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HI6006 COMPETITIVE STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT 2 HOLMES INSTITUTEFACULTY OFHIGHEREDUCATIONAssessment Details and Submission GuidelinesTrimesterT1 2021Unit CodeHI6006Unit TitleCompetitive StrategyAssessment TypeGroup Assignment – maximum 4 persons per groupNote: Groups must be formed by week 6. Once a group is formed, no changes areallowed.If you fail to form a group, your lecturer may allow you to submit individually.Assessment TitleReport – Case Analysis and Application of Strategy ModelsPurpose of theassessmentStudents are required to explain in report format, with reference to a case of yourchoice, how any one of the following would be applied:Business Strategy, Competitive Dynamics, Corporate Strategy, Acquisitions andStructure, International Strategy.This is strictly required to be your own original work.Be sure to base your answer on the models studied in class and quote your academicsources.Weight40%,Total Marks40 [note: the total assignment is graded out of 40]Word limitReport not more than 2500 wordsDue DateWeek 10 for the final report. [Late submission penalties accrue at the rate of -5% perday]SubmissionGuidelines• All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completedAssignment Cover Page.• The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cmmargins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and pagenumbers.• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriatelyat the end in a reference list, all using Harvard referencing style.• At the end of your report please include an appendix stating ‘who wrote whichsection’, i.e. provide the student name and number for each section of the report. Page 2 of 4HI6006 COMPETITIVE STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT 2Purpose:Assignment 2 SpecificationsThis assignment aims at ensuring that students have familiarized themselves with at least onesignificant case study (from any of those in the tutorials) and are able to apply the “strategicmanagement process” and relevant foundational strategy development models that are applicableto the case.DetailsSelect any one case study from the following aspects of competitive strategy and apply the theories ofstrategy development tools and how they are used in the identification of strategic issues. Report mustcontain a comprehensive application of the strategic management process containing both formulation andimplementation of strategy relevant to the case study you choose:• Business Strategy• Competitive Dynamics• Corporate Strategy• Acquisitions and Restructure• International StrategyIn this report, the use of sub-headings is essential.Be sure to use paragraphing.Be sure to reference your sources in-text and provide a list of references at the end, all in Harvardstyle.Your final submission is due Friday of week 10 at midnight. Late submissions attract penalties at the rateof -5% per day.Assignment Structure RequiredNote: The report should be grounded on relevant literature, and all references must be citedappropriately and included in the reference list. The Adaptive Harvard Referencing guidelines areprovided below.Cover page [this is essential and must be completed accurately]Executive SummaryTable of ContentsBody of the report to contain Section Headings – e.g. introduction, brief summary of the case;identification of strategic issues (relevant theoretical concepts, application of strategy model);strategy formulation; strategy implementation; conclusion.Sub-sections are to be numbered.Paragraphing must be used.Page Numbers must be used.Reference List at the end must be in Harvard format and mainly academic Journal Articles.Appendix: Statement of ‘who wrote which section’ (see below).Page 3 of 4HI6006 COMPETITIVE STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT 2ASSESSMENT DESIGN – ADAPTED HARVARD REFERENCINGHolmes will be implementing as a pilot program a revised Harvard approach to referencing. Thefollowing guidelines apply:1. Reference sources in assignments are limited to sources which provide full text access tothe source’s content for lecturers and markers.2. The Reference list should be located on a separate page at the end of the essay and titled:References.3. It should include the details of all the in-text citations, arranged alphabetically A-Z by authorsurname. In addition, it MUST include a hyperlink to the full text of the cited reference source.For example;P Hawking, B McCarthy, A Stein (2004), Second Wave ERP Education, Journal of InformationSystems Education, Fall, All assignments will require additional in-text reference details which will consist of the surnameof the author/authors or name of the authoring body, year of publication, page number of content,paragraph where the content can be found.For example;“The company decided to implement a enterprise wide data warehouse businessintelligence strategies (Hawking et al, 2004, p3(4)).”Non-Adherence to Referencing GuidelinesWhere students do not follow the above guidelines:1. Students who submit assignments which do not comply with the guidelines will be asked toresubmit their assignments.2. Late penalties will apply, as per the Student Handbook each day, after the student/s have beennotified of the resubmission requirements.3. Students who comply with guidelines and the citations are “fake” will be reported foracademic misconduct.To ensure that all students participate equitably in the group assignment and that students areresponsible for the academic integrity of all components of the assignment. You need to complete thefollowing table which identifies which student/students are responsible for the various sections of theassignment:Page 4 of 4HI6006 COMPETITIVE STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT 2 Assignment SectionStudent Name and Number This table needs to be completed and submitted with the assignment as it is a compulsory componentrequired before any grading is undertaken.Page 5 of 4HI6006 COMPETITIVE STRATEGY ASSIGNMENT 2Marking Rubric Excellent8-7 marksVery Good6-5 marksGood4-3 marksSatisfactory2 marksUnsatisfactory1 or 0 marksReferencing (intext)Max 3 marksn/an/aCorrect in allrespectsSome minorerrorsLargely incorrect orincompleteReference List (atend)Max 4 marksn/an/aCorrect inmostrespectsSome minorerrorsLargely incorrect orincompleteExecutive SummaryMax 4 marksn/an/aA goodsummary ofthe reportA basicsummary ofthe reportMissingSummary of theCaseMax 5marksn/aClear, conciseand compellingA goodsummary ofthe caseA satisfactorysummary ofthe caseInaccurate ormisconstruedcontentExplanation ofAll key strategicMost keySome keykey strategicstrategic IssuesStrategic issuesIssues arestrategicIssuesstrategicIssues areidentified oridentified andare identifiedIssues areidentified andexplainedMax 8 markswell-explainedand explainedidentified andexplained, butincorrectly orexplainedwith somereservationpoorlyApplication ofThe theoreticalThe theoreticalA goodA satisfactoryThe attempt madeRelevantconcepts haveconcepts matchattempt hasattempt hasto match and applyTheoreticalbeen matched tothe issues in thebeen made tobeen made torelevant theoreticalConceptsthe issues in thecase precisely andcase and areapplied quitematch andapply relevantmatch andapply relevantconcepts to thecase isMax 8 markswell appliedwelltheoreticaltheoreticalunsatisfactory orconcepts tothe caseconcepts to thecasenegligibleFormat andProfessionalism ofthe ReportMax 8 marksThe report isexceptionallywell-documentedwas HighDistinction /Virtuoso qualityThe report isvery welldocumentedwasDistinctive/ stand-outqualityThe report iswelldocumentedwas creditworthyqualityThe report issatisfactorywassatisfactoryThe report isunsatisfactorywasUnsatisfactoryTotal40 marks*CommentsMark Awarded


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