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CREATIVE PORTFOLIO: BRAND CONCEPT By Student Name: MALAVIKA SAJEEVAN Student ID: W9373373 Module Name: Global Brands / Local Jewels Module Leader: Rachel Dodd Contents Elegance 3 Introduction 4 Research methods………………………………………………………………………………………..4 Brand concept 5 Logo 5 Company information 6 Objectives 6 Target customers 8 Brand elements : Brand value 8 Brand proposition 8 Brand character 10 Brand essence 10 Competitors 11 SWOT analysis 12 Packaging 13 All products of elegance……………………………………………………………………………………..14 Social Media Strategy…………………………………………………………………………..17 PR Strategy……………………………………………………………………………………..….18 Elegance video ad……………………………………………………………………………………….19 References………………………………………………………………………………………….20 ELEGANCE The beauty from nature INTRODUCTION The main purpose of this research study is to identify the challenge in achieving the ideal positioning for the Elegance Company being able to achieve congruence among, What the customers currently believe about our brand (and thus find credible)What customers will value in the brandWhat the firm is currently saying about the brandWhere the firm would like to take the brand (brand dynamic unit outline, 2020) Therefore by performing the brand audit of the company elegance, we will be able to uncover the current health of the brand elegance. Brand audits are qualitative miniature of current position of brand in terms of the current perceptions of target customer and it is very important to perform the brand audit on the regular basis as customer behavior are changing all the time. Finally, all of the information gathered will be utilized for the analysis of brand positioning and the supporting marketing program in order to answer the questions mentioned above. RESEARCH METHODS Beauty products can be regarded as essential item of daily life. It not only provides smooth and glowing skin; however associated with protection from harmful pollutants and chemicals we exposed on daily basis. Research on demand on beauty products is effective to understand primary need to customers. Research is conducted on targeted group of young people through Primary Quantitative survey method. This method provides adequate information regarding choices, need, and preference of targeted group. From quantitative survey, it was evident that most of targeted audience prefer natural products and products that will provide glow ad radiance to skin rather than enhancing complexion. Survey also reveals that customers are more likely to get products with natural indigents in all form of beauty care products, such as body lotion, moisturising cream, lip care essentials, and so on. To address this demand of customer ELEGANCE, also focuses towards Secondary Research Method that provides adequate information regarding identification, processing of products that carry no artificial ingredients and comes up as 100% natural product. Secondary research methods also provide idea about specific complain of customers regarding beauty essentials of different brands and we try to avoid them during manufacturing of our products for you. BRAND CONCEPT The name of the brand makes a whole lot more sense once you learn that every product of Elegance is completely natural. Brand name “ELEGANCE” is self-explanatory. Every person in this world wants to be graceful in the way consumer live. ELEGANCE focuses on providing opportunities for being graceful by using 100% natural products offered by the brand. ELEGANCE is associating with variety of products including body lotions, softening cream, lip balms, shower gels, moisturizing creams and so on. Primarily concerned area for of this Company is to follow up safety rules provided by “Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act”. ELEGANCE also provides high quality of additional services for its customers, including attractive packaging, logistics, sourcing information along with distribution services. LOGO The meaning ELEGANCE is mainly inspired because of being simple in beauty. Elegance here means beauty and the green leaves represent the nature, and the tagline itself says ‘The beauty from nature’ and also letter ‘M’ in the logo denotes the founders name ‘MALAVIKA’. Elegance is an INDIAN brand for skin care products founded in February 2020. It is a newly launched brand with a new strategy which is giving more importance to fare and smooth skin instead of claiming skin whiteningElegance is the most trusted brand and we continuous to be the brand of skin care that people universally trust the mostElegance Brands Inc is a worldwide refreshment organization that creates, advertises and disseminates items with an attention on advancement. Notwithstanding its lead image, Gorilla Hemp Energy Drink, Elegance Brands offers a scope of hemp and CBD injected refreshments, in addition to super-premium spirits, including Elegance Vodka. COMPANY INFORMATION . OBJECTIVE Actually, brand picture is the way clients and imminent