L7 C19 PM Exam May 20211Leeds School of ArtsLeeds School of Built Environment, Engineering& Computing.MSC (ALL AWARDS & REASSESSMENT) PROJECT MANAGEMENTALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT FOR COVID-19MAY 2021 Module Leader:Alison Munn Mark:50% of ModuleDate:Released Online 12 May2021 1030:00 UK time duefor upload no later than 15May 2021 11:00 Please read carefully these candidate Instructions:1. There are two sections to this assessment – Section A and Section B2. Please answer 1 question from Section A ONLY and ANY 3 questions fromSection B ONLY.▪ Each of your 4 answers is worth a maximum of 25 marks.▪ Word count per question not to exceed 1,000 words.▪ Please reference any sources you use in this exam in accordance withHarvard.▪ It is critical evaluation that we are looking for in relation to questions asked.▪ Student regulations regarding Academic Integrity apply as per this link: C19 PM Exam May 20212Please follow the directions below.Each answer will be no longer than 1000 words, and rememberdiagrams are also very useful.Section A:Answer ONLY one out of the two questions from this section – this sectionaccounts for 25% of examination marks (1 x 25marks)Question A.1 (25 marks)“Proactive Stakeholder management is the key to successful Creative Technology,Computing, IT-related & Engineering projects in the 21st century”Critically discuss this statement, outlining the importance of stakeholders to projects, howthey might be negatively and positively affected, and how successful stakeholdermanagement strategies may influence the other knowledge areas of PM using illustrativeexamples and case studies as appropriate.Question A.2 (25 marks)You have been asked to prepare a report for a potential client which outlines the keythemes, principles, processes, benefits, framework and disadvantages of using PRINCE2 astheir Project Management methodology and consider the extent to which it supports theknowledge areas of PM. Use illustrative diagrams and examples as appropriateSection B:Answer any three questions from this section – this section accounts for 75% ofexamination marks (3 x 25 marks)Question B.1 (25 marks)Your manager knows very little about Agile Project Management but has been to ameeting where ‘agile Scrum’ has been mentioned. Knowing that you have knowledge ofSCRUM, they have asked you to prepare a detailed briefing report outlining the keythemes, principles, processes, benefits, framework, and disadvantages of using AgileSCRUM as a Project Management methodology. Use illustrative diagrams and examplesas appropriate.L7 C19 PM Exam May 20213Question B.2 (25 marks)Why is ‘project quality’ important in a project? Outline the main tools and techniques areavailable to measure quality in a project. Which international standard(s) helporganisations manage quality and how can they help to improve projects in computing/IT,creative technology or engineering projects? Use illustrative diagrams and examples asappropriate.Question B.3 (25 marks)Outline the key concepts associated with the ‘Triple Constraint’ principle of ProjectManagement and consider what tools/approaches project managers have available tomanage these conflicting constraints. Use illustrative diagrams and examples asappropriate.Question B.4 (25 marks)‘Planning is closely associated with the management of projects. Andschedule planning is a part pf that, (along with ‘requirements planning,and resource planning, cost planning and risk management), and theGantt chart is the physical manifestation of the planning artefact. Planschange during delivery, which leads some people to think the scheduleplan has less utility in practice.’In relation to the above statement, outline what advantages might a schedule plan/modeloffer to those managing projects and use the screenshot of a Gantt chart 1 below (used intutorials recently) to illustrate your answer, if appropriate.L7 C19 PM Exam May 20214Gantt Chart 1L7 C19 PM Exam May 20215L7 C19 PM Exam May 20216


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