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IT Media and Business – Meadowbank Campus 90011 Advanced Internetworking Switching Student NameStudent NumberQualification CodeICT60215R2Qualification Name and Release NumberAdvanced Diploma in IT – Network SecurityUnit CodesICTNWK604Unit NamesPlan, configure and test advanced internetwork switching solutions (Release 1) Please note that TAFE NSW is required to retain copies of all completed assessments, where practical, for a period of 3 years (or in accordance with regulatory/licensing requirements) after the completion of a student’s studies. Summary of Assessment TasksTaskSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryProject Assessment☐☐Assessor FeedbackAssessor’s Comments: Note: Comments are required.Print Name: Adnan Syed Signature:Date:Student acknowledgement of assessment outcomeStudent Feedback Please sign and date to acknowledge that you have received results and feedback on your assessment. You have the opportunity to provide feedback to your Assessor in the space below.Student’s Comments: Would you like to make any comments about this assessment?Signed:Date: Assessment InstructionsType of AssessmentProject AssessmentInstructions for Assessment TaskWrite your name on each page of this assessment task. You will be given an opportunity for reassessment if required at your instructor’s discretionWhat do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?All questions must be answered correctly to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task.Due date/time allowedYou have until the second last week of this course to complete this assessment Assessment DeclarationI understand the purpose of this Assessment Task. I have notified the assessor of any special needs to be considered during the Assessment Task. I have kept a copy of my work – if relevant. I have read and understand the instructions for this assessment and understand the penalties for late submission or non-submission of assessment tasks. I have been advised of the assessment requirements, have been made aware of my rights and responsibilities as an assessment candidate, and choose to be assessed at this time. I declare that this assessment is my own work unless otherwise acknowledged and is in accordance with TAFE NSW Student Discipline Policy.Name:Signature:Date: Objectives You have been contracted by the Stadium Company to provide strategic plans to support their networks. You will include your responses and submit this document by the due date. Deliverables You will plan the project and prepare a high-level network design for submission. Your client company expects the deliverables shown below in Appendix-B. Company details are found in Appendix-A: You will use the template in Appendix-B to enter your responses to each topic. On average, one ten-line paragraph will be sufficient for each topic. You will provide your network design that could meet the requirements of your client company. Tools you can use are MS-Visio, Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS, others as you choose. Some sample network designs are shown in Appendix-C. Appendix-A Stadium Company The Stadium Company manages five large sports facilities across five states. The initial supporting networks provided state-of-the-art communications capabilities. However, the company has not been keeping up with current technologies. To meet short-term needs, new equipment and connections were deployed without considering the overall business goals and long-term infrastructure design. Many system updates were adopted without any overall direction. Many employees have expressed their frustration with the support they were getting from their networks. Business-critical networks are also under threat. The Stadium Company management wants to ensure superb customer experience by implementing the newest high-tech features. They would like to be able to roll out new business goals with their upgraded networks. Lacking in-house expertise, the Stadium Company management has decided to hire you and your consultants (Networking Company) to provide the design, project management, and implementation support. The project will be implemented in three phases: Plan the project and prepare high-level network design.Develop the detailed network design.Implement the design. Your Networking Company is a Cisco Premier Partner that employs 40 network engineers with significant industry experience. Stadium Company Organisation The Stadium Company provides the network infrastructure and facilities across five large international-class stadiums. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE The company has the following operational departments: AdministrationFinanceAccountingSalesMarketingPublic RelationsHospitalityGeneral MaintenanceHuman ResourcesSecurityICT Analogue versus digital Security personnel use shared phones that are distributed throughout the stadium premises. These phones are digital voice PBX. Analog phones are used to support fax machines and direct access for emergency services such as the police, fire and medical support. The security group is supported by security cameras implemented on separate networks. The large stadiums can be up to seven levels. Fiber-optic wiring closets are distributed throughout the stadium premises. Visiting teams support Visiting teams require customized wireless and wired network support at all times. Visiting teams typically contract with the Stadium Company for additional support such as office support, gyms, facilities access, transportation among many other services. Concession vendors Concession vendors are currently on separate networks to provide food, beverage, tickets, souvenirs and related services. They manage permanent and temporary concession booths that are located throughout the stadium premises. Luxury restaurants Networking and communications services are provided by out-sourced IT companies. The Stadium Company would like to bring their network support services in-house. Luxury skybox support Twenty luxury skyboxes in each stadium are currently supported just by local telephone calls. All skyboxes need to be fully integrated into the eventual network which will provide access to the global network. Press area support Many support services are shared and not customizable: The press print areas for reporters are supported by analogue phones and data portsThe press radio areas support radio announcers and has analogue phone linesThe press TV areas are supported by analogue phones. Remote site support The Stadium Company currently has remote ticketing and souvenir shop locations. Analogue phones are used for communication. The internet is accessed via DSL service to a local Internet service provider (ISP). Network infrastructure Each stadium is connected to the local ISP via ISP-owned and managed services router. Remote sites share the same ISP to access database servers in the Stadium Company management offices. Appendix-B Your report must address each of the following topics in sufficient detail: Section-01: Plan, configure and test a VLAN-based solution1.1 Determine network resources required for implementing a VLAN-based solution for a given network design and requirementsThese include layer-2 access layer, layer-3 distributed and core layer switches as well as enough port density etc.1.2 Produce an implementation plan and a verification plan for the VLAN-based network solutionCarefully design the private VLANs solution mentioning community and isolated VLANs based on the scenario as well as the IP addressing scheme for both IPv4 and IPv6. Use EtherChannel and HSRP. Show where Access Points are going to be connected.1.3 Document results of the VLAN implementation and verification plansImplement this scenario in Cisco Packet tracer and take the screenshot of your “appropriately labelled” topology.Section-02: Plan, configure and test a secure layer 2 network solution and a switch-based layer 3 services solution2.1 Determine network resources required for implementing a secure layer 2 network solution and a switch-based layer 3 solution against vulnerabilities with organisational security policiesAcquire enterprise switches with appropriate licenses for port security, IEE 802.1x, RADIUS authentication, Dynamic ARP Inspection, DHCP Snooping and IP Source Guard features.2.2 Produce an implementation plan and a verification plan for each of the layer 2 and layer 3 network solutionCreate one working module of the above scenario (with three switching layers) in Cisco Packet tracer and add the “appropriately labelled” screenshot of the topology here.2.5 Document results of security implementation and verification plans for each of the layer 2 and the layer 3 network solutionShare the actual configuration of the devices from 2.4Section-03: Prepare infrastructure to support advanced services3.1 Implement a wireless extension of a layer 2 solutionHighlight the wireless part of 1.2 and explain in detail.3.2 Implement a support solution for a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and a video applicationSince, heavy-duty applications will require huge bandwidth for both VoIP and Video applications, you need to show how this is going to be implemented along with any QoS specification.Section-04: Plan, configure and test high-availability networks using multilayer switches solution4.1 Determine network resources needed for implementing high-availability solution for a given network design and requirementsYou can mention redundancy using HSRP and manual load balancing of VLANs.4.2 Produce an implementation plan and a verification plan for the high-availability network, using multilayer switchesWe need Cisco Packet tracer topology of this which is “appropriately labelled”.4.5 Document results of high-availability implementation and verification plansWe need the configuration files of the working solution. Appendix-C Contact DetailsTeacherAdnan SyedHead TeacherASHRAF


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