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Page 1 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlineAssessment 2 Information Subject Code:MBA613Subject Name:Organisational Change and InnovationAssessment Title:Project Presentations (Paper Clip)Assessment Type:Group Presentation and Powerpoint Slide DeckPresentationLength:10Minutes(+/-10%)Weighting:15% – Group Presentation15% – Powerpoint Slide DeckTotal Marks:30Submission:In-Class and via MoodleDue Date:In-Class Group Presentation (Week 7/8) and the Powerpoint Slide Deck(Week 9, Monday at 11.55pm) via Moodle Your TaskTo develop and deliver a Group Presentation of the Assessment 1 “Paper Clip” Project including thepreparation/submission of a supporting PowerPoint Slide Deck.You will be given time in class to work on your group presentation and PowerPoint Slides Deck.Assessment DescriptionDuring the subject you have been working on your “Group Paper Clip Project”. In this assessment youwill develop a presentation to demonstrate your solution to the class.The presentations will be conducted in Week 7 and/or Week 8. You will be advised by your Facilitatorof the date of your presentation. You should find the most innovative/creative way to demonstrate yoursolution and your PowerPoint Slide Deck.To ensure that this assessment is a truly creative process, there will be lots of opportunities in class foryou to work on your project presentation. To successfully complete this assessment, you will berequired to attend class regularly.You will be graded on the originality and creativity of your project presentation and associatedPowerPoint Slide Deck.While the intent is to ensure all participants share the workload and participate equally, the Facilitatormay award individual marks, if there is evidence of students who have not contributed equally.Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlineImportant Study InformationAcademic Integrity PolicyKBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequencesof cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and ConductPolicy.What is academic integrity and misconduct?What are the penalties for academic misconduct?What are the late penalties?How can I appeal my grade?Click here for answers to these questions: Limits for Written AssessmentsSubmissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the pointat which that limit is exceeded.Study AssistanceStudents may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to theresources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.Page 3 Kaplan Business School Assessment OutlineAssessment Marking Guide CriterionFailPassCreditDistinctionHigh DistinctionQuality ofPresentation(10 Marks)Not all group memberscontributed equally or did notcontribute.Presenters did not speakclearly or maintained eyecontact.Presentation was very poorlyor not rehearsed and was notprofessional in nature.Most group memberscontributed equally.Some presenters did not speakclearly or maintain eye contact.Presentation was not wellrehearsed and but wassatisfactory in relation toprofessionalism.Group members contributed equally.Presenters spoke clearly andmaintained eye contact throughoutPresentation was well rehearsed andprofessional in delivery.Group members contributed equally.Presenters spoke clearly andmaintained eye contact throughoutPresentation was innovative andcreative, well-rehearsed and veryprofessional in delivery.Group members contributed equally.All presenters spoke clearly andmaintained eye contact throughoutand were all actively engaged.Presentation was very innovative andcreative, very well-rehearsed andvery professional in delivery.Response toquestions(5 Marks)Does not really answer thequestion. One individualanswer all questions ignoringother team members inresponsesAnswer repeating presentationonly. Involve some teammembers in responsesAnswer provided with somereferences to the presentation only.Involve most team members inresponsesAnswer without referring topresentation Involve a few teammembers in responsesAnswer knowledgably Involve allteam members in responsesCreative andInnovativedevelopment of thePowerPoint slidesand use oftools/technologies.(10 Marks)No evidence of innovation andcreativity in the developmentof the PowerPoint slides or theuse of tools/technologiesSome evidence of innovationand creativity in thedevelopment of the PowerPointslides and the use oftools/technologiesSolid evidence of innovation andcreativity in the development of thePowerPoint slides and the use oftools/technologiesVery good evidence of innovation andcreativity in the development of thePowerPoint slides and the use oftools/technologiesExcellent evidence of innovation andcreativity in the development of thePowerPoint slides and the use oftools/technologiesQuality of thePowerPointPresentation(5 Marks)Ideas were poorly expressed.Slides were poorly structured.and incompleteNo evidence of researchand/or referencing.Ideas were reasonably clearlyexpressed but neededimprovement.Slides had some structure butwere not complete.Only minimal evidence ofresearch and/or referencing.Ideas were well expressed.Slides had structure and werecomplete.Solid evidence of research and/orreferencingIdeas were very well expressed.Slides were well structured and werecomplete.Very strong evidence of researchand/or referencingExpression of ideas was excellent.Slides were very well structured andwere very detailed.Excellent evidence of research and/orreferencing


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