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Systemic review of interventions for people with dementia living alone Diana Galustyants, Andrew Sommerlad, Jonathan Huntley Citation Review Question What can help to improve loneliness for patients with dementia that live alone?What can improve quality of life and other important outcomes for patients with dementia that live alone? Searches I will conduct the search on the following 4 electronic databases: MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO, CINAHL. All the searchers will be conducted in the title and abstract field Types of study to be included Condition or domain being studied Participants/population Intervention(s), exposure(s) Comparator(s)/control Context Main outcome(s) Measures of effect Additional outcome(s) Measures of effect Data extraction (selection and coding) Risk of bias (quality) assessment Strategy for data synthesis Analysis of subgroups or subsets Contact details for further information Organizational affiliation of the review Review team members and their organizational affiliations Type and method of review Anticipated or actual start date Anticipated completion date Funding sources/sponsors Conflicts of interest Language Country Stage of review Subject index terms status Subject index terms Date of registration in PROSPERO Date of first submission Stage of review at time of this submission Stage


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