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SWSP 6163 Assessment 2 Role Play Video, Documentation and Critical Reflection Assessment TypeWeightingWord CountWeek DueRole Play Video, Documentation and Critical Reflection60%2,000 wordsSunday, Week 13 by 11.55pm Instruction Details This Assessment has THREE parts as laid out in your Unit Outline. All 3 parts are compulsory for submission and are weighted at a total of 60% for this Unit. 2a: Role Play Interview (30%) In Week 11’s class, time will be allocated to students to conduct their role plays in pairs. In preparation for this, your educator will either pair you up with a class mate or you have the opportunity to self-select a partner. You will have time in class to get into your roles and do the role play – providing equal time for you to play the role of social worker and then to switch and for your partner to have equal time as the social worker. You can record as much of this role play as you like but may only select a 10-15 minute portion for submission. This 10-15 minute clip of your role play must be uploaded in Moodle for submission by the assignment due date. 2b: Documentation (10%) 500 words As you wrote case notes for Assessment 1, you are required to submit EITHER an assessment OR a case plan for Assessment 2. You will find templates for both which are options for you to utilise OR you may draw upon any other relevant templates that you find in the social work literature or that have been discussed in class.  Your documentation section should total 500 words (or within 10% of this either way). 2c: Critical Reflection (20%) 1 500 words Critique your use of the particular social work approach that you used in the interview. Complete this as per the assessment description and marking criteria in your unit outline. CASE SCENARIOS  Select only ONE of the below case scenarios for purposes of this assignment. OPTION #1 Asmaan is a 25 year old woman who came to Australia on a Student Visa two years ago. War has broken out in her home country preventing a return home. Asmaan’s student visa has been cancelled meaning there is no money coming in from the scholarship and now she cannot pay the rent. Her housemates are hassling Asmaan for rent money. She hasn’t eaten in the last 3 days because there is no money for food. There has been no word from Asmaan’s parents for over 3 weeks and no-one back home has seen them. This is making Asmaan extremely distressed and worried that they may have been killed or harmed. She suffers nightmares and is scared to go to sleep. She is unsure what to do now that the visa has been cancelled and is very anxious about being deported. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BOTH SCENARIOS: In both scenarios, you are the social worker at the local Community Health Centre. The client has come in with an appointment to meet with you for the first time. You would, ordinarily, be offering a one hour meeting, however, you will ONLY be recording the first 10-15 minute portion of this interview. During this period, you should demonstrate your ability to introduce yourself, your agency (research social workers’ roles in Community Health)explain what you can offer them as a social workerengage and work with the clientexplain confidentiality  respond with cultural sensitivityidentify their issues andbased on what THEY want, collaboratively establish some goals to work on together.           Include personal AND structural goals that match the issues the client raises i.e. address the practical, relational, emotional and justice needs they identify. If you are submitting a recording from a period well into the session, you should explain  that and begin with a summary in the roleplay (to the client) of where you have got to so far in your discussions with the client and continue from there. SUBMISSION: YOU CAN SUBMIT ONE DOCUMENT FOR ASSIGNMENT 2 WITH A LINK TO A YOU TUBE VIDEO AND HEADINGS FOR PART B AND C. It’s easier for us to mark it that way. SCAFFOLD Part A. Role PlayRecord interview   10-15 minutes                                                  30% Select ONE of the two case Record interview with partner Introduce yourself and agency and role Explain confidentiality Engage person with warmth and social empathy Ask what they want or need or hope for from session Use an anti-oppressive, narrative or solution focused approach Use Critical social work: Name injustice, raise consciousness, locate as structural Develop one or more goals and an activity to achieve the goal/s with the clientPart B. Documentation   Write up EITHER an assessment OR a case plan     500 words       10%                                                                                                                                                                Use information from interview Add information from case scenario Turn client’s needs into goals that they expressed The goal should be what they want to achieve i.e. safe, secure housing, finance independence, strong family or community relationships The actions should be what you and they do to achieve the goal ie refer and link person to a housing agency, refer to Centrelink, arrange family meeting Set out using any social work template: goals, actions, timelines and assigned responsibilities and what the outcome will look like Include a family or community connection perspectivePart C. CritiqueCritical Reflection on interview                   1500 words                  20% Write in the first person Appraise and critique your interview overall Select and explain the theory of oppressive, narrative or solution focused approaches using references and videos from this unit Give examples of how you used the approach/es i.e. what you asked or said, Reflect on how well the approach/es worked Discuss what you might have done differently with hindsight. Explain how the plan relates to the interview and what else you might do with more time Reflect on your insights in conducting the interview with cultural sensitivity and what you have learnt about working with people in this unitPart D.Academic integrity             Word count, references from this unit, APA         Case plan (TEMPLATE): Name:  Aashman                                                                                                                            Date: 05/10/2021 Presenting Issues: Unemployment, Homelessness, Hunger Desired Outcome: Outcome or Goals to be achievedActivities, actions(to achieve goals)Person ResponsibleTimelines dates1.        1.   2.   3.    2.          1.   2.   3.  3.      1.   2.   3.     Signed: …………………………………………Client                  ……………………….date                                                 Signed …………………………………………Social Worker       ……………………….date Link to the video:


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