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Journal Comprehension Assessment BriefEdinburgh Napier University Assessment Brief Pro Forma 1. Module numberBMS111102. Module titleMolecular Pharmacology and Toxicology3. Module leaderProf Peter Barlow4. Tutor with responsibility forthis AssessmentStudent’sfirst point of contactDr Claire Garden5. AssessmentComponent 1 Assessment(journal comprehension)6. Weighting40% module assessment.7. Size and/or time limits forassessmentGuide is 2000 words (plus or minus 10%). Thisdoes not include tables, figures, the reference list.Penalties will be applied if the word countsubstantially exceeds 2000 words8. Deadline of submissionYour attention is drawn to thepenalties for late submission11:59am Friday 23rd October 2020.9. Arrangements forsubmissionSubmit an electronic copy of your coursework inMicrosoft Word format through Turnitin on theMoodle site. This may take up to 1 day to processand IS NOT a valid excuse for late submission.Failure to submit work to Turnitin will result infailure of the assessment.Please ensure your accurate matriculationnumber appears on your submission.A hard copy is not required. A cover sheet is notrequired10. Assessment RegulationsAll assessments are subjectto the University Regulations.Please tell the module leader before the deadlineif you have a good reason for submitting late andrequire an extension.The usual penalties for late submission will apply(one week late, capped at 40%, over one weeklate – 0%).11. The requirements for theassessmentAnswer the questions about the journal article(Wisler et al) carefully, paying attention to thenumber of marks associated with each question.Longer answers are expected for more marks.You must submit your answer through Turnitin onthe Moodle site.No hard copy is required.12. Special instructionsYou may find it useful to look again at your tutorialnotes for this module (on Moodle/ your notes) as they dealt with what is expected in thisassessment and also how to read a scientificpaper. Your reading diary should be useful as itwill contain some relevant references you havefound.13. Return of workYour work will be marked within 3 weeks 14. Assessment criteriaOne mark will be allocated for each correct,relevant point that you make in your answer. Themore marks allocated to the question, the longeryour answer is expected to be. Section B is a longanswer question for 40 marks and your answershould span at least two pages. In this sectionyour answer should reflect further reading aroundthe question. You should reference the journalarticles you use in your long answer question (thiswill not be expected in the exam). Questionsshould be answered using joined up sentencesand paragraphs (for longer questions) as we arelooking for your level of understanding and yourability to bring together information from differentsources.Your work will be graded according to theMasters Grading Scheme. Information about thisand a grade descriptor can be found on Moodle.


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