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Assessment 2B: Group Project – Marketing Plan To complete Assessment 2B, students need to work as a group with a maximum four (4) students. Your group will complete a marketing plan focused on a brand of one type of consumer durable product chosen from a possible 4 discussed by your group in Week 5.  Consumer durable products include among other products: for example, cars, household goods (home appliances, consumer electronics, furniture, tools) and sports goods. The product should be one found in an Australian store (physical or online), however, you may like to choose a product that are you are familiar with from home. After the informal presentations and group discussion in Week 5, you will continue to work on the group’s chosen product to complete a marketing plan.  Your group of four (4) students will produce a plan describing and applying market positioning, market segmentation and marketing mix strategies. The marketing plan should include analysis of market place opportunities, marketing objectives and strategies, and applying marketing principles to add measurable valuable exchange outcomes for customers and the organisation. The plan must be based on an analysis of the current situation and provide recommendations for improving the brand’s performance in the market.  The recommendations must be supported by primary and secondary research and linked to the analysis. In preparing your plan, you need to demonstrate understanding of marketing principles, brand and product market positioning, with reference to customers and competitors of the brand. In addition, tutorial activities will provide the students with opportunities to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to produce a marketing plan; and time in class to apply their knowledge working with other group members. As postgraduate students, you are expected to apply your knowledge to improve the current strategies being employed by the brand you have chosen. Whereas Assessment 2A is an observation of current environment and strategies, Assessment 2B is where you make recommendations for improving the marketing of your chosen product. You may draw on your experience from home or other countries you have visited, your marketing knowledge and of course sources such as journal articles and industry reports. The marketing plan must include all of the components outlined in Marketing Plan: An Outline, used in Assessment 2A. To maximise marks, students must address all the sections, referring to the explanatory notes on each section in Ch 16 of the resource: Principles of Marketing (refer below). In addition to the learning outcomes, students will be assessed on presentation, including referencing, use of grammar, clarity of writing, and acceptable length of report. Students must use the WIN accepted referencing style (APA) with both in-text referencing and a reference list. Please read and follow these instructions carefully and ask the lecturer to clarify any areas as necessary. Additional details for Marketing Plan: Length: 2,500 words +/- 10% excluding title page, table of contents, images, graphs, references and appendices.Format: minimum 11-point font in Times New Roman or Calibri, with 2cm margins.Due date: by 11:59pm on Monday 17 May 2021. Submit one copy per group via Canvas where it will be checked for plagiarism via Turnitin.


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