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MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 1 MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business AnalysisDEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND BUSINESS ANALYTICSDEAKIN BUSINESS SCHOOLFACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW, DEAKINUNIVERSITYAssignment TwoAnalysis of Click Sales Data Particulars• Due: Week 10, 8 pm, Thursday 20th of May 2021. (Contrary to the Unit guide, this is thenew due date).• Marks: 30%.• Words: 2,000 words or approximate equivalent.• Submission: Two files (Word and XL) electronically submitted in CloudDeakin. Email submissionswill not be accepted. Note: Do not convert your Word document to pdfformat.• Notes: This assignment is to be completed individually. Please ensure you are familiar with theExtension Request and the Late Penalties rules governing assignments in the Faculty of Business and Law(see details below).Assurance of LearningThis assignment assesses the following Graduate Learning Outcomes and related Unit Learning Outcomes: Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO)Unit Learning Outcome (ULO)GLO4:Critical thinking: evaluating informationusingcritical and analytical thinking and judgmentULO2:Manipulateandsummarisedatathataccurately represents real-world problemsULO3:Interpret and appraise statistical output toassist in real-world decision making Faculty of Business and Law Assignment Extension ProceduresInformation for students seeking an extension BEFORE the due dateIf you wish to seek an extension for this assignment prior to the due date, you need to apply directly to the UnitChair by completing the Assignment and Online Test Extension Application Form (available from and sending thecompleted form as well as your supporting documentation and a draft of your assignment,[email protected] (Note:completingtheExtension Application Form is mandatory if you wish toapply for an extension.)This process needs to occur as soon as you become aware that you will have difficulty in meeting the due date,but no later than 5-00 pm Thursday the21st of May 2021.Specifically, requests for extensions will not be considered after the normal close of business on the due dateof the assignment.Pleasenote: Unit Chairs can only grant extensions up to two weeks beyond the original due date. If you requiremore than two weeks, or have already been provided an extension by the Unit Chair and require additionaltime, you must apply for Special Consideration via Student Connect within 3 business days of the due date.Misreading the due date and time, assignment anxiety or returning home will not be accepted as grounds forconsideration.MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 2Conditions under which an extension will normally be considered include:• Medical –to cover medical conditions of a serious nature, e.g. hospitalisation, serious injury or chronicillness.Note:temporaryminor ailmentssuchasheadaches,coldsandminorgastric upsets arenotserious medicalconditions and are unlikely to be accepted. However serious cases of these may be considered.• Compassionate – e.g. death of a close family member, significant family and relationship problems.• Hardship/Trauma–e.g.suddenlossorgainofemployment,severedisruptiontodomesticarrangements,a victim of crime.Information for students seeking an extension AFTER the due dateIf the due date has passed and you require more than two weeks extension, or you have already been providedwith anextensionandrequireadditionaltime,youmustapplyforSpecialConsiderationviaStudent Connect.Please be aware that applications are governed by University procedures and must be submitted within threebusiness days of the due date or previously granted extension due date.In most instances the maximum amount of time that can be granted for an assignment extension is three weeksafter the due date, as Unit Chairs are required to have all assignments submitted before results/feedback can bereleased back to students.Penalties for late submissionThe following marking penalties will apply if you submit an assessment task after the due date without anapproved extension:• 5% will be deducted from the available marks for each day, or part thereof, up to five days.• Work that is submitted more than five days after the due date will not be marked; you will receive 0% forthe task.Note: ‘Day’ means calendar day.TheUnit Chair may refuse to accept a late submission where it is unreasonable or impracticable to assess thetask after the due date.Additional informationFor advice regarding academic misconduct, special consideration, extensions, and assessment feedback,please refer to the document “Rights and responsibilities as a student” in the “Unit Guide and Information”folder under the “Resources” section in the MIS770 CloudDeakin site.OverviewThe purpose of this assignment is to investigate a dataset utilising the knowledge learned up to and includingweek 10. This will enable conclusions to be drawn that ultimately assist in decision making.The assignment requires you to analyse a given dataset, interpret the results, and then draw conclusions suchthat you are able to reply to specific questions being asked. You will respond in the form of a business report.