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Project Initiation Document Guide• Briefly introduce your project: Project goals, objectives, and critical success factors• Project Scope: Explain the project’s objectives; specify the parameters, the expectedquality, cost, time, and clear understanding of what is expected from the project (thebenefits).• Budget Assumptions: If you have some genuine budget information, you can use it.Otherwise, you may have to make some assumptions.• Assumptions: Consider what is known and what is not known (or unclear) about theproject. You cannot be aware of all that might occur, neither will you be able toknow all the facts in advance.• Constraints: An overview of the project’s main purpose, identifying risk and otherconstraints that impacted the project. In identifying the main risks to the project,you could use some risk analysis and created a robust risk register.• Stakeholders and their Involvement: Describe the project stakeholders, includingthe internal and external stakeholders. Describe how stakeholders were identified,prioritised, and managed. The use of a Power and Interest graph would be good toconduct stakeholder analysis.• Project Organisation Structure and Roles and Responsibilities: You could provide anorganisational structure chart and explain it by identifying the role andresponsibilities of the project board• Project Control Mechanisms: How was the project be controlled? Who is involved,and how was it done?• Reporting Framework: Describe how the people involved in the projectcommunicated, the medium and hierarchy of their communication?• Project Planning with Milestones: All projects go through a life cycle from initiationto close, review and evaluation. Identify the project milestones; this is a good way ofmaking sure that key events occurred on time.


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