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Fundamentals of Professional Engineering (FPE) Student full name:I certify that the attached assessment is my own work and that any material drawn from other sources has been acknowledged. Copyright in assessments remains my property, however I grant permission to the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) to make copies of assessments for assessment, review and/or record keeping purposes. I note that the EIT reserves the right to check my assessment for plagiarism. Should the reproduction of all or part of an assessment be required by the EIT for any purpose other than those mentioned above, appropriate authorisation will be sought from me on the relevant form.Please place a tick () in the box below to indicate that you have read, understood, and certify the above statement. Please include this page in/with your submission. Any electronic responses to this submission will be sent to your Moodle account. AGREEMENT DATE:Marks (%)Satisfactory / Not SatisfactoryAssessor:Date:Overall feedback: Guidelines for Students How is this module assessed? After completion of this assessment, you will be given a result of ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Not Satisfactory’. The assessor will give you feedback via Moodle and you will have an opportunity to submit additional evidence, if you have received a ‘Not Satisfactory’ result. You will be allowed one (1) opportunity to resubmit the same assessment task, if required. For a ‘Satisfactory’ result in this assessment, all questions must be answered to a satisfactory standard and you must achieve an overall mark of 60% or above. Once all assessment tasks for this module have been completed, you will be given a final module result of ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’. If you are deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’ in a module after all resubmission attempts, you will be required to re-sit the module. How is this assessment task assessed? For a result of ‘Satisfactory’ in this assessment task, all module assessment criteria (as indicated on page 4) must be completed to a satisfactory standard. Where a critical question is identified, you must receive a mark of 100% for these questions before a ‘satisfactory’ result can be awarded, regardless of the overall mark achieved. At Advanced Diploma level, a ‘satisfactory’ standard, as stipulated by the Australian Qualifications Framework, means that you will demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills: with depth in areas of specialisation, in contexts subject to changewith initiative and judgment in planning, design, technical or management functions with some directionto adapt a range of fundamental principles and complex techniques to known and unknown situationsacross a broad range of technical or management functions with accountability for personal outputspersonal and team outcomes within broad parameters Assessors also make decisions based on the following considerations: all parts of this assessment have been completed to a standard that satisfactorily meets the requirements set out in the assessment criteria (as per the module outline).the assessment evidence provided is the student’s own work, except as appropriately acknowledged by the use of referencing.the evidence is recent and the student’s knowledge is up-to-date Assessment Instructions: You must answer ALL questions.Please ensure you complete your answers in a blue font (not red or black).The best marks can be earned by giving concise, brief answers that address the questions.You must reference all content used from other sources including course materials, slides, diagrams, etc. Do not directly copy and paste from course materials or any other resources.Refer to the referencing section of the EIT eLibrary on Moodle for referencing guides.Use this document for completing your answers by typing the answers after each question without deleting the question. Make sure that you preserve the original question number format.Do not add extra pictures, etc. as annexures; instead, paste them directly into this answer sheet. Hand-drawn sketches can be inserted after scanning but please ensure that the file size does not become big (more than 10 MB). You must refer to all diagrams and pictures, etc. that you have drawn or pasted in.When saving your document (must be Word format), ensure you include your name in the title: COURSECODE_MODULE#_ASSESSMENTTYPE_VERSION#_YOURNAME E.g. FPE_IndividualAssessment_PaperA_v4.3_JohnSmith Module:Fundamentals of Professional EngineeringAssessment type:Individual Assessment 1Version4.3Total marks:240 Assessment Points: Supply the required answers below in blue font (not red or black). You must answer all questions Please note – there are clickable hyperlinks throughout this assignment. For file names presented link this “FPE_Filename…” , please refer to the FPE Individual Assessment folder here. Section 1 40 MarksThe four topics covered: Time Management Portfolio of Skills Communication Skills Decision-makingQ1Time Management Download and install any Pomodoro timer. Snag the timer interface on your desktop as proof that you have installed it, and paste it in the space below. (2 marks) For snags (screenshots) you can download an ad-free copy of Screenhunter (free version) from here. Pomodoro timers are available for both PC and Mac. In one paragraph, outline the basic Pomodoro concept. Please use your own words and do not copy verbatim from the Internet. (3 marks)(5 marks)A1Student answerF1Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q2Portfolio of Skills Create a personal online profile showcasing your professional attributes and enter the URL in the space below. This is not a CV, but it should incorporate one. It is also not a substitute for your LinkedIn page, although you are welcome to copy information across from your LinkedIn page.You should createat least five (5) pages: Your Home page One page showcasing your professional life One page focusing on your personal life (hobbies, sports, pastimes etc.) One page for your CV (you have one ready, don’t you?) A ‘contact’ pageHere are a few examples. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5We suggest you use Wix. Refer to the information from the Wix Help Center on the site. If you do not want to share specific personal information, you may make up answers. The ‘how to’ document shows how you can password-protect your website, or prevent it from being indexed by search engines.(20 marks)A2Student answerF2Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q3Communication Skills Watch the following video. Briefly identify (in point form) five communication issues you detected.(5 marks)A3Student answerF3Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q4Decision-making Assume that you are in the market for a luxury German car, and that you have completed the following table with figures you obtained with Car and Driver. Perform a decision analysis by means of an Excel spreadsheet (as per Webinar 1 slides).For each column, rate the cars as follows: 3 = most desirable 1 = least desirable The numbers given for ‘looks’ are subjective and totally arbitraryThe weighting for the columns are as follows: Power (4) Price (5) Top Speed (2) Looks (3)Model Power Price Top Speed Looks MBenz C300 241 HP $60,905 211 km/h 3 Audi A4 252 HP $54,275 209 km/h 2 BMW 320i 248 HP $47,645 250 km/h 1Snag and paste your completed spreadsheet in the space below. State your final decision.(10 marks)A4Student answerF4Assessor feedback:(marks awarded) Section 2 40 MarksThe four topics covered: Work Breakdown Structures Scheduling Qualitative Risk Analysis Quantitative Risk AnalysisQ5Work Breakdown Structures Refer to section 2.4 of the FPE_WBS_Help here. You may use any one of the methods described in the tutorial. If you want to go for the tree structure, you have two options: Download and install WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) from Download and install FPE_Software_WBSPro_Setup here. It is an older version with fewer specs, but most people find it easier to use. Mac users: Find a copy of WBS Chart Pro on Remote Lab 3 or here.A simple house project can be structured as follows (8 work packages total): Site work: Earth works + Sewerage Construction: Foundation + Walls + Roof + Finishing Services: Electricity + PlumbingUse the following numbering system: ‘1’ for the top level ‘1.1’ onwards for the second level ‘1.1.1’ onwards for the third levelCreate the WBS, then ‘snag’ it and paste it in the space below. Please include your name or initials in the top level node (Node 1).(40 marks)A5Student answerF5Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q6Scheduling Download and install GanttProject. You can also access this software from Remote Lab 3. This software is available for both PC and Mac.Refer to the FPE_GanttProject_Help here for assistance. The following represents a very simple project. The calendar allows for 5 work days (M-F) per week. To keep things simple we won’t separate capital expenses and labour. The cost per activity shown below is total (i.e. not per day).Activity Duration (days) Precedent Cost A 5 None* $500 B 7 None* $1000 C 4 A, B $400 D** 5 C $500 E** 6 C $800 * Except for ‘Start’ ** The project can only be signed off once D and E have been completed.Enter the data into GanttProject, and generate the PERT and Gantt charts. Please ensure that: You have Start and Finish nodes. That all nodes have connections (dependencies) on both sides (except the left-hand side of Start and the Right-hand side of Finish. You have no bars (float) running across your Gantt chart because of missing dependencies.You must address all three of the points above or you will receive a ‘0’ mark for this question.(16 marks)A6Student answerF6Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q7Qualitative Risk Analysis Refer to the following risk matrix below:Read through the FPE_Panama_Canal Failure case study here. List five (5) risks to the project (irrespective of whether the project team was aware of them). Relate these risks to the matrix by placing the cell number next to each risk in. Use the format (X, Y) i.e. (Consequence, Likelihood) where X and Y have values ranging from 1 to 5. Alternatively, you may create your own Excel spreadsheet and enter the risks directly into it. (5 marks) How should the project team have addressed the two (2) most severe risks, viz. floods and malaria, right at the beginning of the project (assuming that they were aware of them)? (2 marks)(7 marks)A7Student answerF7Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q8Quantitative Risk Analysis Download and install FPE_Software_ProjRisk_Setup here or ProjRisk can be accessed on the Remote Lab 3. Refer to the FPE_ProjRisk_Help. This document is also available on Moodle.Note: The tutorial was based on an earlier