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PAGE 1Term Sheet for 4.25% Treasury Bonds due 21 April 2026This Term Sheet relates to the series of Treasury Bonds referred to above. It is supplementary to,and should be read, as appropriate, in conjunction with either the Information Memorandum forTreasury Bonds or the Investor Information Statement for Exchange-traded Treasury Bonds.A financial adviser recommending to a retail client that they invest in this Treasury Bond via anExchange-traded Treasury Bond must provide a copy of this Term Sheet and the current version ofthe Investor Information Statement for Exchange-traded Treasury Bonds to the client.ISSUER Commonwealth of AustraliaINSTRUMENT Treasury BondsCURRENCY Australian dollarsSERIES NUMBER TB142AUSTRACLEAR ISIN AU000XCLWAI8ASX CDI ISIN AU000GSBG267ASX CODE FOR EXCHANGE-TRADEDTREASURY BONDGSBG26FIRST ISSUE DATE 12 March 2014MATURITY DATE 21 April 2026COUPON 4.25% per annum paid semi-annually in arrearson the Face Value of the bonds.REDEMPTION ParCOUPON PAYMENT DATES 21 April and 21 October in each yearcommencing on 21 April 2014, to and includingthe Maturity DateDAY COUNT Actual/ActualBUSINESS DAYS SydneyPAGE 2BUSINESS DAY CONVENTION Following, unadjustedRECORD DATE Close of business eight calendar days prior to theCoupon Payment Date. If this day is not aBusiness Day, the preceding Business Day is theRecord Date.DENOMINATIONS $1,000 Face Value for Treasury Bonds and $100Face Value for Exchange-traded Treasury BondsREGISTRAR Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited(ACN 078 279 277)STOCK EXCHANGE QUOTATION Australian Securities ExchangeNON-RESIDENT INTEREST WITHHOLDING TAX Exempt from non-resident interest withholdingtax. In the event the Commonwealth of Australiaas issuer is required to withhold any amounts onaccount of Australian taxes, it will not be liableto pay any additional amounts to bondholders ascompensation for any such withholdings.GOVERNING LAW Treasury Bonds are subject to the law in force inthe Australian Capital Territory. Exchange-tradedTreasury Bonds are subject to the law in force inNew South Wales.


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