clients see your image and your items and administrations. In the event that you leave the image personality to risk, you lose the capacity to shape the discussion about your image. Thus, here our organic products are designed to bolster the customer confidence and protect their investment. It is sure that our brand products would tackle all the blemishes and moisturizes dry skin, leaving the face glowing, healthy, smooth and nourished. The usage of our product depends on the skin type. Providing skin care products with truly natural ingredients and create awareness among customers about the consequences of dry skin and effects. It’s safer to use products of elegance as it contains 100 percent proven organic ingredients that truly work miracles. Moreover, we try to understand that now people are more conscious about the skin care problems. Therefore, we are offering a solution for them through our brand. We are the best solution for skin dryness which leads to eczema or psoriasis and other dryness problems. Dry skin is always harmless, if it’s not cared properly, it leads to various issues. Thus, ELEGANCE is your best choice for this cause and it’s easy and safer to use as it is harmless and pure from nature. REASONS FOR SKIN DRYNESS People may face dry skin problem on their body as a result of various factors such as temperature or humidity, using products like soaps, shampoos that contains harsh chemicals which leads to eczema or psoriasis. In most cases, people depend on home remedies, but due to lack of time in the busy life, people are not caring the skin properly. In this situation, elegance plays the major role as it contains all the essential natural ingredients to maintain skin health and preventing skin dryness. In our body, an oil called sebum which is naturally produced by the skin, if the skin is not providing enough sebum for hydrating the cells, then it may leads to dry skin and causes itchy, looks flaky and red patches in the skin. Sometimes, the skin looks rough due to dehydration as it lacks water. However, there are various other reasons for dry skin which include cold weather, dry air from the atmosphere, due to excessive washing sometimes leads to dryness. All these leads to various skin conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. Dry skin can be temporary, but it may be a lifelong condition if you not cared properly. CAUSES Dry skin is likely to cause many problems like; Feeling of skin tightening, itching or wrinkled skinSkin that feels dull and roughCreated red patches, peeling and flakingChange of skin color to gray, ashyDeep cracks that creates bleeding For our company, Target Customers are: Primary targets young people, women and men, between ages 18 to25.New touch to the skin and provides information about skin care.Best use for people who are aware about the harmful chemicals and toxic content.People looking for improving the fairness of skin and best use for one with dry, wrinkled skin which can cause early ageing. TARGET CUSTOMERS In marketing and advertising, a target customer, is a specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at. A target customer is the demographic of people most likely to be interested in your product or service. If you own a plumbing company, your target audience is property owners, both commercial and residential. If you own a toy store, your target audience is parents, grandparents and anyone else with children in their lives. Therefore, our target customers are mostly people between18 to30, as they are more conscious about the skin problems especially dryness which causes due to various reasons. Products of elegance are easy to use and thus carry it to anywhere you go. Most of the youngsters have a fear about early ageing due to dry and wrinkled skin. Thus, our products are the best solution for customers who are conscious about early ageing due to dryness and wrinkled skin. BRAND VALUE Brand value of this company includes their profit level from market. Being a start-up business, ELEGANCE tries to make their advertisement strong in digital media field to increase their brand value. Modern technology with natural ingredients makes our products safe and essentially favourable for all form of skin. Our products not only focusing on provision of a growling, flawless and natural looking skin; however, increase with confidence and self-satisfaction. This is our promise to you BRAND PROPOSITION USP of this brand has unique criteria that this brand produces all its products with 100% organic raw materials. This makes a unique selling point for ELEGANCE Company because nowadays popularity for organic cosmetic products increases a greater fold. Moreover, their service towards customers can be considered as USP of this company. Our products ensure nourishment of skin as products contain natural ingredients along with pro-vitamins. ELEGANCE products prevent skin damage; nourish your skin, and provide both glow and health to your body For cosmetic products, there