version and may not align 100% with the latest version of the software.For the project outlined in Q6: Use ProjRisk to calculate the required contingency for an 80% confidence level. Assume that the costs for A thru E will vary between -10% and +15% with a triangular distribution, based on past experience. Note that the contingency is the extra amount required; not the grand total.What is the percentage and amount of contingency required? (3 marks)Paste the following below to substantiate your answer: (4 marks) Data Entry Overall Cost Distribution Cumulative Probability Main Statistics(7 marks)A8Student answerF8Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q9ISO 31000:2009 View a slideshow on the standard here. List the five (5) basic processes in the ISO 31000 framework. (3 marks) Name the four (4) generic risk responses. (2 marks)(5 marks)A9Student answerF9Assessor feedback:(marks awarded) Section 3 40 marksThe two topics covered: Project Costing & Cash Flow Modelling Discounted Cash FlowQ10Project Costing and Cash Flow Modelling For the following project, calculate the undiscounted cash flow. You can do it in Excel and paste the result below. See FPE_Help_Cashflow here for some help.Year 0 1 2 3 4 5 Unit Price – $105 $110 $115 $120 $125 Units Sold – 900 1000 1100 1200 1300 Net Sales –Variable Costs – $54,000 $60,000 $66,000 $72,000 $78,000 Fixed Costs – $15,000 $15,750 $16,538 $17,364 $18,233 Depreciation – $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 PBIT –[email protected]% –NOPAT –Adjustments Add back Depreciation –CapEx $100,000 – – – – – Salvage value – – – – – $40,000 Net cash flowCumulative cash flowPlace your answer (Excel) in the space below. Alternatively, do the exercise in Excel and enter the values back into the table above.(20 marks)A10Student answerF10Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q11Discounted Cash Flow Year (n) 0 1 2 3 4 Undiscounted cash flow -$600,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000 DCF @ 11%∑DCF @11%DCF @ 13%∑DCF @13%DCF @ 15%∑DCF @15%Notes: DCF = Discounted Cash Flow ∑DCF = Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow Refer to the following video on how to calculate IRR with Excel.Provide your completed spreadsheet in the space below. Alternatively, do the exercise in Excel and enter the values back into the table above.What are the NPVs for 11%, 13% and 15% respectively? Based on your results above; what is the approximate IRR (and why)? Calculate the exact IRR with Excel (to 1 decimal place).(20 marks)A11Student answerF11Assessor feedback:(marks awarded) Section 4 40 marksThe four topics covered: Technical Writing and Specifications Group Dynamics Leadership & Professional Conduct Ethics in EngineeringQ12Technical Writing and Specifications Write a structured specification (one A4 page long, with proper headings and numbering) for a multimeter. Address the following issues: Inputs Outputs Functions Safety PackagingIn this exercise technical correctness is not of paramount importance, but proper technical writing is. Make sure you have a proper main heading, an introduction, subsection headings, and proper paragraph numbering.(10 marks)A12Student answerF12Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q13Group Dynamics Read through the following case study and answer the following: Which characteristics of group behaviour can you identify? Please refer to the slides on group dynamics. How did the diverse nature of the group affect the committee’s actions? If you were in Jose’s position, what would you have done differently?Note: There are no right and wrong answers, but please refer to the basic group dynamics concepts outlined during the webinar (especially Benne and Sheats). You may also consult the following chapter outline and chapter summary from a textbook on Organizational Behaviour.(10 marks)A13Student answerF13Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q14Leadership and Professional Conduct Watch the following video depicting a disastrous meeting and answer the following: What leadership style does the boss exhibit? After the boss had gone, the two (2) guys left the room. In terms of the Sit Lead model; in which ‘D’ quadrant (follower readiness) would you categorize them? After the two (2) guys had gone, three (3) ladies remained in the room. In terms of the Sit Lead model; in which ‘D’ quadrant (follower readiness) would you categorize them? Which situational leadership style(s) (S), in your opinion, would have been appropriate for this group? Identify at least one (1) instance of unprofessional conduct.(10 marks)A14Student answerF14Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q15Ethics in Engineering Open the Assignment_Help_Ethicsfile here. For each of the following five (5) scenarios, state briefly ‘what you would have done’ from an ethics perspective: Using company resources Gifts from a supplier Informing employees about layoffs Dissent about quality Exceeding pollution limits(10 marks)A15Student answerF15Assessor feedback:(marks awarded) Section 5 40 marksThe four topics covered: Responsibilities of the Engineering Associate Engineering Standards & Codes of Practice Global & Environmental Issues Sustainable EngineeringQ16Responsibilities of the Engineering Associate In your own words, list the four (4) generic responsibilities of the Engineering Associate, with an example of each. (8 marks) Describe two (2) attributes of a globally aware Engineer/Engineering Associate. (2 marks)(10 marks)A16Student answerF16Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q17Engineering Standards and Codes of Practice With reference to the Engineers Australia Guidelines on Professional Conduct (part of their Code of Ethics). Please write a concise summary of the requirements for competent practice. (3 marks) List two (2) national/international standards that are directly applicable to your line of work. (2 marks) List five (5) SDOs. Include their acronyms as well as the fields of technology in which they are active. (5 marks)(10 marks)A17Student answerF17Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q18Global and Environmental Issues Identify and briefly discuss (one paragraph each) five (5) environmental issues that are relevant to your country of residence.