SUBJECT: INVESTIGATION AND PSYCHOLOGY DEADLINE: 23/5/2021 Artefact 2 Artefact 2: 3,000 word essay (+/- 10%) (50%) You should write a 3,000 word essay on ONE of the following titles: ‘Evidenced based offender profiling can be used to improve the validity and utility of profiles developed and applied in active police investigations’. Critically assess this claim.‘Geographic Profiling’s accuracy can be expected to vary depending on the crime type to which it is applied’. Critically discuss.‘Senior forensic psychiatrists and psychologists as well as law enforcement personnel who are not qualified forensic mental health practitioners should be considered as expert witnesses in a discrete facet of the profiling technique’. Critically debate. Assessment criteria Question 1 refers to ‘offender profiling’ and must consider the three psychological methods of profiling (clinical, FBI, statistical) as well as evidence based policing. Students are also expected to make references to literature about the purpose and effectiveness of the techniques and debate how a profile can be assessed as successful. Students must refer to Fox et al (2020): Fox, B., Farrington, D. P., Kapardis, A., & Hambly, O. C. (2020). Evidence-Based Offender Profiling. Routledge. Question 2 refers to ‘geographic profiling’. Students must refer to research in the fields of environmental criminology and environmental psychology. Students must refer to Emeno et al. (2016). Emeno, K., Bennell, C., Snook, B., & Taylor, P. J. (2016). Geographic profiling survey: A preliminary examination of geographic profilers’ views and experiences. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 18(1), 3-12. Question 3 refers to the use of offender profiling in court. Students must exhibit an understanding of the legal requirements from an expert witness and previous research about the use of profiling by courts in various countries. Students must refer to the following publication: Kocsis, R. N., & Palermo, G. B. (2020). Clothes Don’t Maketh the Man Nor a Criminal Profiler an Expert Witness. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology. All assignments must be coherently structured and argued, demonstrating wide reading and research (30-40 sources), with all supporting evidence correctly referenced in the text and included in a reference list. All references and citation must follow the 7th edition of APA guidelines. For guidance on citations and referencing please use CiteThemRight.


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