(These questions are asked in the following memorandum).The aims of the assignment are to:• provide you with some examples of the application of data analysis• test your understanding of the material presented in the relevant topics thus far• test your ability to analyse data and interpret your results• test your ability to effectively communicate your results to others, particularly, those with very littleknowledge of statistics or analytics.Before attempting the assignment, make sure thatyou have prepared yourself well. At a minimum, please readthe relevant sections of the prescribed textbook and review the materials provided to date.MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 3Scenario and the dataClick Sales is an online store (fictitious) that sells electronic gadgetry all over the world. The annual boardmeeting is on the horizon, and you have been asked to provide summary information and estimates. AlthoughClick Sales has no “bricks and mortar” storefront, some purchases are made directly from the differentwarehouse locations. The data set contains thirteen variables with information about 150 randomly selectedClick Sales warehouses throughout the world.You play the role of the senior analyst that will be responsible for modelling the data. The questions you need toanswer are contained in the following memorandum.MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 4MemorandumDate: 23rd April 2021 To:From:Subject:The Senior AnalystClick Sales Business Intelligence teamAnalysis of warehouse data Dear Senior Analyst,Please carry out an analysis of the Click Sales data (contained in the file ClickSales data.xlsx) and prepare areport for me containing answers to the following questions.My specific questions are:Q1. We need an overall view of both (a) the number of items sent from warehouses and (b) the review ratingsthat are given to us by our customer.Q2. Relationshipsa) Is there a difference in the customer review ratings when comparing male and female locationmanagers?b) Is there a relationship between the annual sales and the number of team members operating at thatwarehouse location?c) The Business Intelligence team would like to get an understanding of the relationship between thewages paid and whether or not the location managers were male or female.Q3. Using the random sample of 150 warehouses, the BI team would like to get an estimate of the following.a) The average annual sales of all warehouses managed by Females.b) The proportion of all of our stores that have a customer review rating of “high”.Q4. The Business Intelligence team would like to compare this year’s annual wages to the industry average of$65,000.a) The average wage for warehouse staff who do not work for Click Sales is 65,000 dollars. Is this wagewe pay our Click Sales warehouse staff higher than this?b) Based on the industry observations, it is known that elsewhere, fewer than 22% of warehousemanagers are male, is this the same for Click Sales managers? That is, is the proportion of Click Salesmanagers who are male really less than 22%?Q5. Appropriate Sample SizeFinally, the Business Intelligence team is concerned that a sample of 150 might be too small to drawreliable inferences and conclusion from. For a survey we intend to undertake next year, we would like youradvice on the following:a) Is a sample size of 150 suitable to make reliable estimates from?b) What size sample should be taken in order to accurately estimate the true proportion of warehousesthat have a high customer review rating to with plus and minus 5%I look forward to your responses.Sincerely,The Business Intelligence TeamMIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 5Business Report Requirements• Your report should be no longer than 3 pages and should not include any charts and tables, orappendices. Charts/graphics and tables are only to be placed in the Data Analysis file i.e. theExcel spreadsheet and not reproduced in the report.• Suggested formatting for the report: single‐line spacing; no smaller than 10 point font; page marginsapprox. 25mm, and good use of white space.• Your report must have a cover sheet containing your particulars and Unit details (This does not counttowards the suggested report length of 3 pages).• The report is to be written as a stand‐alone document (assume that the Business Intelligence team willonly read your report). Thus, you should not have any references in the report to your data analysisoutput. Eg. “According to Table 1 in the analysis…”• Your report must contain an executive summary that explains in plain language the purpose of the reportand summarises the main findings. The executive summary should be no more than 700 words long andshould ideally fit onto one page. Dot points may be used to summarise your main findings. The executivesummary page is included in the three-page limit.