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Student Assignment Guidance – [Technology in Organisation] Assessment TaskGuidanceQuestion 1- Case Study & QuestionsArden University is one of the fastest growing privateuniversity in the United Kingdom with its recent expansionin Germany. A major university strategy in process is toimprove its ability to be more successful and achievecompetitive advantage by use of information systemslinked to database.A) Identify and discuss in detail Big Data and its rolein Arden University. Provide examples of any twodepartment. (15 marks)B) Discuss the key benefits organisations like ArdenUniversity to gain after adopting Big Data. (15marks)(Maximum 1000 words, 30 marks)Question 2 – Security and PrivacyExplain the IT security and data privacy measures that anorganisation must implement. Ensure that you add the keyprovisions of GDPR that must be included.(Maximum 1000 words, 30 marks)For this task you need to make reference to the Arden University, by giving examples ofbusiness activities within this organisation that Big Data can support. You must discussBig Data including six V’s and its role within any two departments example related to itspossible use. For this you must be able to define and discuss in your own words withrelevant diagrams/pictures from reliable source.You must also be able discuss the key benefits for organisations like Arden University togain after adopting Big Data. Please do not forget to discuss clearly in full sentencesand in your own words.For this task you must present an assignment that demonstrates a critical and reflectiveappreciation of the connections between Big Data and organisational activities.For this task you must be able to use credible sources with their citation and Harvardreferences.For this task provide:•discussion with reference to any organization e.g. Arden University business tools andtechniques such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and their usefulness insafeguarding the organisations data/ information resources.• explanation of key provisions of GDPR.For this task you must be able to use credible sources with their citation and Harvardreferences.Maximum 30 marks for this part of the assignment. Question 3 Telecommunication and spreadsheetsA) Describe a cellular network, its principlecomponents and how it works. (10 marks)B) Explain the benefits of a cellular network to abusiness. (10 marks)C) Below is a spreadsheet from the Payrolldepartment of Weaning Entertainment Ltd. Basedon the information in the spreadsheet below,calculate:i) the Sum, Median, Max and Min value of the Gross salary,taxes and Net salary of all the employees of thisorganisation.ii) the number of employees with a gross salary more than£79900.00.iii) the number of employees with a Net salary less than£67499.99.For this task you have to:• describe cellular network and its principle components with explanation of how acellular network works with a example. (10 marks)• explain clearly how the use of cellular networks can add business value other thanmobile phone call and text services. (10 marks)• prepare spreadsheet of 7 employees based on question screenshot of and is able toprovide all required calculation by using excel formulae. All formulae and screenshotneeded for complete answer.• the total, Median, Max and Min value of the Gross salary, taxes and Net salary of all theemployees of this organisation. (10 marks)• provide the number of employees with a gross pay more than £79900.00 (5 marks)• the number of employees with a Net salary more than ££67499.99. (5 marks)You must include formulae and snapshots of their answers in their assignment bookletto evidence their use of excel spreadsheets.You must provide the commands or functions by replicating the spreadsheet in thequestion paper in order to address the questions within that section.For this task you must be able to use credible sources with their citation and Harvardreferences.Maximum 40 marks for this part of assignment. Student Checklist – [Technology in Organisation] YesGuidanceDoes the submission answer the question/deal with the task that was set?Have you:• Read the assignment brief over and over again to ensure you havedone what you have been asked to do.• Checked to make sure all the key points have been covered and keydetails have not been left out.• Checked to see that all sub questions have been addressed?Have you demonstrated your critical thinking skills?Have you:• Checked that the writing analytical in style and questioning inapproach? (Make sure you haven’t just described what you haveread, you need to consider the value/significance of the informationyou include in your work)• Ensured Independence of thought critical evaluation of primarysource material, ability to sustain a relevant and focused argumentclarity of presentation clarity and accuracy of expressionunderstanding of the issues is evident in your submission?• Ensured analysis and synthesis skills – ( i.e. seeing what points arerelevant to an issue, how discussion can be structured, and the abilityto see and express how the parts contribute to the whole) is evidentin your work?You may find this resource useful on Undergraduate Critical Analysis Skills: you developed and sustained a clear argument throughout the work?(Make sure you haven’t jumped from one idea to another)Have you:• Checked that my supporting arguments flowed in a clear andcoherent way.• Used examples to support my argument where necessary.• Checked to see if effective paragraphing has been used to organisemy arguments and discussion in a logical sequence for my audience.Have you referenced all your sources, in the main body and in the referencelist at the end? (Make sure you haven’t missed any and make sure the in-textreferences match up with your reference list)Have you:• Used Harvard referencing clearly and accurately throughout my work.• Used my own words (in paraphrasing information) as much aspossible and where text or information is (quoted) it is presented inquotation marks and clearly referenced following the Arden approachto Harvard.• Uploaded a draft copy of my work on Turnitin to review its similarityscore, and work on parts of the work showing a high similarity beforesubmission. • Checked to see all references used in-text have been added in myreference list.• Arranged my reference list alphabetically and checked to see the rightassignment is been submitted on iLearnYou can access the AU referencing guides here: you used a good range of reading material from reliable, academicsources? (Make sure you have not relied too heavily on single sources or onlinematerials which may be unreliable)• Used relevant academic materials from the EBSCO library (andgoogle Scholar) to support my discussion.You can access the link below on guidance to access materials on theEBSCO LIBRARY you checked the grammar, punctuation and spelling and is the Englishcomprehensible? (ask someone else to read your work or read it to yourself outloud to make sure it makes sense)• Ensured that the use of jargons is kept to a minimum and whereused, I have defined or explained the meaning.• Written my work clearly using simple language/words to ensure thatmy work is easy to read.• Proofreading my work a couple of times to check for grammaticalerrors and omissions in punctuation marks.Is the coursework the correct length and have you included a word count?(Your tutor will notice if it is too long or too short!)


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