is no way to determine the presence of toxic items present in it, where products of elegance are purely from nature and free of toxic content. There are various brands that claim that usage of those products brings the results instantly, because of presence of these chemical contents. Our products are used continuously and once you got the result, it remains the same even if you get aged.Prevents and solve skin dryness like psoriasis and eczemaUse of our products helps to leaves the skin feeling refreshed without drynessFirm skin and tightens the pores.Prevents future wrinkle formationFills the skin deep hydration through natural herbals.Only premium organic and natural ingredients are used.Also provides a glowing skin as it gets nourished and well moisturized. BRAND CHARACTER Brand character takes dissimilar visual components and brings together them into an integral framework. At whatever point your image personality components are appeared, they ought to be reliable in their appearance, use, scope, shading, feel, and so on. Recall that whether you purposefully make a brand personality or overlook it, you will in any case be introducing a picture to clients and possibilities. Here the brand character that our brand providing is ‘honesty’. This is because what we are offering to our customers the best with honest and worthy of what they trust about our brand. BRAND ESSENCE Brand essence means a feeling of customer when using a product and this interaction is important for company’s growth. ELEGANCE shares their brand essence as “FAIRLY NATURAL”. This statement makes a strong impact to customers by providing message about their action of making all products with 100% natural products. With essence of this brand, their tagline also states same as “The Beauty from Nature”. Our Company and product will always be focusing on provision of excellent health care experience to our customers. Once you start using our products, you can find out the difference, and these products will grow old with you. Wish your health, wealth, and prosperity! Regards from Team ELEGANCE COMPETITORS OF ELEGANCE These are our brand competitors, as a new starter we face a huge competition from these brands like; PONDS: they are a famous brand for healthcare products. This brand is having a good product line, the products of ponds launched by company have enhanced their brand value. Products of ponds help to restore the skins natural glow and health through natural therapy. Products for aging and whitening are most famous for and they are free of toxics. Because of their high product quality, they are considered as a competitor for Elegance. OLAY Olay, they have a good brand value and the customers are well connected with it. The product quality is very good, they also have products from anti-ageing which prevents various skin problems. They have a strong distribution channel as it reaches to a wide range of audience. The company has launched over many years and they market the products at international level. NIVEA They are a top competitor for our brand, they have personal care products. The main quality of Nivea has good brand equity, thus receive a better recognition. They provide almost 20 products to their customers and it is available in 20 countries. Moreover, they are placed better in its ‘wellness’ and for ‘gentle care’. They has a good brand visibility, and through perfect advertising they became one of the top competitor for us. GARNIER Garnier has products for skin, cosmetics and hair. The brand is famous for using ingredients from flowers, seeds and fruits and other natural content. Latest techniques are used for collecting these ingredients. Products for skin dryness are most famous. Because of their quality products, Garnier is our great competitor. SWOT ANALYSIS Swot analysis is a study, undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. WEAKNESS High costlack of AdvertisementNew companyLack of customer servicesSmall market share STRENGTH 100% natural Product & No hard chemicalsHigh quality man power resourcesWide range of products and servicesGlobal technology capabilityGood brand Name THREATS Aggressive price competition from local and Multinational brands.Availability of cheap beauty products OPPORTUNITY Good social media coverageStrong mental growthMinimal competitors for 100% natural skin care productWidening consumer baseTarget customers are teenagers. PACKAGING We are transitioning to be free of single use plastic and most of our products are made of either in glass jars or aluminum tubes. At the same time we use a small portion for plastic is used for a tube closure. Our packaging is not complicated, we design packaging in simple but attractive way along with highlighting the logo. ALL OUR PRODUCTS Elegance Body Lotion Elegance Moisturizing cream is the first product in our list. This cream is thick & creamy and can be used by all skin types. It moisturizes the skin really well & keeps dryness at bay. But it can very well be applied on other dry areas such as heels, knees & elbows etc. Elegance Lip Balm Elegance lip balm can easily glide on the lips & gives a slight glossy sheen. This is applied on your lips to prevent dryness due to climate change or other reasons.They keep the lips hydrated for 3-4 hours, after which they need to be reapplied. As it is small and compact it will fit even in small pockets so that you can carry out everywhere. Elegance softening cream This is one of the famous product of elegance& is ideal for hot summer months.  