(10 marks)A18Student answerF18Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q19Sustainable Engineering Discuss the origins of sustainable engineering, what it is, and why it is important. Discuss and critique one method for assessing environmentally sustainability of engineered solutions. Explain how one could estimate the social impacts of engineered options using community/stakeholder communication and consultation. Describe a general approach for estimating the economic sustainability of an engineered option. Explain how you would evaluate a solution using a triple bottom line analysis.(10 marks)A19Student answerF19Assessor feedback:(marks awarded) Section 6 40 marksThe four topics covered: Workplace Health & Safety Issues Presentation Skills Technical Skills & Career Planning Contract LawQ20Workplace Health and Safety Issues What is the definition of a ‘competent person’? (1 mark) How is WHS supported and enforced? (1 mark) Outline the procedure (approx. ½ page) you would follow in order to perform a workplace health and safety assessment. Employ good technical writing measures (e.g. structure) with headings and paragraph numbering where applicable. (4 marks) Identify one of the issues to be investigated during a health and safety assessment. (1 mark) What are the general prerequisites for working on energized high-voltage systems? (2 marks) What is the definition of high voltage? (1 mark)(10 marks)A20Student answerF20Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q21Presentation Skills Design and Layout Guidelines: Make it simple – never put more words on the visual than you could fit on a T-shirt. A picture is worth a thousand words. Illustrate contrasts, trends, relationships, etc. through diagrams. Graphics also add clarity. Horizontal text is easier to read. Keep to one main idea per visual aid – build ideas – overlay – use keywords only. Horizontal visuals are more effective. Do not mix horizontal and vertical visuals.Using the text above (blue) under the heading of ‘Design and Layout Guidelines’ to create a single PowerPoint slide representing the text. Snag your slide and paste it in the space below, or save it in .GIF or ‘JPG format and then use the MS Word ‘Insert’ function for this purpose.Notes: Keep in mind the guidelines regarding issues such as backgrounds, fonts and number of words as discussed in the associated webinar (6B). Reflect the essence of what’s written in the box; not the actual words – provide a summary in your slide.(5 marks)A21Student answerF21Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q22Technical Skills and Career Planning As a professional you should already have a career development plan (CDP). If you already have one, you may use relevant information for this. If not, you will need to start from scratch. We will use this template from the University of California Berkeley. Information supplied will not be shared with anyone. You do not need to include ‘sensitive’ personal information.(15 marks)A22Student answerF22Assessor feedback:(marks awarded)Q23Contract Law Read through the following scenarios and provide your own interpretation of the legal positions below. For each ask yourself; is there a valid contract?Watch the following video. You may not be able to see the whole video without signing up, but there is enough information there. Read the lesson transcript below the video. Refer to 1: Joe and George are good friends. Joe is a Builder and George is in Underwear. George wants a house built so after a few drinks Joe says, “You get the materials and I will build it for you”. George accepts Joe’s offer, they shake hands and seal the offer with another round of drinks. When George buys the materials he cannot get Joe to build because Joe is too busy on another contract.What is the legal position?Scenario 2: George has plans prepared for a house. Joe offers to build the house for $50,000. George agrees to have Joe build, it if he can do it for $45,000. With no further communication Joe builds, and invoices the full $50,000 saying he had never agreed to any subsequent figure.What is the legal position?Scenario 3: Party A advertises a car for sale for $10,000. Party B has a look at the car and says, “Looks OK but your asking price is too high for me, I’m offering you $8,000.” Party A says, “I’ll be in touch if I don’t get a better price.” The next day Party A rings Party B and says, “Your price was the best, I’ll take it”. Party B says, “Sorry, I bought another car this morning.”What is the legal position?(10 marks)A23Student answerF23Assessor feedback:(marks awarded) END OF ASSESSMENT


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