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FINC20018 Managerial Finance T1 2021Assessment 2 – Practical and Written AssessmentGroup AssignmentDue date: Week 10, Monday 17 May 2021 @ 11:55pmWeighting: 30%Group formation• For on-campus students, the group means 2 students per group.• For distant learning (FLEX) students, while a group of 1 is likely to be more practical groups of 2 areoptional.The task• The assignment is designed to assess your understanding of business finance theories and explores anumber of areas within the course by applying your learning to a real company. Through this project,you need to be able to demonstrate critical and analytical skills in academic writing, various researchsynthesising skills and be able to communicate clearly and effectively.• Please note this is a finance assignment for real business, so make sure you have the appropriatecombination of quantitative and qualitative analysis.Format and referencing• Response to case study must be in Report Format and include an executive summary, table ofcontents, introduction, body with suitable headings and sub-headings, conclusion and wide variety ofreferences.• Report fonts must be either Arial or Times Roman 12 pt and 1.5 spacing for narrative, 16 pt bold formajor headings and 14 pt bold for sub-headings.• Word count is 2,000 words maximum (excluding tables, formulae, reference list and appendices)• Inclusion of diagrams and tables to support the response is strongly encouraged.• Proper referencing of all content including figures, tables and narrative using APA Reference system.• Demonstrations of using your initiative and supporting your answers with interesting references tocontemporary issues from newspapers, journals, professional publications, web resources i.e. extractsfrom podcasts, financial institutional websites etc. Wikipedia and Investopedia are not recommendedto be used as sources.Submission method• Online submission, must be submitted as a word document. PDF submissions will not be accepted.• For on-campus students this is a group assignment, only one member of the group will submit theassignment online by uploading to the Moodle (DO NOT use turnitin to check similarity for thedraft work, and the second person in the group submit the final assignment – this will result ina very high similarity score and penalty will apply)Issues that will affect your marks include:• Create your own cover sheet with the names of the students in the group clearly indicated.• Do not include the marking criteria or rubrics or marking sheet in your assessment. Your grader willinclude a separate feedback and marking sheet after they have graded your assessment in Moodle.• The word limit is approx 2000 words in total, 5% leeway above or below is acceptable, if you exceedthe word limit significantly marks will be deducted.• Turnitin will be used to check percentage similarity. Do not copy the questions from the assignment,as this will increase your percentage similarity.• Where copying from other sources results in high percentage similarity, marks will be deducted.Therefore, proper use of in-text referencing is important. Avoid direct quotes.• If percentage similarity exceeds 20%, marks will be deducted based on a progressive scale asdetermined by the course co-ordinator.• Under extreme circumstances where high % similarity indicates copying from written works of otherstudents in CQU, other universities or any other institutions world-wide, the assignment will bereviewed by the academic misconduct board.• Penalty for the late submission is 5% per calendar day including Saturday and Sunday.• A marking rubric will be provided in a separate Excel file.Task requirementsThe mining sector in Australia rewarded many investors in the good times of mining boom. The sector has ahigh concentration and dominated by large firms such as Rio Tinto. As a mining giant, Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO) delivered a strong performance during the pandemic, the share was traded at $88.45 on 5 March 2020and closed at $118.6 on 5 March 2021, representing 30 per cent increase in share price. The company is alsoexpected to hand investors the largest dividend in its history. Rio Tinto’s response to the pandemic has beensuccessful, nonetheless the strong financial performance was overshadowed by the incident at Juukan Gorgewhere the company destroyed a 46,000-year-old Aboriginal heritage site in May 2020. Rio Tinto has made adetail submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry and frequently apologised for the tragedy. The company willhave a long way to rebuild its reputation.Data Source: yahoo!finance, March 2021.Your task is to undertake a valuation for Rio Tinto share –• Apply the various valuation models and relative measures taught in this course to assess whether RioTinto share is correctly valued.• Your analysis should include relevant data to help a prospective investor to decide whether he shouldinvest in this company.• Your analysis should also include the company’s overall sustainability and its performance inenvironmental, social, and governance aspects.