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© MIT February, 2021 T1 2021 Assessment Details and Submission GuidelinesSchoolSchool of BusinessCourse NameMaster of Professional AccountingUnit CodeMA618Unit TitleIndustry Based Capstone ProjectTrimesterTrimester 1, 2021AssessmentAuthorA/Prof Monica JurinAssessment TypeIndividualAssessment TitleProgress Project ReportsUnit LearningOutcomesAddressed:a. Demonstrate industry research skills in delivering feasible work-based projects.b. Work efficiently and effectively to complete project-based work integrated learning.c. Critically apply theoretical and practical skills relevant to working in the professionalplanning environment, including team work.d. Critically reflect on contemporary practice and trends in a course related industry toinform your future practice.Weighting30%Total Marks100 marksWord Limit1500 wordsRelease DateWeek 1Due DateWeek 6SubmissionGuidelines All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date (as above) along with acompleted Assignment Cover Page. The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) fontand 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the Assessment Task, and listedappropriately at the end in a Reference List using APA 6th edition for the School ofBusiness. /SpecialConsiderationIf an extension of time to submit work is required, an Application for SpecialConsideration and supporting documentation must be submitted online via yourAcademic Management System (AMS) login: Application for Special consideration must be submitted no later than three (3)working days after the due date of the specific piece of assessment or the examinationfor which you are seeking Special Consideration. In the case of serious illness, loss orbereavement, hardship or trauma students may be granted special consideration.AcademicMisconductAcademic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case,penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the courseor rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiar with the full policyand procedure available at: For further information, pleaserefer to the Academic Integrity Section in your Unit Description. MA618 Industry-based Capstone ProjectLasted Updated: February 2021Assessment Cover Sheet Student ID Number/s:Student Last name/s:Student First name/s:Course:School:Unit code:Unit title:Due date:Date submitted:Campus:Lecturer’s Name:Tutor: Student DeclarationI/We declare and certify that:1. the work contained in this assessment is my/our own work/group work, except where acknowledgementof sources is made;2. this assessment has not been submitted previously for academic credit in this or any other course;3. I/we have read MIT’s Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure, and I/we understandthe consequences of engaging in plagiarism, collusion and contract cheating;4. a copy of the original assignment is retained by me/us and that I/we may be required to submit theoriginal assignment to the Lecturer and/or Unit Co-ordinator upon request;I/we have not plagiarised the work of others or participated in unauthorised collaboration or contract cheatingwhen preparing this assessment.MIT IDSignatureDate For Assessor Use Only (if not marked on Moodle) Name:PositionDate:Signature:Marks/Grades: MA618 Industry-based Capstone ProjectLasted Updated: February 2021Assessment Task DescriptionYou are required to complete the following assessmentThe first stage of the progress report is known as ‘Industry Based Project’. The assessment is designed todevelop student’s knowledge, generic skills and graduate attributes that enhance job-readiness.The progress project report needs to demonstrate the development of the following stages for yourproject: Discuss the team formation, [storming, norming] for the project. Teams should have a maximum offour and a minimum two team members]; Demonstrate your project research and analysis; Discuss your research to date and justify your progress (you need to provide supporting evidencewith references to justify your progress); Analyse current and future practices; and Project planning.Format of Progress ReportYour report is to be written to persuade the reader of the key message. The key message should addressthe five marking criteria in the table stated below. Additionally the structure may be determined by theindividual lecturer and may vary considerably according to the task’s purpose and audience. Below issome guidance on the structure of a report.Executive SummaryAn executive summary is a succinct summary of a project’s why, what, who, how and when, presented in thebeginning of a report. By reading the executive summary, a reader should have a good grasp of the purposeof the project, the key stakeholders, the criteria that is addressed, methods and data sources that are used,the key challenges, solutions and recommendations, and proposed milestones or timeline of key deliverables.IntroductionBusiness report introductions typically contain the following: Aim, scope and limitations Background or context (details of problem addressed) Overview of the project brief May include the overall answer (suggested solution) The report structureBody sectionThis is usually the longest section of the report and presents your findings based on the criteria that youaddress, your analysis and the evidence you have gathered. These findings provide the justification foryour recommendation(s). This section needs to develop the material in a clear, logical and coherentmanner. Relevant subheadings make it easier for the reader to follow the structure. This structure shouldreflect the structure outlined in the introduction.The body section will contain different sections depending on the purpose. The following are typicalsections: Literature review: a critical analysis of the existing knowledge and current practices in publishedmaterials, including scholarly papers, business and industry reports, news articles, statisticalanalysis, opinion pieces, etc. This section provides the important backdrop that analyses yourissues or problem(s) and supports your approach to finding your solution(s). Methods: outlines how you went about collecting your information, why you chose this methodMA618 Industry-based Capstone ProjectLasted Updated: February 2021and a justification as to why it was the most appropriate method for your project. Originality, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: discusses and demonstrates your contribution indeveloping original ideas and a novel approach that addresses customer needs and the evolvingbusiness sector, industry or community environment. Shows how you would implement yourideas for solving your project team issues, proposing a real potential product or service and howthese could benefit other customers, stakeholders, communities or industries. Results: conveys the results in a clear and concise manner, often using tables, graphs, chartsand other visual representation to summarise your findings and solutions. Detailed results andcalculations are placed in appendices at the end of the report. All tables, graphs, charts andother visual representation must be contextualised and explained in the body text. Discussion: analyses and evaluates the results and leads toward the conclusion andrecommendation/s. This section may outline any unexpected or new issues that need to beconsidered and require further research or work in the future. Also, you may identify and discussany potential opportunities that your team uncovers in the project that could lead to potentialnew business offerings in the future.ConclusionThe conclusion states what has been found based on the evidence, analysis and evaluation that was presentedin the discussion. The conclusion should outline the key points/findings and state the recommendations thatfollow from the analysis. In some reports it may be necessary to state any limitations to the research thatmight affect the interpretation of the results. Most importantly the conclusion refers back to the overallpurpose of the report and emphasises the key message.Please submit your report using the Turnitin submission link on Moodle.Marking criteria:Progress Report 1Assessment criteria are shown in the following table. Marks are allocated as follows: Assessmentcriteria to be metand assessedDetailed Description of the Assessment CriteriaBreakdownMarksCriteria 1Team Formation10Criteria 2Team Cohesion10Criteria 3Project research and analysis20Criteria 4Progress of project30Criteria 5Critical assessment of current and future practices30Criteria 6Referencing0Total100 Note: To be marked by the project supervisor and moderated by the unit coordinator.MA618 Industry-based Capstone ProjectLasted Updated: February 2021Using Technology for Assessment RationaleActivitiesTechnological tools selected Research Skills Critical Analysis Practice Or ProjectManagement Skills Feedback OnPerformance Practice Of CriticalThinking Team Work InterpersonalCommunication Ethical Practices Analytical And ProblemSolving Client Management Cultural And GlobalAwareness Check For Plagiarism Problem-BasedLearning Assessment Of TeamWork Collaborative Writing Reflective Writing Professional BusinessReport Writing Creative And PracticalSolutions Presentations Group Discussions Facilitated Learning Independent LearningAnd Development Access To Technology Agreed Code OfConduct In Team Work Group CommunicationAnd Negotiation Give And ReceiveFeedback Industry-Based Project Industry And GlobalAnalysis Online Forum, Wiki AndChats On Moodle Turnitin Project ManagementTools Such As Trello Collaborative WritingTools Such AsGoogledoc Group Presentation OnZOOM Weekly SprintPresentation UsingRecorded Media Sparkplus Group Discussion InZOOM Breakout Rooms Online ClienteleMeetings © MIT February, 2021 T1 2021Marking Rubric for Individual Progress Report: Marks (30%) Marking RubricCriteria/ GradesHigh Distinction (HD) [Excellent]80-100%Distinction (D) [Very Good]70%-79%Credit (C) [Good]60%-69%Pass (P) [Satisfactory]50%-59%Fail (N) [Unsatisfactory]


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