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1MIS610 Assessment 3 Part A – Case Study BriefThe role of the World Bank in the adoption of the Internet of ThingsThe mission of the World Bank is to reduce poverty, and improve living standards by promoting sustainablegrowth and investment in people. The World Bank Group has published a report on the Internet of Things. Theaim of the report was to see if the Internet of Things (IoT) can make it easier to do business (in line with theWorld Bank Group’s mission). The main findings of the report are as follows:• It’s still early days for IoT – we found numerous initiatives with an IoT component but almost noscaled applications even in advanced countries.• Policy/regulations have not caught up – most policy is still national, not local. It is also oftenrestrictive. Most pilot applications have not yet fully considered the full range of either theopportunities or the risks associated with IoT implementation; in most cases, jurisdictions have takena “wait, do, and learn” approach.• The business models are still evolving – many pilots are still experiments and lack a long-termfunding model.• Skills and knowledge are a major gap – thinking digital is essential to truly utilize IoT, and mostgovernment agencies and the private sector lack the requisite managerial and technical skills(especially analytics).• Data is the key – data management is at the heart of IoT but most jurisdictions are still struggling withbasic issues around collection, access, management, and valuation.• Infrastructure is a major barrier – IoT-specific networks are still poorly developed even in advancedeconomies.• Government has an important role to play – some of the best use cases for IoT deploymentrequire public infrastructure and involve policy/regulatory issues; governments have a central role inthe success (or failure) of such initiatives. (World Bank, 2017, p. 83)ReferenceWorld Bank (2017). Internet of things: The new Government to business platform – A review of opportunities, practices, andchallenges. Washington DC, USA: The World Bank Group. Retrieved fromhttp://documents1.worldbank.org/curated/en/610081509689089303/pdf/120876-REVISED-WP-PUBLIC-Internet-ofThings-Report.pdfNext stepsChoose ONE of the above findings and investigate further in the context of one industry/business. In thisresearch, you are required to examine current trends, opportunities, practices, and challenges and makerecommendations to the World Bank. It is important that you research beyond the World Bank report andyour recommendations should be in relation to the sort of project/s that the World Bank could support in theadoption and proliferation of IoT in a specific industry/business.What is a World Bank Project?The World Bank provides low-interest loans, zero to low-interest credits, and grants to developing countries. Indoing so, they support a wide array of investments in the areas of education, health, public administration,infrastructure, financial and private sector development, agriculture, and environmental and natural resourcemanagement. These projects are often co-financed with governments, multilateral institutions, commercialbanks, export credit agencies, and private sector investors. To see a list of recent projects of World Bank,please visit their Projects and Operations page via the link provided below.ReferenceThe World Bank (2020). Projects & Operations. Retrieved from https://projects.worldbank.org/#:~:text=BY%20SECTOR-,Projects,and%20grants%20to%20developing%20countries.&text=Some%20of%20our%20projects%20are,agencies%2C%20and%20private%20sector%20investors.


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