• Explain all your assumptions used in the valuations and estimations and critical discuss thelimitations of your analysis and any other risks that may affect investment decision making.Marking Criteria Key CriteriaExceeds ExpectationsExceeds ExpectationsMeets ExpectationsMeets ExpectationsBelow Expectations(High Distinction) 85-100%(Distinction) 75 – 84%(Credit) 65 – 74%(Pass) 50 – 64%(Fail) below 50%Executive SummaryExcellent executive summary;providing a summary of thekey problem, key issues withregards to the problem andthe recommendations andfuture practical stepsGood executive summary;providing a summary of thekey problem, key issueswith regards to the problemand the recommendationsand future practical stepsFair executive summary,providing a summary ofthe key problem, keyissues with regards to theproblem and therecommendations andfuture practical stepsPoor executive summary;providing a summary ofthe key problem, keyissues with regards tothe problem and therecommendations andfuture practical stepsVery poor or nonexistent executivesummary.Student achievement108653Introduction and/or purposeExcellent introduction;providing a very clear purposewhich ensures all areasrelevant to the topic areclearly outlined.Good introduction;providing a mostly clearpurpose which ensuresmost areas relevant to thetopic are clearly outlined.Fair introduction,addresses some points,lacks some detail; ensuressome areas relevant tothe topic are outlined.Poor introduction;addresses limited points,lacks detail; of which fewareas are outlined.Very poor or nonexistent introduction.Student achievement54321Organisation or structureThe ideas are arranged in anextremely logical, structuredand coherent manner.The ideas are arranged in afairly logical, structured andcoherent manner.The ideas are arranged ina logical, some-whatstructured and coherentmanner.The ideas appear lesslogical, structured andpresents in fairlyincoherent manner.There is little, if any,coherent structure tothe document.Student achievement54321Content Knowledge and analysisDemonstrates a balanced andvery high level of detailedknowledge of core concepts byproviding a very high level ofanalysis.Demonstrates a balancedand high level of knowledgeof core concepts byproviding a high level ofanalysis.Demonstrates a goodlevel of knowledge ofsome of the coreconcepts by providingsome level of analysis.Demonstrates limitedknowledge of coreconcepts by providing alimited level of analysis.Demonstrates little, ifany, knowledge of thecore concepts withextremely limited, ifany, analysis.Student achievement4034282010Presentation and quality of writingQuality of writing at a veryhigh standard. Paragraphs arecoherently connected to eachother. Correct grammar,spelling and punctuation.Quality of writing is of ahigh standard. Paragraphsare mostly well structured.Few grammar, spelling andpunctuation mistakes.Quality of writing is of agood standard. Fewgrammar, spelling andpunctuation mistakes.Some problems withsentence structure andpresentation Frequentgrammar, punctuationand spelling mistakes.Use of inappropriatelanguage.Quality of writing is at avery poor standard sobarely understandable.Many spelling mistakes.Little or no evidence ofproof reading.Student achievement54321RecommendationsThe assessment presentsdetailed relevantrecommendations supportedby sound literature and casestudy evidence of the ideaspresented; drawing clear andwell thought-outrecommendations.The assessment presents afairly detailed relevantrecommendationssupported by soundliterature and case studyevidence of the ideaspresented; drawing fairlyclear and well thought-outrecommendations.The assessment presentsa somewhat detailedrelevantrecommendationssupported by soundliterature and case studyevidence of the ideaspresented; providingsome evidence ofrecommendations.The assessment provideslimited detail with norelevantrecommendationssupported by soundliterature and case studyevidence of the ideaspresented; drawinglimitedrecommendations.The assessment fails toprovide any clearevidence of relevantrecommendations;drawing no clearrecommendations.Student achievement108653Conclusion/ summarisationThe assessment presents adetailed and focused summaryof the ideas presented;drawing clear and wellthought-out conclusions.The assessment presents afairly detailed and focusedsummary of the ideaspresented; drawing fairlyclear and well thought-outconclusions.The assessment presentsa somewhat detailed andfocused summary of theideas presented;providing some evidenceof conclusions.The assessment provideslimited detail with noclear summary of theideas presented; drawinglimited conclusions.The assessment fails toprovide any clearevidence of the ideaspresented; drawing noclear conclusions.Student achievement54321Research (referencing)Utilises current, appropriateand credible sources. Studentsreference the source offormula, information,arguments, diagrams and/orexamples appropriately. HINT:Insert formula reference as afootnoteUtilises current, appropriateand credible sources.Students reference thesource of formula,information, arguments,diagrams and/or examplesappropriately. HINT: Insertformula reference as afootnoteUtilises current,appropriate and crediblesources. Studentsreference the source offormula, information,arguments, diagramsand/or examplesappropriately. HINT:Insert formula referenceas a footnoteUtilises current,appropriate and crediblesources. Studentsreference the source offormula, information,arguments, diagramsand/or examplesappropriately. HINT:Insert formula referenceas a footnoteUtilises current,appropriate andcredible sources.Students reference thesource of formula,information,arguments, diagramsand/or examplesappropriately. HINT:Insert formulareference as a footnoteReferencing201612106


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