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MGT502_Assessment_3_Brief_Presentation_Module 6.1 Page 1 of 5 ASSESSMENT 3 BRIEFSubject Code and TitleMGT502 Business CommunicationAssessmentPresentation – Exemplary Business PresentationIndividual/GroupIndividualLength5 minutesFace-to-face students: presentation in class with 5-10 slidesOnline students: video presentationLearning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following Subject LearningOutcomes:a) Apply research, academic and communication skillsappropriate to the level of study and observe academicreferencing requirementsc) Identify and apply effective communication methods withina business and academic environmentd) Evaluate the use and importance of technology withinabusiness environmentSubmission12 Week Delivery:Online students: Due by 11:55 pm AEDT Friday of Module 6.1(week 11)Face-to-face students: Facilitator to advise students on theexact date of presentation (the student will present duringweek 11)Intensive Online students: Due by 11:55 pm AEDT Friday ofModule 6.1 (week 6)Weighting20 %Total Marks20 marks ContextIn this subject, the students have been introduced to the concepts of business communication andtransferrable academic skills. This assessment requires students to have a well-formed view ofeffective business communication, the importance and use of technology, and to apply theircommunication skills to deliver a compelling speech. In addition, this assessment requires studentsto develop competencies in video and audio presentation techniques.MGT502_Assessment_3_Brief_Presentation_Module 6.1 Page 2 of 5InstructionsYou are required to prepare a 5-minute presentation identifying aspects of a specific type ofexemplary business presentation such as sales pitches, progress reports, business proposals etc.(decided by facilitator). Describe the elements included in a successful delivery giving examples andpractical recommendations.• Face-to-face students should present their findings using 5-10 PowerPoint slides orPrezi.• Online students may use visual aids in their video but should address the audiencedirectly paying attention to audio quality, lighting quality, sincerity of presentation,clarity of your perspective, and overall impact.Presentation Content:In the presentation, students are required to:• Introduce themselves• Describe aspects of a specific type of effective business presentation (decided by thefacilitator)• Give examples and practical recommendations on how to succeed in delivery• Deliver their speech in a compelling manner with clarity, conciseness, andconcreteness• Develop a conclusion.• Please include a reference list using APA 6th style on a separatepage• Please use at least 4 in-text citationsPresentation Questions:Presentations should address the following questions, along with any other relevant points:• What does an exemplary business presentation look like?• Which characteristics make it effective?• How does the effectiveness of the presentation affect the outcome?• How can the use of technology improve business communication?• In a business environment, when would you likely use business presentation skills?• What is the main conclusion(s) of your presentation?Students are expected to present their assessment to the class when directed to by the LearningFacilitator. They are expected to be dressed and groomed professionally and to attend and fullyparticipate while their colleagues are presenting.Submission Instructions for online students:Submit your video in Assessment 3 Presentation submission link in the main navigation menu inMGT502 Business Communication by 11:55 pm AEST.A rubric will be attached to the assessment. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via theGrade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.MGT502_Assessment_3_Brief_Presentation_Module 6.1 Page 3 of 5Video Submission Instructions for online students:(1) Creating your video presentation• Create a short video presentation, length: 5 minuteso Be specific and clear, as you will be assessed on originality and authenticityo Students are expected to be dressed and groomed professionally• Your presentation must be in video format (mp4, MOV, etc.) for uploading intoBlackboard(refer to the link below)(2) Uploading your video presentation• Detailed instructions on compressing (if necessary) and uploading video presentation isavailable at• Submit the recorded video via the Assessment 3 link in the main navigation menu inMGT502 Business Communication.• After uploading your video presentation, retain a copy in a safe place.• The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMSportal.• Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.Marking Rubric:Your presentation will be marked against the rubric shown on the next two pages. Please ensurethat your submission afddresses all three of the Assessment Attributes in the rubric.MGT502_Assessment_3_Brief_Presentation_Module 6.1 Page 4 of 5Assessment Rubric AssessmentAttributesFail (Unacceptable)0-49%Pass(Functional)50-64%Credit(Proficient)65-74%Distinction(Advanced)75 -84%High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%Knowledge andunderstanding(technical andtheoretical knowledge)Percentage for thiscriterion25 %Limited understanding ofrequired concepts andknowledgeKey components of theassignment are notaddressed.Knowledge orunderstanding of the field ordiscipline.Resembles a recall orsummary of key ideas.Often confuses assertion ofpersonal opinion withinformation substantiatedby evidence from theresearch/course materials.Thorough knowledge orunderstanding of the field ordiscipline/s. Supportspersonal opinion andinformation substantiated byevidence from theresearch/course materials.Demonstrates a capacity toexplain and apply relevantconcepts.Highly developedunderstanding of the field ordiscipline/s.Discriminates betweenassertion of personalopinion and informationsubstantiated by robustevidence from theresearch/course materialsand extended reading.A sophisticatedunderstanding of the fieldor discipline/s.Systematically and criticallydiscriminates betweenassertion of personalopinion and informationsubstantiated by robustevidence from theresearch/course materialsand extended reading.Well demonstrated capacityto explain and applyrelevant concepts.Mastery of concepts andapplication to newsituations/furtherlearning.Analysis and applicationwith synthesis of newknowledgePercentage for thiscriterion25 %Limited synthesis andanalysis.Limitedapplication/recommendations based upon analysis.Demonstrated analysis andsynthesis of new knowledgewith application.Shows the ability tointerpret relevantinformation and literature.Well-developed analysis andsynthesis with application ofrecommendations linked toanalysis/synthesis.Thoroughly developed andcreative analysis andsynthesis as well as justifiedrecommendations linked toanalysis/synthesis.Highly sophisticated andcreative analysis, synthesisof new with existingknowledge.Recommendations areclearly justified based onthe analysis/synthesis.Applying knowledge to newsituations/other cases. MGT502_Assessment_3_Brief_Presentation_Module 6.1 Page 5 of 5 EffectiveCommunicationPercentage for thiscriterion50 %Difficult to understand foraudience, no logical/clearstructure, poor flow ofideas, argument lackssupporting evidence.Audience cannot followthe line of reasoning.Information, arguments andevidence are presented in away that is not always clearand logical.Line of reasoning is oftendifficult to follow.Information, arguments andevidence are well presented,mostly clear flow of ideas andarguments.Line of reasoning is easy tofollow.Information, arguments andevidence are very wellpresented; the presentationis logical, clear and wellsupported by evidence.Demonstrates analyticalskills.Expertly presented; thepresentation is logical,persuasive, and wellsupported by evidence,demonstrating a clear flowof ideas and arguments.Engages and sustainsaudience’s interest in thetopic, demonstrates highlevels of insight andanalytical skills.Effective use of diversepresentation aids, includinggraphics and multi-media.


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