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Aged Care Quality StandardOrganisation 1Organisation 2ACQS5: Organisation’s service environmentImagine you are exploring residential care options for a family member, and looking for a suitable facility (when you review information, it may be helpful to havea suitable person in mind, as you can use their preferences in your review).Is the environment well designed andwelcoming?Do you feel that your family memberwould be able to develop a sense ofbelonging, and be supported inmaintaining their independence, socialinteraction, and function?Is the environment safe, clean, wellmaintained, and comfortable? Canconsumers move freely, both indoorsand outdoors?Are furniture, fittings, and equipmentsafe, clean, well maintained, andsuitable for consumers?ACQS6: Feedback and complaintsImagine that you wish to support your family member by making a complaint about the care received over a long weekend when you were not able to visit.What is the process for consumers andtheir representatives to providefeedback, or to complain about the careand services they receive? How does the organisation respond tocomplaints and inform consumers ofactions taken?What is the mechanism for reviewingcomplaints to improve quality, includingproviding feedback to the governingbody?


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