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4/14/2021 Assessment 3 – Project and Roleplay 1/5Assessment 3 – Project and RoleplayDue May 9 by 23:59 Points 14 Submitting a file uploadStart AssignmentSummary:This assessment task is designed to evaluate the following skills and ability to:Recruit and match mentors with mentees and induct them.Evaluate the mentoring program and the mentor-mentee relationship.Evaluate the effectiveness of the mentoring program/session against agreed outcomes.Document improvement opportunities for future mentoring programs.Prepare a report for the management that includes outcomes from the evaluation and improvementopportunities from the mentoring program.Assessment InstructionsThis assessment task is in continuation of the previous assessment task.You will play the role of the HR Manager.Trainer/assessor will allocate the roles of the mentors and mentees to the students.Time limit to complete Task 3a is 40-50 minutes.Time limit to complete Task 3b is 20-30 minutes.Task 3: Project and RoleplayThe student must analyse the outcomes of Assessment Task 2 before completing the activities in thisassessment task.This assessment task requires the student to coordinate mentor and mentee relationships and evaluatethe mentoring program. To do so, the student needs to complete the following activities:Task 3a: Recruit, match and induct mentors and menteesTask 3b: Evaluate the mentor-mentee relationshipTask 3c: Evaluate the mentoring programTask 3a: Recruit and match mentorsThis activity requires the student (HR Manager) to recruit and match mentors with mentees and inductthem. This will be achieved by using fellow students in the roles.The HR Manager will interview four (4) mentees and two (2) mentors.4/14/2021 Assessment 3 – Project and Roleplay 2/5The HR Manager will prepare two (2) teams. Each team will have two (2) mentees and one (1) mentor.From the interviews conducted, the HR Manager is required to match the mentors with the mentees andbase the selection on the mentee’s requirements and needs.The mentees will be staff members of the organisation and mentors will be team leaders/supervisors.The roles will be allocated to staff members/students by the trainer/assessor.The information below will help you plan your interviews with the applicants for the mentor and menteepositions:Pre-Work: Start by asking the mentors and the mentee for a current resume and job description, tolearn more about them.Introductions and Goals: Get to know your mentors and mentees. Share your background andask the applicants to do the same. Ask the applicants to share goals for the mentoring relationshipand their mentor expectations. What mentor/mentee qualities do they prefer?Narrow Focus, Establish an Action Plan: You have learned about each other and the mentoringgoals. Gain feedback about what goal is most important to the mentor/mentee. Try to focus in on 2-3development areas that will set the stage for future mentoring exercises.Select the mentors and mentees for the program and one area to work on for each mentee.Using the induction program in Assessment Task 2 induct the two (2) mentors and the four (4)menteesDevelop action plans to address the mentee’s development areasYou must use the templates provided below to prepare the action plans.Task 3b: Evaluate the mentor-mentee relationshipIn this activity, the student is required to evaluate the mentor-mentee relationship.The mentors (trainer/assessor) will conduct mentoring sessions with the mentees (staff/students).These sessions will be conducted based on the action plans developed in Activity 1.Before the sessions, you need to prepare a checklist that will be used to evaluate and report theoutcomes of the mentoring sessions. The checklist must include at least ten (10) evaluation criteriabased on which of the mentoring sessions are to be evaluated. You must use the template provided toprepare the checklist.During the sessions, you need to:Check the performance of the mentors.Identify the personal development requirements for mentors.Identify and address any cultural differences in the mentor-mentee relationship.Use the checklist provided to evaluate the outcomes of the mentoring sessions.Task 3c: Evaluate the mentoring program4/14/2021 Assessment 3 – Project and Roleplay 3/5BSBLED805 – Assessment Task 3 (Did the student)Scenario:The organisation has the following reporting processes and procedures in place:After the mentoring session, the mentee and mentor have to conduct a self-assessment using theself-assessment sheets provided. (Excel sheets are given along with this unit).The mentees have to rate each criterion from 1-4 for each item listed.This feedback is to be further evaluated by the HR Manager to identify improvements for the future.These improvements are to be reported to the Operations Manager and HR Manager.In this activity, the student is required to:Request the mentees and mentors to conduct self-assessments using the Excel sheet. (Sheetprovided along with the unit).Evaluate the effectiveness of the mentoring program/session against the agreed outcomes.Document improvement opportunities for future mentoring programs.Prepare a report for management that includes outcomes of the evaluation and improvementopportunities in the mentoring program.Templates:Assessment Task 3a – Mentee 1 Action plan Template.docx( Task 3a – Mentee 2 Action plan Template.docx( Task 3a – Mentee 3 Action plan Template.docx( Task 3b – Checklist Template.docx( and Mentee – Self-Assessment Checklist.xlsx( Assessment 3 – Project and Roleplay 4/5 CriteriaRatingsPts1 pts3.1 Recruited and matched and inducted mentors and mentees.– Planned step-by-step recruitment sessions for mentors and mentees. –Discussed mentorís key areas of strength and goals. – Discussed menteeísdevelopment areas and goals – Matched the mentees and mentors anddevelop two teams. – Inducted mentors and mentees in the mentoringprogram. – Developed action plans to address the mentee’s developmentareas.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.2 Used appropriate language to provide information and encouragediscussion.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.3 Applied listening and questioning techniques to check and confirmunderstanding.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.4 Collaborated with others to set and facilitate shared outcomesthreshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.5 Tailored communication to achieve its purpose, demonstratingunderstanding of needs of particular audiences.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.6 Invested time and energy in building rapport with others as an integralpart of interactions.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.7 Checked the performance of the mentors.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.8 Identified personal development requirements of mentees.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory  4/14/2021 Assessment 3 – Project and Roleplay 5/5 Total Points: 14CriteriaRatingsPts1 pts3.9 Identified and addressed any cultural differences in the mentormentee relationships.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.10 Used a checklist to evaluate and report on the outcomes of thementoring sessionsthreshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.11 Requested mentees and mentors to conduct Self-Assessment usingthe Excel sheet provided. (Sheet provided along with the unit).threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.12 Evaluated the effectiveness of the mentoring program/sessionagainst the agreed outcomes.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.13 Documented improvement opportunities for future mentoringprograms.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory1 pts3.14 Prepared a report for management including outcomes of theevaluation and improvement opportunities from the mentoring program.threshold: 1.0 pts1ptsSatisfactory0 ptsNot YetSatisfactory 


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