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TAFE NSW – Western Sydney RegionCreated: 9/04/2019Version: 1.0Case Study 4 – David.docxModified: 9/04/2019Page 1 of 1Exceptional ChildrenCase Study 4About DavidDavid is four and a half. He is a confident sociable child with a cheeky sense ofhumour, great determination, a vivid imagination and the best smile. David startedwalking when he was two and was initially diagnosed with ataxia. He has recentlybeen diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which affects his movement, coordination andfine motor control and speech articulation.Last year he tackled the physical challenges of moving up to the 3-5 room and its’ bigplayground with characteristic resolve. His parents’ primary concern is that he ishappy and safe in a familiar environment. They are also keenly aware of the potentialimpact David’s speech articulation might have on his friendships as his peers becomemore competent verbally.David attends the centre three days a week and has intensive speech therapy at thecentre once a fortnight. Educators are also using a board with visual cues. Davidattends physiotherapy sessions and has started playing soccer which he loves! Theteam of professionals supporting David and his family includes an Early ChildhoodTeacher (ECT), Early Intervention Therapist (EIT), Speech Therapist, OccupationalTherapist, Physiotherapist, Paediatrician and an Inclusion Support Facilitator.Cologon, K. (2014). Inclusive education in the early years: Right from the start. Australia: OxfordUniversity Press.


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