• The body of your report must be set out in the same order as in the originating memorandum from theBusiness Intelligence team, with each section (question) clearly marked.• Use plain language and succinct explanations. Do not use technical or statistical jargon as the BusinessIntelligence team cannot be expected to understand statistical terminology. As a guide to the meaning of“Plain Language”, imagine you are explaining your findings to a person without any statistical training(e.g. someone who has not studied this unit). What type of language would you use in this case? Part ofthis assessment is to ensure that you can convey the results of complex statistical modelling, to a personwith no knowledge of statistics.• Marks will be lost if you use technical terms (even if you attempt to explain them), irrelevant material, orhave poor presentation/organisation.• All Microsoft Excel data analysis output associated with each question in the Memorandum are to beplaced in the corresponding tab (the corresponding XL spreadsheet/worksheet) in theT12021MIS770_A2_yourstudentid.xlsx file. Your working is to be placed in the area provided.Data Analysis Instructions/GuidelinesFor obvious reasons, do not post your data, your working, nor your conclusions to the cloud assessmentdiscussion area. Ask questions of a general nature only.In order to prepare a reply to the Business Intelligence teams memorandum, you will need to examine and analysethe dataset ClickSales data.xlsx thoroughly.The BI team has asked a number of questions and your Data Analysis output (i.e. your charts/tables/graphs) shouldbe structured such that you answer each question on the separate worksheet provided in your Excel document.Include all of your relevant analysis results (for each question) in the bordered area defined within each separateworksheet. Therearealsotwo other worksheets inClickSales data.xlsx file calledCI &HT,andyoumayusethevarious templates contained in these worksheets to determine relevant “Confidence Intervals” and “Hypotheses”should you wish to do so.General: Although not mandatory, you can copy the data for each question to the worksheet dedicated to thatquestion.Q1. Comprehensively describe both of these variables using the most appropriate descriptive summarytechniques (graphical and tabular).Q2. Use the most appropriate descriptive techniques.Q3 & 4 Use the most appropriate inferential techniques.Q5. A response revealing your understanding of the theory is required, as well as an estimate of anappropriate sample size to deal with the stated margin of error. You can use the relevant Excel templatesprovided in tutorials.MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 6Other Guidelines:• To answer some questions, you may need to make certain assumptions about the data set we are using.Mention these in your data analysis, where relevant. There is no need to mention them in the report.• Please ensure you analyse the data thoroughly.• We assume you will be using Excel to perform you data analysis.• You can use the relevant Excel templates (CI and HT) provided in the Data file or from your tutorials. 95%confidence intervals are appropriate. When conducting hypotheses tests, set alpha to 5%.• Detailed algebraic responses are not expected. Thus, avoid including extensive derivations, formulae,etc. You are to use Excel where possible to complete your answers.• In your data analysis output you may include, as annotations, appropriate comments in either plain ortechnical language. These will be assumed to be your personal working comments.• Overall, you will generate a great deal of output for this assignment, but you should trim it down to onlyshow the most relevant results. Superfluous output will be penalised, so ensure you only include relevantmaterials (graphs, tables, calculations, tests, etc.) that are essential for writing up your report.• Any of your computer work that is not useful should be discarded – your data analysis should only includecomputer output that is relevant to your report.