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Presentation and Submission InstructionsArden University – Introduction to Social and Developmental PsychologyPlease read the following instructions very carefully and ask if you do not fully understand what isrequired.It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that assessments are uploaded correctly.For this coursework, you need to upload Question 1 (essay) to the Submit Assignment Portal.Submit the Narrated PowerPoint Presentation through the Presentation Portal.You are required to record your narrated presentation and submit this as a Narrated PowerPoint file.If you are using Microsoft Office PowerPoint software to create your presentation, we recommendthat you record your audio narration using the Microsoft Office PowerPoint built-in Audio Narrationfunction.Optionally, you may also record your presentation as a video file using any video device you haveavailable, e.g. through a web cam, a mobile device, digital camera (with video and audio recordingfacility), or a digital camcorder.Please ensure that your presentation does not exceed the maximum allocated length of time of 15minutes.When creating your presentation you will need to make sure that you have a version of “MicrosoftOffice PowerPoint 2000” or above Installed. The three below links will show you exactly how to addyour narration to your presentations: you require any assistance with this process, please contact


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