The formula is enriched with Sea Minerals & Hydra IQ and is best suited for normal skin. Consistency of the body lotion is smooth & slightly on the runny side and spreads on the skin with ease. Being lightweight, it vanishes into the skin beautifully without being greasy at all. Elegance Body lotion makes the skin silky smooth and keeps it hydrated for a good 6 plus hours Elegance Face Wash This one is mainly for people facing skin dryness. The Elegance face wash comes in a pretty attractive packaging. The face wash has a gel-like consistency and easily spreads on the face. It cleanses wonderfully & makes the face perfectly clean. It keeps dirt, grime & oil at bay and refreshes the skin. Elegance Shower Gel Most of the shower gel will not be effective for people having dry skin due to the ingredients in it and not moisturizing well. Whereas, Elegance shower gel comes in a attractive grey bottle with a flip top cap. Packaging is quite simple and easy to carry around. The Elegance product has a gel formula that contains tiny beads of oil. Just a small amount produces rich lather, thus cleanses really well. It makes the skin soft & nourished without causing any dryness. Elegance Moisturizing Cream It works as a skin conditioner and needs to be applied after shower and then rinsed off after a couple of minutes. This variant is meant for dry skin and is enriched with Almond Oil. The Elegance moisturizer has a thick creamy texture and is sans parabens. It moisturizes the skin really well & adds a boost of nourishment. The skin feels smooth, plump and hydrated. Social Media Strategy In today’s era, social media play fundamental role in establishing impact in human mind. Through different social media platform, we are trying to reach millions of people. Primary goal of social media strategy is to formulate proper knowledge related to our products and their benefits (Alalwanet al. 2017). Target audience for ELEGANCE is primarily Young generation; therefore, promotion through social media is efficient. Social media teams are continuously working on promoting our products, and we believe that this will enhance and ensure our future growth. Using of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media helps build customer loyalty; developed healthier relation with customers along with improves customer satisfaction. Social media strategy includes development of a page or website to engage more customers on their portal. Besides this, there is a way to launch an application in social media that will strengthen their marketing strategy. In comparison with other competitors in market, ELEGANCE can make their brand promotion with analysing a primary research approach to interact with customers verbally and collect their response about their products. PR Strategy PR Strategy is another important aspect for that aids in increasing public engagement of Company. Provision of meaningful and robust content related to Company and its products are highly efficient in this regard. ELEGANCE is concentrating on creating interactive campaigning on social media that are clear and more customized; thereby ensuring adequate connectivity with customers and their response to products. Trade journals, dailies, broadcast shows are significantly using to enhanced public relation (Desprezet al. 2018). Press release, product endorsement are associated with enhance credibility to impose powerful impact on customers. Communication is fundamental way that aid in establishing of direct relation with customers related to product review and development of new products as per their requirement; therefore, Company ensures enhanced customer service care (Olkhovska and Ab, 2017). Development of formal relationship not only aids in establishment of higher satisfaction of customer; however, also develop significant association with customers’ loyalty towards Company. Primary goals of ELEGANCE are to provide a wrinkle-free smooth and glowing skin to its customers. PR strategy, therefore, can involve influencing terms that attract customers, offers on products and vouchers. Elegance video ad References De Santis, M., Locati, M., & Selmi, C. (2018). The elegance of a macrophage. Cellular & molecular immunology, 15(3), 196-198. Menninghaus, W., Wagner, V., Kegel, V., Knoop, C. A., & Schlotz, W. (2019). Beauty, elegance, grace, and sexiness compared. PloS one, 14(6). Salibian, A. A., & Zide, B. M. (2019). 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