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ESSAY 2 WRITINGNURS3002 Utilising Research to Promote Quality in Health CareESSAY DETAILSPOINTS IN MIND• No example essay for this assessment• No need to justify the choice of the coroner’s report• This essay has no relation to the use of PICO• Double spacing for the essay, but single spacing for both the flowdiagram and table ESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Title: Incident that has been analysed❖Introduction (150 words)▪ Clearly state what the clinical incident is (Ref)▪ Define what root cause analysis is and why using it (Ref)▪ What methods, e.g. Checklist Flip (Ref)▪ A brief overview of what will be addressed in this report, which is the sequence of the report▪ Support with evidenceESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Root cause analysis (350 words)▪A flow diagram▪A table▪Flow diagram and table are included in word count▪Be succinct (easy to be over the word limit)▪Can create your own diagram or table; can use the template table▪NO references are needed for the diagram and tableESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Root cause analysis–Diagram▪A flow diagram first to show the key events crucial to understanding theincident (≤ 6 boxes) in chronological order▪First box should relate to the first error made and last box should be the finalevents before death of the patient▪Some events might overlap or occur concurrently▪No headings are required in each box▪Can use Box 1, Box 2 …▪NO need a fancy or colored flow diagramA good example of what yourflow diagram looks like, butthe information in each boxrequires a bit more detail.ESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Root cause analysis–Table▪ Information in table does not need to be in chronological order▪ Ensure you guide this by Checklist Flip chart.▪ May need to change from portrait to landscape (PDF under assessment section)▪ In RCA table, can select more than one category for a cause/contributing factor▪ Under the “Description of root cause/contributing factor”, need to list both the causeand contributing factor. This can also include potential factors: e.g. The out-goingnurse pre-signed the night medication, resulting in confusion as to whether thepatient received his sleeping tablet.▪ Item No.: Minimum of 12, can have 12-18 or moreA good example of how part of your table looks likePlease use this doc to guide your RCA process,especially in helping you to develop the RCA table.Check Rules of causation for the statements thatyou will develop for your RCA table.ESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Potential intervention (350 words)▪ Prioritise one nursing-relevant strategy or intervention that is likely to result inmeaningful improvement which could be implemented within the setting where theincident occurred▪ May have ≥ one strategies, but only need one strategy for the essay▪ The strategy can come from the coroner’s report if available or from the establishedintervention in the literature▪ Justify the strategy/intervention by drawing meaningful links between RCA (events inthe clinical incident) and the proposed/chosen strategy/intervention▪ There is no set strategy for each coroner’s report▪ The marker will grade it based on the justification of choice of strategy/intervention▪ Please DO not choose “the A-G assessment” as the interventionESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Evidence base for intervention (500 words) (Ref)▪For chosen strategy, locate the best available evidence-based resources▪Use this evidence to support and discuss the effectiveness of thesuggested intervention generally in health care if available▪Can use systematic reviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses, orgovernment policies if unable to find the effectiveness of the strategy▪Available evidence does not have to be from primary studiesESSAY STRUCTURE IN DETAIL❖Conclusion (150 words)▪Draw logical and insightful conclusions about the incident and strategiesto prevent its recurrence▪Usually no reference is needed❖Only need to reference your chosen coroner’s report ONCE; you may usedirect quotes from the coroner’s report, then you will need to reference itwith page number. However, using direct quotes would be discouraged.ESSAY FORMAT❖Cover sheet: State word count excluding reference list❖Submit a word document (add your name and student number in header)❖Headings and sub-headings are accepted; No dot points❖Tense: Use current tense, but past tense when reporting results, 3rd person❖Other points are the same as the ones in essay 1: e.g. format, AI issue, etc.❖Word count: 1,500▪ Includes headings, in-text referencing, diagram, and RCA table (including headings inthe RCA table) (except reference list)▪ 1,350 to 1,650 (+/- 10%) is acceptable▪ Marker stops marking when reaches 1,650▪ No marks taken for lower than 1,350, but penalised each section for insufficient infoREFERENCES❖Examples of referencing a coroner’s report▪ Westmead Coroners Court. (2008). Inquest into the death of Vanessa Anderson (Westmead file.No. 161/2007).▪ Magistrate Milovanovich. (2008). Inquest into the Death of Vanessa Anderson (161/2007). Sydney:Westmead Coroners Court.▪ In-text should be either Magistrate Milovanovich (2008) or (Magistrate Milovanovich, 2008).❖Referencing the Checklist Flip Chart▪ South Australia Health (n.d.). Checklist flip chart for root cause analysis teams. Direct cheating Accidentally copying from a source without acknowledgement Self-plagiarism Direct copying with acknowledgement Refer to AI officer Resubmit the essay with a maximum of 50%SUBMISSION & EXTENSIONDO submit your report to draft Turnitinto help avoid AI referralEnsure highlighted is cited properly,except references and those headingsin the RCA tableSubmit extension BEFORE the due dateONLYItems submitted after the due datewithout approved extension: 5%-markNot to email me for the extension deduction per day late


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