needs to be new, or if existing, it needs to have somenew features/ideas with the proposed business. In case you are borrowing existing idea, youwill have to discuss how your proposed idea is different (what is new in your idea) with thesupport of references (~ 200 words).2. Business model canvas (2 marks): Create a business model canvas on your proposed business(You can use the ‘Stragyzer Business Model Canvas’ template, or any other relevant template).Your canvas must include all the 9 components (e.g., customer segment, key activities) (2marks). For each component, you have to list key points in the canvas template. Use a separatefile (word or PDF) for the canvas, since you might need to use ‘Landscape’ layout.3. Description of business model canvas (3+2 = 5 marks): Describe each point of your businessmodel canvas (the 9 building blocks), justify your points (3 marks). The overall presentation ofthe business model canvas and its discussion should have professional quality (2 marks).Include this description into the report (~ 600 words).4. Reference (1 mark): Include necessary references and do proper citation in the main report.Note for Part 1: Student must follow Harvard referencing style: will be deducted if proper styling is not followed for referencing.ISYS6008 – IT Entrepreneurship and InnovationAssignment 2Part 2: Prototype of minimum viable product (MVP) (10 marks).Tasks:1. Key feature of your product (3 marks): List 3-4 key features (login/account info/profile etc.will not be considered as key features) of your proposed product to build the MVP. Includethe list in your Part 1 report (~ 200 words).2. Prototype (7 marks): Use a prototyping tool e.g. inVision Cloud( build an interactive prototype with 3-4screens. The screens must reflect the key features you have listed for your MVP.3. Share the link with your tester and also include it into your report.Part 3: Presentation (10 marks). MUST attending for all group members.IMPORTANT: Students who will not attend this will receive ‘F’ grade in the whole Assignment 2. Thepresentation session will be held on Week 8 during class time or another time allocated/approvedby your tutor. Students who will not submit Assignment 2, will automatically receive ‘F’ grade inAssignment 3.Presentation Duration per group: between 15 to 20 minutes plus Q&A.Tasks:1. Present your business model canvas with innovation idea (1+1 = 2 marks): Present yourbusiness model canvas in slides, including each of the 9 components (1 mark). Present yourinnovation idea as well (1 mark).2. Present your MVP (4 marks): Present the screens of your prototype, the information andfeatures about your prototype should be clear and detailed.3. Communication, Structure and Quality of Slides (2 marks): The delivery of your presentationshould be professional, clear, detailed. All members have to present some parts of the slideswith nice flow from one part to the next. Slides have good layout, visually pleasing anddisplay relevant contents.4. Q/A (2 marks): Questions will be asked on the presentation.Submission Checklist: ONE submission and ONE presentation per group.1. Business Model Canvas: A word or PDF file containing your business model canvas only. Allthe information provided into the canvas must be clearly understandable.2. Report: A separate word file containing the key idea, the description of your business modelcanvas. The report also should have the list of key features for MVP, and a link (if you areproviding link instead of exported HTML files) of your prototype. Include details of you andyour group mate in the report (e.g., student id etc.).3. Slides: Your presentation slides. Number of slides is up to you, it is okay as long as you caninclude all required information (your proposed idea, business model canvas, your prototypescreens). My suggestion is, you can use: 1 slide – for your proposed idea; 5-9 slides for yourbusiness model canvas; 3-4 slides for your prototype screens.ISYS6008 – IT Entrepreneurship and InnovationAssignment 2WARNING! Plagiarism is an academic misconduct and would be reported to the misconductcommittee in this unit. Please find details on plagiarism and other academic misconducts in this link:


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