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Dear members of the board,Congratulations on your very own smartphone company, PhoneVentures!PhoneVentures is a relatively young business aiming to take over the smartphone market completely.It started small, but with unbridled ambition they took on the gigantic competitors that weretraditionally leading the international smartphone market. The previous management team soldtheir company due to private reasons, and now it is up to you to fully realize your ambitious plans.The goal is to, eventually, end up as a serious player of respectable size. More and more markets willbe opening their borders for you and will offer you more opportunities to increase your sales. It is upto you to determine how interesting these markets are, and if they are worth investing in. It’s risky,since you will need to both distinguish yourself from your competition while also make enoughmoney to keep things going. It’s a classic risk versus reward, and it is all up to you to decide.The simulation has a series of rounds. Every round equals a year and might entail certain themes orhave events. In every round you review your results from previous years followed by making newdecisions, all with the aim of accomplishing targets. You will only receive points for the ranking whenyou accomplish a target which you set yourself, and which are changeable every round. The moreambitious your target value is, the more points you will receive when you get there. Then again, ifyour even slightly below the value you aimed for, you will get nothing.Once you log in you will get additional instructions and guidance. It’s best to determine a strategystraight away, and then take some decisions.Good luck!UrlGame NameUsernamePasswordhttps://businesssimulation.edumundo.comUEL SG7003 PhoneVentures 2021 TrialPeaa5ec2aabc


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