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Faculty Of Computing and Engineering SciencesAssessment Cover Sheet 2020-21 Module Code:Module Title:Module Team:NG4S415Lean Maintenance Operationsand CertificationPaul ConstableBethan LlewellynAssessment Title:Assessment No.:Individual Assignment2Date Set:Submission Date:Return Date:17-Feb-2021 09:0031-Mar-2021 23:5528-Apr-2021 23:55 IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP RECORDS OF ALL WORK SUBMITTED. Marking and AssessmentThis assignment will be marked out of 100%.This assignment contributes to 70% of the total module marks.Learning Outcomes to be assessedAs specified in the validated module descriptor https://icis.southwales.ac.uk1) Critically analyse and appraise the key concepts, tools and strategies in the application of leanmaintenance operation in aviation2) Systematically and effectively analyse reliability in maintenance and plan for the optimumutilisation of resources.Awarded mark is only provisional: subject to change and / or confirmation by the Assessment Board. NG4S415_CW2M_Cover_ – Generated: 15-Feb-2021Page 1 of 3 : Self-assessment and Feedback in Education – https://safe.southwales.ac.uk/Assessment TaskThe Lean philosophy is increasingly being adopted in the Aviation Industry to improve efficienciesand minimise waste. It has been at the forefront of airline survival strategies during this latestindustry down turn. It is used across all disciplines including maintenance and operations.Investigate the Lean tools/methods/technologies that have been widely adopted over the last 12months and critically analyse how, why and where they have been used in the aviation sector. Youcan choose maintenance or operations as an example of its application and use case studieswhere appropriate.Please demonstrate your own critical thinking and reference any content that has been taken fromanother source. Please review the marking matrix carefully.Word Count – 3800 +/- 10%NG4S415_CW2M_Cover_ – Generated: 15-Feb-2021Page 2 of 3 : Self-assessment and Feedback in Education – https://safe.southwales.ac.uk/Marking Scheme Fail(0/29)Narrow Fail(30/39)3rd Class / Pass(40/49)Lower 2nd Class / Pass(50/59)Upper 2nd Class / Merit(60/69)1st Class / Distinction(70/100)Evidence ofcriticalevaluation /criticalanalysis(40%)☐ The student hasdemonstrated very littleor no evidence of criticalanalysis/ evaluationwithin their work. Theirwork is heavilydependent uponassumptions and/ordescriptions☐ There is littleevidence of analysisor evaluating withinthis literature review.The assignment islargely dependentupon descriptions☐ The studenthasdemonstrated avery basic levelof criticalanalysis/evaluationwithin theirwork☐ The student hasdemonstrated some level ofcritical analysis/evaluation, but it is oflimited scope. It wouldappear that this literaturereview contains descriptiveanalysis, than analytical☐ The student has demonstrateda good, clear and orderly level ofcritical analysis/ evaluationwithin their literature review.However, the analysis/evaluation could have been morein-depth and consistentthroughout the assignment☐ The student has demonstrated an excellent andcomprehensive level of critical analysis andevaluation within their literature review. Theassignment illustrates their ability to criticallyanalyse and evaluate existing literature withintheir field of research which has been maintainedto an excellent standard throughout. Excellentwork, well done4.Qualityof reportincl.referencing,layout,spelling &grammar(20%)☐ Very poor A poorlylaid out assignment thatmay contain numerousspelling or grammaticalerrors. Inadequate or noHarvard referencingpresent☐ Poor Layout,spelling or Harvardreferencing falls shortof expected minimumstandard☐ SatisfactoryCompilation ofassignmentmeets minimumstandard in mostareas such aslayout, spellingor referencing☐ Good A well compiledassignment in the way it iswritten, in its layout andHarvard referencing.Compilation of assignmentfalls short in some areassuch as layout, spelling orreferencing☐ Very good A very wellcompiled assignment in the wayit is written, in its layout andHarvard referenced. Compilationof assignment falls just short insome areas and therefore, is notat 1st class level☐ Excellent An excellently compiled assignmentin the way it is written, in its layout and fullyHarvard referencedResearchandreferences(40%)☐ No evidence ofrelevant researchundertaken. Report lacksstructure, or not done inline with universityrequirements.Information fails tosatisfy question☐ No evidence ofrelevant researchundertaken. Reportlacks structure, or notdone in line withuniversityrequirements.Information fails tosatisfy question☐ Littleevidence ofrelevant researchshown. Reportstructurereasonable, buthas little sign oforiginality☐ Evidence of relevantreferenced research, butlimited discussion inreport. Good structure toreport with aspects oforiginality☐ Relevant referenced researchundertaken and discussed. Reporthas good structure and originality☐ Applicable research referenced, analysed anddiscussed.Report has excellent structure andoriginalityGlobal: NG4S415_CW2M_Cover_ – Generated: 15-Feb-2021Page 3 of 3 : Self-assessment and Feedback in Education – https://safe.southwales.ac.uk/


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