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TaskBased on the individual analyses you carried out for Assignment Builder 1 and 2,write a group analytical note of 400 words answering the following questions:1. Using appropriate frameworks, what are the key , strategic challenges that areaffecting Lenovo’s leadership team, and how might they overcome them?2. Discuss how environmental forces shaped Lenovo’s strategy over time.Note, you may here use, draw and apply the relevant frameworks in any way thatyou think best fit or illustrate your arguments.GuidelinesThe word limit for this submission is 400 words (+/- 10%)Write the report in Word (Times New Roman font,12pt) as this will provide you withthe word count functionality, save as a .doc or .docx file.You may also include photos, tables or diagrams in the main body of the work as yousee fit. Text in tables and diagrams will not count towards the word limit.


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