• Save your computer analysis frequently (every 10 to 15 minutes).SubmissionYour completed assignment should be submitted in two separate files:• Business report (Part A): A Word document of no more than 3 pages that is not to contain anycharts/tables/graphs. (Note: Do not submit a pdf document in lieu.). Please name your Word documentT1 2021 MIS770_A2_yourstudentid.docx• DataAnalysis(PartB): AnExceldocumentcontainingseparatetabs/worksheetswithcharts/tables/graphsfor each question. Please note that all interpretations should be presented in your “Business Report” andthe Excel document should only contain your intermediate analysis and final output. Please name yourExcel document T1 2021 MIS770_A2_yourstudentid.xlsxThe assignment is to be submitted to the MIS770 assignment box in Deakin’s Cloud Campus before 8pm,Thursday 21st May 2021. Please ensure that you include your name and student details in your Word documentas well following the above file naming convention. Failure to follow this convention may lead to a delay inreceiving feedback and marks.MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 7Marking Rubric PoorNeedsImprovementSatisfactoryGoodVery GoodExcellentExecutivesummary(Marks: 10)0 pointsDoes notcommunicate anyof the main findingsof the analysis inan accurate oruseful way, or thefindings are basic.0 – 2.9 Marks3 pointsPresents somemain findings of theanalysis accuratelyand enables readerto draw a fewconclusions.3 – 4.9 Marks5 pointsPresents most ofthe main findings ofthe analysisaccurately andenables reader todraw somereasonableconclusions.5 – 5.9 Marks6 pointsPresents nearly allof the main findingsof the analysisaccurately andenables reader todraw mostlyreasonableconclusions.6 – 6.9 Marks7 pointsProvides detailedand accuratedescriptions of themost importantfeatures of theanalysis along withappropriatelyqualifiedconclusions.7 – 7.9 Marks10 pointsProvidesoutstandingdescriptions andreachesconclusions thatare carefullyconsidered andinsightful.8 – 10 MarksData Analysis(Marks: 40)0 points16 points20 points24 points28 points40 pointsThis partrelates to thevariousvisualisationsin the form ofcharts, tables& graphs etc.Uses irrelevantor inappropriatetechniques toanalyse the data,or the DataAnalysis andvisualisationtools were usedto analyse thedata but in anincomplete orinaccuratemanner.Uses someappropriate dataanalysis andvisualisation toolsto analyse thedata but thereare many errorsin the analysis.Usesappropriate dataanalysis andvisualisation toolsto analyse thedata but thereare several errorsin the analysis.Usesappropriate dataanalysis andvisualisation toolsto analyse thedata but thereare some errorsin the analysis.Comprehensiveanalysis of thedata usingappropriatetechniques, butthere are someminor errors inthe analysis.Uses datavisualisations tounderstand thepatterns in data.Skilful andcomprehensiveanalysis of dataUses datavisualisations toproduce novelinsights.A very poorpresentation ofthe analysis, orthe analysisdoes not followprinciples ofgood graphicaldisplay.Thepresentation ofthe analysisneedsimprovement.Thepresentation ofthe analysis issatisfactory.Thepresentation oftheanalysis is ofa respectablestandard.The analysis iswell organisedand followsprinciples ofgood graphicaldisplay.An excellentpresentation ofthe analysis.0 – 15.9 Marks16 – 19.9 Marks20 – 23.9Marks24 – 27.9Marks28 – 31.9Marks32 – 40 MarksBusinessReport(Marks: 40)0 points16 points20 points24 points28 points40 pointsThispartisthewrittenresponse tothe questions.Does notcommunicate anyof the mainfindings of theanalysis in anaccurate and/oruseful way, orthe interpretationandcommunicationof findings is at abasic level.Explains some ofthe mainfindings of theanalysisaccurately whichonly enables thereader to draw afew reasonableconclusions.Explains most ofthe mainfindings of theanalysisaccurately andenables thereader to drawseveralreasonableconclusions.Explains nearlyall of the mainfindings of theanalysisaccurately andenables thereader to drawmostlyreasonableconclusions.Providesdetailed andaccuratedescriptions ofthe mostimportantfeatures of theanalysis alongwithappropriatelyqualifiedconclusions.Providesoutstandingdescriptions andconclusions thatare carefullyconsidered andinsightful.The writtencommunication isunprofessional ordifficult to followand containsnumerous errors.The writtencommunicationis not very easyto follow and/orit contains toomany errors.The writtencommunicationis clear and easyto follow but itcontains minorerrors.The writtencommunicationis clear and easyto follow andgenerally free oferrors.The writtencommunicationis professional,easy to followand has a goodstructure.The writtencommunicationis veryprofessional,logical and easyto follow.0 – 15.9 Marks16 – 19.9 Marks20– 23.9 Marks24 – 27.9Marks28 – 31.9Marks32 – 40Marks MIS770 Foundation Skills in Business Analysis AssignmentTwo Page 8 OverallAssignmentPresentation(Marks: 10)0 pointsNo attempt hasbeen made tofollow theassignmentRequirements/Instructions/Guidelines.3 pointsLittle attempthas been madeto follow theassignmentRequirements/Instructions/Guidelines.5 pointMajority of theassignmentRequirements/Instructions/Guidelines havebeen followed.6 pointNearly all of theassignmentRequirements/Instructions/Guidelines havebeen followed.7 pointsAll of theassignmentRequirements/Instructions/Guidelines havebeen followed.10 pointsAll of theassignmentRequirements/Instructions/Guidelines havebeen dealt withmeticulously.PoorlypresentedUnsatisfactorilypresentedSatisfactorilypresentedGoodpresentationVery goodpresentationFaultlessassignmentpresentation0 – 2.9 Marks3 – 4.9 Marks5 – 5.9 Marks6 – 6.9 Marks7 – 7.9 Marks8 – 10 Marks


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